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  1. What the hell, I'm finding out just now that Tekken is adding the Prime Minister of Poland to the game? No, not that Prime Minister of Poland. No! Not that Prime Minister of Poland either! Now, that's a Prime Minister of Poland if I ever saw one.
  2. Finally, a game designed for @EvilCanadianpreferences.
  3. I'm hearing people saying Ram is very strong in the beta, and according to Max's stream Ram players eat glue. Opinions?
  4. Mika can cancel into her command grab after using her V-Skill.
  5. I-No's redesign looks nice. Not as nice as the original, but still good and still I-No.
  6. Thigh jiggle physics? Thigh jiggle physics. The most important tech.
  7. It looks like they weren't sure on which art style to use, so they used like three or four of them together on different characters.
  8. Also, shame on Dayaan for thumbing down this factual and morally righteous post.
  9. Is this... A rant to surpass Tekken James Chen?
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