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  1. I understood the problem was that the task scheduler for the L3 Cache was too geared towards the new Intel CPUs and MS ignored AMD. Intel usually works very closely with MS on every Windows launch.
  2. I am fine if Anti-vaxx want to remove themselves from the genepool
  3. I doubt Nintendo could get the licensing for it Shadow Gate did made a not so recent return, a Full Remake by the original devs of the old B&W Mac (Mac Adventure) version, and they also now own the rights to the NES Sound track. The current IP holders rather sell their Remake and the Old mac versions on Steam than to let Nintendo drip feed the NES rom to people. The Remake is on the Switch eShop.
  4. Look at the garbage they brought for the SNES library before they stopped offering more SNES games
  5. New Zealand Lays Off Its Official City Wizard After 23 Years of Loyal Service A council spokesperson said it wasn’t personal—it was just that wizards aren’t that cool anymore.
  6. They need Netcode that is not shit, instead of the P2P servers they still using since the DS first came out. Fix the net code, fix the latency, add text and voice chat (even if it's just Discord integration). I shouldn't have to use my phone with the Discord App to play online on the Switch with friends. When Microsoft is the Good Guys instead of Nintendo, wow. Way to go Nintendon't, You are supposed to go above the low bar, not play Limbo with it.
  7. Also you have to get the Expansion Pack if you want the Animal Crossing DLC. WTF? At $50 per year, NSO better run like PSN and XBL does now. NSO runs like PSN did in 2006.
  8. I just canceled the renewal for my NSO account. If this is how they are going to be going forwards, I don't want to use NSO inferior services. I rather they sold individual titles like the Wii did with the VC than a subscription service. Emulation, FPGA, Flash Carts, ect.
  9. With the quality of service that Nintendo offers for their online, I wouldn't pay more than $20 annually anyways. XBL and PSN are still superior. I just canceled my Nintendon't Online subscription renewal (it comes up next Month) as I don't play Animal Crossing or Pokemon Sword any more. Just as Purebeast said, I don't need NSO to play NES and SNES games (Switch Emulation is already lacking).
  10. Nintendo, they been doing NES and SNES as a free Extra but we have to pay extra for N64 and Genesis? Pirate the shit
  11. I am sure if that happened in the US, all kinds of noise would be made
  12. I sware if it's done to me by someone I don't know, I might snap someone's finger.
  13. I would get this phone, except it's a downgrade for me
  14. Engineer One-Ups Apple By Adding a Working USB-C Port to an iPhone Apple has no excuses now
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