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  1. man, this winter hasn't been worth shit in terms of getting time off. It snowed a little bit FINALLY yesterday (only the 2nd time it has been significant; first time was early December but only flurries for a few minutes)....but of course it was still just a bit too warm for it to pile up. (about 38 degrees) Now it's perfectly cold at 24 degrees....BUT "sunny and clear" is the forecast for the rest of today. I actually hate winter weather though....I'm just interested in possible time off as a result of it.
  2. ...and it's probably coming in handy; I keep hearing about server issues for Wolcen lately holding it back from true greatness. At least when it's a normal game like this with offline capability (which should be the default)...the thing is still playable when the servers inevitably are fucked up around launch time. The pc-version D3 of course did not have that luxury...so people just couldn't play it at all.....new game they just paid for and it was completely useless and inaccessible at the time. The very idea of that is just stupid and irritating to me. Later on the (superior, imo) console version hit....heh, I remember specifically playing it offline on day 1 simply because I could. It was a wonderful thing.... (I also would purposely play on Tuesdays, which is when the pc D3 had server maintenance, all the while laughing to myself "haha I'm still enjoying my game TODAY, guys...how 'bout you?" ) and that was just 1 component of the console version being better, imo. Over the years it always amused me to see the pc side of the D3 fanbase often being in denial about the situation that they got stuck with the lame version. (*just off the top of my head--- trading was and probably still is WAY easier on console; and this version got the "nemesis" monster, which has always been an interesting concept to me) https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Nemesis_Kills ^heh, that brings back some good ol' recent D3 memories of purposely creating a "nemesis", knowing damn well my friend's weak-ass characters would always be ill-equipped to deal with it, especially a nemesis that has killed 2 or more characters (they get stronger with each player-character killed) On another note though... DMC3 is now available on Switch...I forgot it was coming out this soon. PORTABLE Devil May Cry, folks.
  3. that youtube recommended section, man...it's the gift that just keeps on giving for me... lord have mercy look at THIS then she has THAT ACCENT on top of looking like this.... lawd have mercy while I'm here.....another one from another favorite of mine:
  4. heh, I went right to the source, and sure enough...check out that like/dislike ratio ... I didn't know Seales was part of this show now and not just a guest(?)
  5. sheeeitttt, it took a while but cw's Legacies finally became something interesting. "Business has damn sure picked up, folks!" as JR would say... first there was the return of "The Necromancer", who manages to be a mildly entertaining character...but then the real deal--- this latest bit of story involving the magical prison world and the return of Kai Parker! Then at some point Josie broke that hourglass with the black sand and absorbed ALL the black magic power, which has left her "altered", perhaps for the rest of her life....now she seems to have this dark side to go along with an immense increase in her magic power-level....if we were to"tier-list" this shit she's currently the #1 OP character on the roster, even surpassing Hope Mikaelson, the main character. (Hope still just has access to 2 of the 3 aspects of her triple-hybrid status) The tone has become a bit more serious here. oh yeah and top of that, Landon... the chump who is a "phoenix" finally unlocked another aspect of his power....there's finally some interesting shit going on.
  6. It's quite an amazing comeback story for that Sonic film... imagine the alternate timeline where they stuck with the original design...it would have been such a hilarious disaster at the box office...but they fixed Sonic's design and managed to apparently turn this around into some gold. I'm actually interested in seeing it.
  7. holy crap this episode of Legacies got surprisingly violent… the show has been disappointingly silly and lighthearted ever since the beginning…but this flashback with some of Alaric’s former students…wow, man…the werewolf dude ripped the first guy’s arm off, then the witch set some girl on fire before she could call 911 …then of course the blood splatter from Werewolf Dude’s first victim triggered the vampire girl’s bloodlust so she went into "RIPPER" berserk mode… shit really hit the fan here and I’m loving it…it’s like this turned into a very different show for this scene. basically, the 3 from Alaric’s “special school” got invited to a hang-out/party in the woods…only to realize these other teens only invited them to laugh at because they were “freaks” (though they probably weren’t aware of their actual supernatural abilities)…they tried to walk away but the normal human kids were in bully mode…which caused everything to pop off. I'm hoping this vampire bad girl stays around---true to the usual CW standard she is absolutely gorgeous. ooh, now Sebastian wants to turn Lizzie and stay in the prison world with her...this show has finally gotten better. This is the episode where Kai Parker shows up, btw. "Siphon" witches are another top tier class of being in the Vampire/Originals/Legacies world, btw... since there's always other magical beings and objects they can draw power from. I'd probably become one of those if given the chance.
  8. Ok yeah, I think it's safe to say this is the new CHAMP of the genre....goddamn everything about it looks awesome.... AND it's playable offline! (and thus is instantly superior to shit-ass pc-version Diablo 3 AND 4 simply based on that. Yeah, D4 will be online-only on all platforms this time, so fuck that.)
  9. so far so good...the devs apparently specified this is NOT a lame ass "Games as a Service" kind of thing
  10. Double Toasted crew has some fun laughing at that old movie "Steel"
  11. whoahhh....well this story is quite the juicy one...there's SO many questions here https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/11/us/sarah-lawrence-college-sex-trafficking/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1wn4aph2326hD11lYkjqC5yfg7lNOglkTF0vaWT35t_K6y63-yCOucQrs I've never even heard of or thought about the scenario where a parent would be living on campus with their son or daughter who is a student there...just that little detail is strange for a few reasons. (*and why would a college or university even allow that shit in the first place? At least at my old school, if I recall you had to actually be enrolled as a student to live on campus.) ...how is it this allegedly went on for "nearly a decade"?!? ...why would people (mostly young women, I assume, though it mentions some of the victims being male too) go along with his shenanigans for such a long time if they weren't at least somewhat ok with it? I suppose blackmail could be a tactic he used ("do this or else I release these "interesting" pics and vids you posed for...") ...but again with the situation of Dad living in the dorm-- wouldn't any of her friends and acquaintances slowly back off once they notice this? like "...okay... soooo...your Dad is living here?! Wha-why?!" -> annnd boom * ghosted * hahaha I imagine most people would've been thinking "sheeeitttt, I don't know what's up with that but leave me out of it....she got her Dad living here; bitch is weird, man..."
  12. The Continuing Adventures of Dead Cells.... ...and after 370 total hours played... FINALLY it was done! Today on lunch hour at work, I made it to the Hand of the King on 2-cell Very Hard and BEAT that muthafucka! Like I see many suggesting... Survival is the way to go. I had 26 points in Survival, 6 in brutality and 5 on Tactics. Health = 32,000+. Multi and Hokuto's Bows, Giant Whistle which hits like a goddamn freight train [45,000+ in 1 shot!] and Wolf Trap all S-rank. I had that heart passive that resurrects you 1 time [didn't even die at all, actually], dead inside and Emergency Triage which was key---it cuts the incredibly long healing animation and makes you invincible for 3 seconds. Yeah, you need every little cheap-ass advantage you can get in a game like this. Now I'll have to do it all again on my XB1 version of the game... and I've already started another run in 3-cell that's going ok so far; same gameplan with another Survival build. heh, this is right on time too, as the new DLC for it is out as of today.
  13. yessss yesssss more gymnastics hotness.... just look at all THIS WOOOOOOOO YES lawd I'm keeping tabs on Chloe for sure...
  14. heh, sheeeittt I look forward to watching that later. There's not much one can really logically say against it, imo... or highly advanced robot women whenever they become a mass-market thing. I'd be like---so when's the last time your wife nagged you about something? I'm guessing yesterday... maybe 2 or 3 days ago? hahah mine CAN'T do that, because it's not even in her programming script, bruh. There would eventually come a time when such things are indeed physically indistinguishable from actual humans....that's probably still a bit far off but you know it's more than likely inevitable. At that point, regular human women will truly become the obsolete product, just like an old black & white tv in a world of 4k giant screen sets. They become that Colecovision in a world of Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.....completely outdated and pointless.
  15. Tabs will definitely be kept on this one.... yeah, I keep telling my old college buddies....it was really for the best that our alma mater did not have a gymnastics program...I definitely would've gotten in trouble at some point. ^THIS is the kinda hotness women's gymnastics has blessed the world with....lawd have mercy goddamnnnnnn look at thisssssssssss
  16. haha and there we go with the Pitch Meeting on the Harley Quinn-I mean "Birds of Prey" movie
  17. woooo this Gayle King situation blew up and got juicy Black Authority is on the scene with his usual roasting analysis of the shit
  18. I've been keeping tabs on this one for years now.. Vaneyoga... https://youtu.be/RZ5YtvZ3xlE lawd have mercy those sweet cheeks... her vids have blown me the hell up soooo many times and also---Milana is still one of the finest women ever to be a regular on commercials: Perfection. another smokin hot ass girl from tv commercial fame---Gina Cantrell, the Boost Mobile girl... I found an older Jell-O commercial she was in
  19. D3---ha, I figured the new Wizard set would try something other than Archon since most fans would like to get away from relying on that.... sheeeitttt, I'm NOT one of those fans though; Archon Power all day for me...I love that shit... I love transformation skills in any game, actually; it always fulfills that anime-inspired power fantasy of "...releasing my true power...", but anyway here's Anthony E. showcasing the new shit:
  20. I can't even get around to my other games at the moment because the obsession with Dead Cells is stronger than ever.... because I've gotten so close to beating Very Hard lately... earlier today at work... INSANE "Tactics" build going on; Hokuto's Bow + Quick Bow, a usual setup of mine now; it's SO strong, goddamn... at S-rank the Hokuto's was giving me +5,500 something dps! The damage was just nasty......this is on top of various other damage bonuses I had going on. I made it to Hand of the King once again with 25 Tactics points....got close...and once again still died. That dude is just sooooo ridiculous though... for the uninitiated, here's what this boss does to ya: * dual-blade melee attack that seems to reach across the ENTIRE screen. (the timing on this attack seems to change on occasion) * Clusters of bombs he tosses on the field. * Banners he summons that will explode in a huge radius if you don't destroy them. * An apparently *invincible* front-side barrier appearing as he dashes across the screen super-fast. Later he'll do this twice in a row so you still get fucked up if you tried to dodge-roll. When this hits you, it also pushes you off into some spikes on either side of the screen. Spikes in this game do retarded amounts of damage....like easily *75 to 80+%* of your health. * A move where he jumps up and slams down which causes rocky spikes to rise from the ground in the entire area. You can only avoid this by jumping at the right time, and sometimes you need to also dodge-roll after the jump. Later, he changes the timing on this. ...he also fades away, completely invulnerable for a while as he summons elite enemies...fortunately they are not really a big deal...there's worse elite enemies I could think of, like the Elite Golem from Sanctuary. The funny thing.....the "true" final boss in this game is 10x more ridiculous....from what I've seen in vids (hahah because I'll never make it there myself; the vast majority of people playing this won't either...), it makes this boss look like a chump in comparison.
  21. sheeeitttt, unless it involves actually downloading your games to play locally (I guess GeForce involves that?), I will forever be against any similar attempt at "cloud/streaming" gaming. The very concept is repulsive garbage by default, imo....something that should always be stomped out day 1 before it infects the rest of this industry like the disease it is. It already disgusts me that "online-only!" requirements spread from mmorpgs (where they actually make sense; therefore I don't care for mmorpgs) to several other categories of games at this point. Words cannot accurately describe how intense my hatred of this shit is. If the very concepts of "Live Service!" and "Online-Only" were actual living things... I'd have no problems torturing those things to death.
  22. Rambling from left field here... Toonami... That Dr. Stone anime <--y'know, I just can't get into that shit. I watched the first couple of episodes and it's just so incredibly boring. Right off the top they're barely giving us any reason to care about these characters and what's going on, imo. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure "Golden Wind"--- this era of that series is another one that's just not working for me. The only point of interest is the fact that the main dude on this one is Dio's son. Everything else about it just isn't that interesting so far...especially not compared to the earlier seasons. sheeeitttt, at least Toonami still has My Hero though...and One Punch though I'm not sure what the hell happened...they got to a certain point in season 2 (the main bad guy fought his former mentor Silver Fang and his bro) and it just went off. oh yeah and then there is Fire Force; I didn't care that much for it either in the beginning, but the last few episodes finally caught my eye since there was some action going on. The food competition anime---yeahhhh fuck THAT. I have no problems admitting this; it's NOT about super-powered beings fighting and killing each other....therefore it instantly has quite the uphill battle as being an anime I'd care to spend more than 5 seconds watching.
  23. Of course, ol "Darksfadil" bankruptcy info is out there for the "detractors" to have a field day with... Almighty Tevin with the report... more from Memology
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