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  1. The content release between AKI and Ed has been dog shit. It's easy to understand why people are mad.
  2. I think it's fair to say Capcom lost the plot on post launch support. We can all concoct crazy narratives on why but the truth is that their priorities aren't in keeping the player base happy with constant dopamine hits. And they don't really have too. SFV was in defense mode so they had to keep a steady pace because if not the game would have floundered financially. But SF6 sold extremely well and got fighting game of the year. Capcom knowns they don't have to do shit. It sucks. I like the hype of trailers and reveals. But odds are likely they'll release some dev video about Akuma/Season 2 around June/July. We just gotta hold that *shrug*.
  3. This dude is Japanese born in Germany and can rap in both languages fluently while also being able to speak English. How do you even manage this when one of the languages isn't Germanic lmao
  4. I feel like Ed hate is so fucking forced. I understand that people didn't like the disconnect between how he looked in the story VS how he looked as a playable character. But I always thought Ed was cool and I think his over all game plan was fun to watch especially at the tournament level. So fuck it. I'm gonna use Ed. I'm playing the character just to piss people off. I'm now and AKI/Ed main. I don't care if he ends up being ass tier I'm gonna annoy you fuckers online!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't know why Capcom wasted money designing Ed's outfit #1. No one will use I'm saying this right now LMAO!!!
  6. God I'm eating so good this year on games and I haven't even touched Tekken or Grablue yet. 2024 is my year
  7. I've got some thoughts. 1. Looks like 123 is gone!? I guess they felt like that would have been too much for his kit in SF6. 2. He's got these disjointed Yamazaki-ish command normals? I wonder how easy it will be to whiff punish those because if he can throw those out with little reserve Ed is gonna be aids online. 3. I'm curious how much DR will effect snatch combos. He had a few cool ones in V but Ed feels more grounded in 6 so I'm not sure. 4. His level 2 Psycho Ball is smaller than it was in V. I guess they didn't want him being a complete degen but this shit made his offense really scary in the right hands. I wonder how goofy this version will be. 5. His outfit#2 is fucking godlike and probably the one that everyone will fucking use. They went above and beyond taking what they had in V and pushing the basketball gym wear shit to the next level. Like its legit clean as shit. 6. He's a got a command run and think a back sway but that might have been me seeing shit. 7. His level 3 is really funny and I like it allot. 8. He has a win pose that has him going crazy laughing like Bipson....
  8. Rebirth looks good. I was already sold ten life times ago so this wasn't for me. But the mini games are crazy. I don't know how anyone can defend FF16 when looking at this shit lmao.
  9. So how's everyone's wallet holding up? I got Lost Crown and P3 Reload but there's so much shit I want to play and I just don't have to the time lmao
  10. No way were aren't getting the Ed trailer on Tuesday. No shot Capcom is saving Ed for Capcom Cup lmao
  11. I love SF6 but every fucking match is a fucking Ryu. Holy shit people have such a dog shit taste in fighters. Like god damn play fucking anyone else holy fucking shit please. I literally encounter 1 Sim every 250 matches and I’m actually not even kidding when I say that. I’m also contemplating if I should get Granblue first or T8. I’ve settled on maining Zafina because she looks like a Soul Calibur character with the claw hand and I miss Soul Calibur. The next few months are so front loaded with games. I’m playing the new Prince of Persia game and it’s incredible but now Person 3 is coming out and Relink and I still gotta finish Crises Core and I haven’t even touched any new fighting game and fucking Rebirth…. my wallet 😞
  12. I'll never buy the Jamie downplay. He is in no way the worst or one of the worst. He's mid tier at best. I put him in the same bracket as AKI. Se unlike those filthy Ken ghouls I uplay my character.
  13. If I was a more charitable person I could steelman Chris’s logic. However fuck him he mains Ken. I don’t wanna see the top 5 characters gutted to such a degree that they become unworkable but you can’t in good faith get annoyed that people want Kim to be top tier in a game where JP can just do whatever he wants and the people will say he’s balanced because you can throw him 8 times. Capcom Cup looks like a fucking snooze fest because it’s literally all fucking Lukes AGAIN!!!! I get why people main Luke and with 1 billion Bison bucks on the the line why settle for dog shit like Lily. But holy hell Luke/Ken getting a little tap on the shoulder shouldn’t spell the doom of ground based footsies just because Manon or AKI might get brought up. That being said if Jamie becomes top tier next season I’m uninstalling for Tekaiichi 4.
  14. One of the things that’s so pathetic about SF6 is the amount of RQ’s I get. I’ll get one and doned by some bitch ass nigga like 4 times in a row then the moment I take a game the screen freezes. Then why I try to look their bitch asses up on PSN it just so happens their whole account is private. My oh my I wonder why your bitch ass is private?! BoxerKid89 lick my ass nigga my AKI adapts your Ryu isn’t worth cheap poison from the Quicki Mart!
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