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  1. I dunno about Back Arrow, didn't like the first episode much but the way the mechs work has the potential to be really cool, gonna give it a chance. I dunno about Build Divers, I felt the first season was pretty shit in general but had a few things they did well like the training at the start to get them to realise it's just a fucking game so they needn't sell everything like it's fucking death and the first antagonist who is basically just a guy who's salty that the new game killed his scene lol, it don't excempt is from the mountain of fucking dumb shit that was the rest of the s
  2. Damn Dodonpachi got sick jackets, more expensive than some cars I've had but sick nonetheless
  3. The result of someone singing the same song back to back 100 times then someone else separting them all and playing them all simultaneously
  4. Well fuck, Tsukihime remake finally gonna make it Feels more of an anime thread thing than a games thread thing so sticking it here instead
  5. I just want to be able to get to the point where I'm running out of content, was playing the game for hours with no issues until Keanu Reeves showed up and then I'm off trying to do sidequests and the game just started crashing so much I've given up on it until it gets another patch.
  6. Yeah kind of feel similar about Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, tried reading it a few years back and it just wasn't the same as watching the series.
  7. Latest Arcana Heart is on sale again.
  8. Magatsu Warheit is shaping up pretty well as well, completely different as a series but reminds me of when Attack on Bahamut turned out well despite being a phone game adaption.
  9. Thanks, that rtings site in particular seems pretty useful
  10. Well yeah it's most exiting game is a remake of a PS3 game, a very pretty remake and one I'd love to pick up one day, but not exactly the biggest reason in the world to day one a console.
  11. Not quite sure if this fits but it's about using tech to play fighting games. Looking to pick up a TV over black friday but basically haven't bought a TV in years now and not quite au fait with stuff about input lag besides knowing its something to be bothered about Are the TVs here worth looking out for for fighting games or am I looking at going after 1ms full stop? Just asking because I'm trying to get 4K but apparently the viewing angles on the BenQs already on sale on amazon are kind of ass and the extent of my input lag knowledge was "BenQ good" lol https://d
  12. Thanks, it wasn't doing it when I first tried for whatever reason so I started faffing around to get it to work lol Peak PPT
  13. Wonder what they do if someone just falls asleep at one of those
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