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  1. No, you see, that's a mixup: first you guilt-trip them into telling you combos and strats, then you learn the strats but keep your own secret strats to yourself, then you own them in tournament, and if they don't reveal their strats you publicly shame them on Twitter and encourage other idiots to give away their tricks. That's the finest competitive spirit there is, only mastered by the most evil people on Earth, and with a May avatar you can tell that guy is into shady businesses.
  2. Just put Ryu from SFV in Strive. Like, just as he is. No adjustments made for the different game at all. I want to see how Ryu's T-Rex normals work that game. That is sure to deliver the slow, grounded footsie game to those Strive aerial clowns. /s
  3. Franchise power is indeed a real thing. One just has to consider how Fallout 76 still sold 2 millions and a half units, which is a number that Guilty Gear Strive may struggle to reach, even though Fallout 76 is literal flaming dog shit.
  4. I've been doing a lot of missions and training mode so far and I'm about to go online soon. So, does the game determine your starting floor on that fight with the CPU in the online tutorial? I got placed on Floor 6, and I can't tell how high or low that's supposed to be.
  5. The whole esport FGC took a beating from the pandemic, with it being impossible to have offline gatherings and half of the games using shitty delay netcode that just doesn't work on long geographic distances. We're still in the phase where publishers are having interim online events, so I guess SF is doing alright even though we aren't really in a normal situation.
  6. I don't think Ram is good enough to cut it on his own in Strive currently. From here on I'll be playing Ram along side Ram. After one day of messing with Ram I'm having fun playing her! Already doing better than Ram in some matchups. Please buff Ram. I'll be waiting.
  7. All I know about Guilty Gear's story is that it's some kind of post-apocalyptic future world based on our real world that was destroyed by machines or something like that, there are also kings and popes and shit, the Valentines are hot superhuman chicks that are made to look like Sol's dead wife or something (?), and the whole thing is really just an original self-insert fanfiction by Daisuke Ishiwatari where he is obviously Sol living in his fantasy Rock & Roll world full of crazy technology and impossibly hot chicks.
  8. Just wait for the sixth one in the hardest tier, the one that explains to you that Dash Roman Cancels can also move upward and downward, and will ask you to do a combo where you have to do a special, then cancel the airborne special into a downward dash Roman Cancel, then rapidly cancel the Roman Cancel into another special, then do an easy juggle after that. My timing got really messed up on that one because in this game it seems that special cancels won't work if you press stuff too quickly, so in that mission first you need to input the first two normals and the special relative
  9. I know, right? That shit is too tame to be showed in a church, mildly my ass! Where is the real spicy stuff?
  10. So, I got the game and I'm labbing characters. So far I've checked Ramlethal, Giovanna and May, which are the characters I'm interested as main. Ram because she got big mid-range pokes which is the style I like, Giovanna because she looks both cool and easy and I'm not used to how GG works, and May even though she wouldn't be a character I'm interested but she looks instinctively fun to use. Oh my God, May is actually so dumb. It's so easy to imagine running into someone new to fighting games and make him refund the game just by spamming fast dolphin it's actually
  11. Fair. She needs it. How did that happen anyway? I know Chipp is made of wet paper, but surely not wet enough to die to a single super.
  12. Ramlethal is a mid-range character that can zone with long normals and her specialty is pressuring people to death once she manages to drive them into the corner, she's also top tier and complained about so she can cover the ragequit thing. Otherwise Faust is not a top tier but is a weirdo character with even longer normals and uses random items as a main mechanics, which might be good to make unfamiliar opponents feel confused and annoyed, like Blanka does.
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