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  1. for the record Londrekia is on 50% discount on steam.
  2. seriously no fucking idea. double reveal for mature and vice? a character is holding a jacket over the shoulder? an hand out stretched to choke? A character that is 2 in characters you switch between?
  3. Are ya'll really complaining about how KoF XIII looks? You blasphemous bastards, you shall all be purged!
  4. Still, fuck the little twerp. Between him and Hibiki I am getting 2 weeks of no hype.
  5. Shermie was ass tier mostly because of combos and her cr.D. But she already had some good buttons. But in modern KoF she'll be alright, plus her cr.D seems quite faster. Just look at how strong Blue Mary, another historically ass tier character, is in XIV and really all that changed was the ability to combo off a cr.B (thanks to maxmode) and a j.CD that doesn't suck ass.
  6. I have never ever been a Shermie fan, and I challenge you to prove otherwise, but this trailer got me so hyped. She's animated fucking spectacularly especially her new regular super. This is my favourite Trailer yet. I will definitively play her, and she might even crack a permanent spot on the team if any of my characters doesn'tr make it in. I stil think Yashiro animations are not good, or to be more exact, not as good as they should be compared to the 2D sprite animations
  7. Yo, it was 1 frame fixed delay... imagine if we can set up to like 3!
  8. Best trailer yet. 1/3 of my team is in. No team announcement at the end, Probably meaning the AoF team is the KoF XI AoF team with Ryo, Yuri and King. This opens a lot of possibilities for the Women Fighting team. Mai is probably part of it, but the fact she has been announced means she's not the leader. The only other leader there's been in KoF history was Chizuru which we already know it's on team sacred treasures. So there's a lot of possibilities to fill the other 2 slots, but in regards to Team leader, outside of maybe someone new, I'd Say Blue Mar
  9. Outside of the cheeks and the teets... they really dropped the ball on this one Start the shitstorm
  10. It's Either King with a new hairstyle, Blue Mary with new clothes, Whip with slightly modifies hair and clothes or Ash with a gayer hairstyle. If not maybe some new character.
  11. I can't remember, did they say rollback?
  12. I don't like the jacket. rest is pretty damn good, but the 2D sprite animations looked better.
  13. Only up at compatible times during the week-end bih. I suggest ponies!
  14. We can try... Do you have ponies? This won't work in Strive btw nearly max possible distance!
  15. I ran into this picture If capcom ever grows a pair and advances the story past the current cast and goes for the disciples of the cast (a la Tekken 3) I could totally see this being a perfect Li-Fen's costume.
  16. The graphics are just ok to be honest. I was hoping for something between an 8 and a 10 in graphics, and we got a 6+, 7- at best. That said it's enough I guess. Andy's Trailer kinda sucked because since they are using the same animations of XIV while having much improved models, he ended up suffering as his XIV animations were ass. And they didn't update his lvl 3 super which is also just ok, while it could be greatly improved, XIII did the animation way better.
  17. Damn, game might be officially dead to me. I have had absolutely no interest in any of the S2 characters, and I'm guessing character 6 won't come out before strive.
  18. This is all your fault people! If they take away my meme lobby I will never forgive you!
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