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  1. If I had to pick one FF2/3 boss to promote, that would be it. As long as he looks like his character art, and not his sprite. They're both basically just ripping off Clockwork Orange.
  2. I mean...arguably none if he's still here. Sure, he's been physically demanifested a few times...
  3. I have a problem with Sagat losing to a normal SRK, because Ryu has done a lot of SRKs since then, and not burned a hole in anyone else's chest. Also, I seem to remember when the Metsu Shoryuken was added to Ryu's moveset in SSF4, they said "This is the move that scarred Sagat."
  4. 3. Just, Ryu is getting his ass handed to him, but then the SNH awakens in him, and he catches Sagat off guard with a SNH SRK. But none of that "Sagat thought the match was over and was helping Ryu up".
  5. Might as well. If you're gonna reset any of it, might as well ditch the shit that doesn't work.
  6. I still want a scene where his Ryu-clone body is finally complete, and he goes to possess it, but Kage jumps in at the same time. And they have a "battle inside the mind" for control of the body.
  7. So does anyone around these parts do the thing where they take the SF5 character artwork and remove the backgrounds? I don't have backgroundless versions of Dan, Rose or Eleven.
  8. But is that localization accurate? Funny. But, like I said, another actually possible interpretation is that she is a fellow "former student" of the same master.
  9. Look, I get you're looking for a different outcome there, and I hope you get it, but "former student" is in no way clear, or conclusive without confirmation of WHO she's the former student of.
  10. Yeah, Rose being Bison' horcrux was always a pretty stupid plot thread. It'd be nice if they just quietly dropped it. Wish it wasn't too late to do that with Cammy's clone backstory...
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