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  1. Sounds like the kind of patent that gets patented and then never used because it's just obviously retarded. Either that, or Sony is planning to murder its own esport efforts and turn the tournies it bought into stuff that absolutely no serious player will ever want to go to and no one will want to watch except for the shitshow.
  2. Twitch streamers, even the wealthiest ones and they're not a lot anyway, are really the smallest of fries compared to actual obscenely rich people anyway. Taking the "fuck the rich" rhetoric to them is misguided at best and maliciously jumping on the latest bandwagon at worst.
  3. As far as I know the leaked stuff is only about what Twitch passes to the streamers, and it doesn't count donations and sponsorships, so DSP almost certainly made more than that even if it's impossible to know how much more.
  4. On the first day social media was created, it gave a public voice to every single person in the world. Before the second day even started everyone realized what an awful, terrible idea that was.
  5. The last good fighting game was Karate Champ, let's get real.
  6. You have to forgive Volt: he's as good at reading as he is at playing fighting games.
  7. It's indeed a character from Claymore. A manga about a whole cast of Witcher-like badass half-mutant hot chicks is pretty much perfect bait for me. I picked the nickname when I got into fighting games, I didn't know that someone else had a similar nick and also ended up going on streams. And being a hot chick, that people thought was me. On CFN I'm "Phantom_Miria" while she is "PhantomMiria", no joke. Also, I'm not into digital marketing but I'm currently busy writing my thesis in political sciences, but I'll gracefully accept your best wishes anyway. I was shocked when I found out that SFVI was actually Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat, and that the plot will be about Ingrid and Raiden joining forces against Dark Lord Luke, son of Shao Khan, who killed Ryu in his upcoming SFV storyline, but it's all true and confirmed!
  8. I can't believe how Necalli is growing more and more into a compelling character, not because he's been doing anything that made him better, but because Luke is lowering the bar so much that other character designs are improving thanks to him. You know what they say about pugs and how ladies in the 19th century would take them as pets because pugs are ugly as shit and the ladies looked better next to them?
  9. Looking at Skyrim I think GTAV is just getting warmed up.
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