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  1. Wonder what they do if someone just falls asleep at one of those
  2. Yeah but how many actually good games of that type do we actually get? I mean there was an 11 year gap between DMC4 and DMC5, of course anything good in that genre is going to get love from fans.
  3. Lol the manga's monthly and only just coming to the end of the arc afterwards so how about 2 eternities
  4. They basicaly completely rewrote a lot of the lines for the dub and had haracters like Lucoa spouting lines that sound like they come straight off tumblr. Not sure if their sub was effected since I was using another group at the time, found out about it when someone posted about it in the SRK animu thread.
  5. Tbh I still use other methods to watch anime online and buy the dvds I want when they come out. Crunchyroll completely fucked up with the UK when they went legit and Funimation can eat all the dicks for what they did to Dragon Maid. Also that new boxing show that just launched is sick as fuck, kind of giving me some Redline vibes.
  6. May is pretty fun, beachballs are love beachballs are life
  7. The anime gonna do what Terraformers did and just be one big censor bar lol
  8. I cant even remember when I got my Galaxy S4 now, not upgrading until they either stop selling the batterys or they come out with a phone that can emulate gamecube or some shit.
  9. Welp still need to set up a picture but hi, a lot of people in this new forum seem familier, can't figure out why though. ;)
  10. Yup at first I was against splitting the community but that site is just near impossible to use now, this is much better.
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