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  1. sheeeitttttttttt As Bison would say "This is DELICIOUS!"... THIS is easily a day 1 for me.
  2. oh....I may have to check this out too then... I'm suddenly interested in whatever this show is about for some reason Currently I'm hooked on The Order... in season 2 now. As with most shows---there's some hotness to enjoy there; mainly Lilith and Alyssa...and I'd say Gabrielle is 3rd place...but she's looking much better in season 2, actually...but Lilith is definitely #1 for me.
  3. ha, I'm surprised he hasn't covered this one before
  4. Gears 5 - I still can't get enough of this shit... up to Colonel rank in that Tour of Duty at this point... still usually playing Kait whenever I can in Horde; that character is so ridiculous it becomes "easy mode" every time... I was explaining to a friend just the other day...he was already laughing before I even covered all the main points. For a minute he thought I was speaking of regular vs. modes but that would be the craziest thing ever... just to review the main bullet points...here's Kait the Goddess, folks: Bonus shotgun damage via her perks...in a game where shotguns are the main thing; "Overkill" being one of the best in the game, imo More shotgun damage bonus via a skillcard. (currently mine grants +15%) Bleed Damage over Time effect from her shotguns (skill card for this) Another skill card grants further bonus damage if an enemy is already bleeding from your previous shotgun hits. Increased health, regeneration and movement speed via her perk upgrade points. Her ultimate makes her temporarily invisible for easy executions. The enemies have no chance against all that. She's capable of destroying boss characters in literally a few seconds by herself. If you're playing this character to maximum "serious" potential, the other players probably don't get to do much.
  5. eh, for those I could just watch it on youtube though... I need some more "real" gameplay if it's classified as a game. Another thing with those is that it follows preset, "defined" characters anyway.... another thing that is not preferable for me...even if a game uses a preset character and you follow his or her story, I'd like it to at least be that "Mass Effect" approach where this character's actions can differ greatly depending on the player's input.... Vampyr does that---you are "Dr. Jonathan Reid", but it's possible to play him as a vamp that has no self-control, feeding on anyone first chance he gets....or you could play him as a more noble character that resists his vampiric urges, and tries to do the "right" things....or you could be somewhere in between, in that moral grey area. Random thing--- y'know, I never liked the controller-vibrate/rumble feature. Metal Gear Solid's Psycho Mantis fight was the only interesting use of it that I've seen....every other time that shit just annoys me....sometimes I'll just turn it off if that's possible. I was in a Gears 5 Horde session yesterday, and hit a glitch where the controller just went into a constant rumble mode. I hate to be one of those notorious Gears fans that quits before a Horde or vs. match is over but I had to....no way I was going to put up with that the rest of the entire match. Sheeeittt, the only "Rumble" that's cool with me is Soundwave's little buddy... https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Rumble_(G1) new trailer for Shadows, by the way^...heh, as with Coteries I'll just watch someone play it on youtube or twitch
  6. nah, the existence of that game is quite a frustrating thing for me...as you all know I'm the biggest fanboy for vampire/supernatural lore...especially VtM lately... but this Coteries game and the upcoming stand-alone expansion Shadows(?I think that's the name) is one of those "visual novel" types. Worse yet---it's not even on the level of a "TellTale" game where the characters are at least moving around. In this, there's barely any animation at all. You're basically looking at a series of images and text....I'm not even sure there's music; it's been a while since I watched a youtuber (Outstar) "play" thru it. I don't like those TellTale style games, but if it was at least that I probably would've bought it for a cheap price. The art is great and I'm always into that vampire lore, but I need more actual "game" in the mix too. Such a shame that it's a visual novel...the upcoming one features a "Lasombra" clan vamp as the main character! (Lasombra is one of the coolest clans, imo).... if it was any sort of action or action-rpg kind of thing, it would absolutely have been a day 1 purchase for me. The upcoming VtM: Swansong is described as another "narrative focused" thing, unfortunately...but so far the trailer they released is awesome:
  7. hahaha, I never get tired of seeing the "pro wrestling" finisher moves in Gears 5, man... there's actually a piledriver execution... costed about 2,000 gold coins if I recall...HAD to get it. The victim's head breaks apart like a melon as a result. There's a "Batista Bomb" powerbomb too; I also like using that one. Batista is actually in there as a character skin, as well... I don't know if Batista is still obtainable, though ... I still have that; it's an alternate skin for Marcus Fenix; I unlocked it whenever it was first available. ...up to "Major III" rank in the Tour now.. I think Colonel is the next rank after Major V... ohooooo one thing I just remembered from Gears of War 3 that I miss---that "live studio audience" mutator! That shit was hilarious, man.... it's a damn shame they probably won't ever bring that back. I doubt they will even bring the concept of "mutators" back either. That studio audience thing was great--- when you pick up a downed enemy as a meat-shield, the audience is like "Awwwwwww" like it's a loving, romantic moment...and headshot kills always got some laughs from the "audience"...it was amazing. example
  8. well, I didn't know this until noticing one of my friends playing the game early---but if you pre-order online with Destroy All Humans, you could get it early....along with those bonus skins. So... I have it now already. I haven't actually started it up though since I was addicted to Gears 5 all weekend and currently....ha, I played another small session of Horde early this morning, actually....on my main profile I'm up to "Major" in the Tour....I was in a match yesterday with a dude that already had General rank since he had the "UIR Cosmonaut" skin equipped.....heh, yesterday I hit a new damage high point for Kait in Horde... it was around 328,000 something damage on 1 boss wave....that broad is OP as hell, man... and I love it. (*likely because I killed the boss early... kill one immediately and the game just spawns another boss) I played a bit more of regular Vs. mode... getting a bit better now; slowly adjusting to increased sensitivity settings for aiming...you *have* to get higher sensitivity against real human opponents, but I suppose anyone who plays/played competitive modes in shooters already knows that....if you can't swivel around and look/aim as fast as other people you literally have no chance. It's also just a cool thing for me whenever I get to play Locust/Swarm side, since the people behind this franchise have some weird thing about NOT letting us play as the bad guys in anything but Vs. modes. (WHERE the hell is Beast Mode, guys? C'mon now...it's like they purposely don't want to listen to fans on that 1 issue. and as if to troll---there's a mode simply called "Co-op vs. AI"....BUT you're *always* COG/good guys in that too...never Locust/Swarm.) anyway, I'm definitely getting into Destroy All Humans later today, perhaps on lunchbreak or just after work.
  9. On the note of Superpowers for a minute--- animal mimicry always fascinates me...I'm curious as to what others prefer with this one--- * a) You have the power of animal mimicry, but it also involves shapeshifting to match the form...so if you want gorilla strength, you actually change into that, like Beast Boy. * b) You can get the powers and abilities without changing--so you could have gorilla strength while still looking like a human----like Vixen... It would be cool to have it either way but I'd prefer the "b" option, actually. I like the idea of transformation abilities, but as only an "option" instead of a requirement to access those special abilities. Also---another terrible super-power randomly came to mind a while ago: Imagine you have the power of flight...BUT it's like the flying ability of a butterfly. This hit me while noticing a butterfly outside a while ago...couldn't help but think damn you guys *can* fly but you kinda suck at it. They have the lamest version of flying I've ever seen. This is a power I'd actually turn down. ...even worse... imagine if you had this power to fly "like a butterfly"....but it also involved having those big goofy ass wings all the time like Monarch from Venture Bros. As a superhero or villain people would just laugh at how silly you look.
  10. ^It would really be nice if some other company owned the Phantasy Star IP...then I could actually have faith in it once again. There was a time when I loved it soooo much. Gears 5! ha, sheeeeitttt, I'm up to Lieutenant rank in the Tour of Duty thing... it's quite easy to keep getting the ranks, since there's so many categories of stuff to earn your stars in....especially any of the Horde-related ones since that's been my main jam for years now in this series. I went on to unlock "COG Gear" yesterday; the "Onyx Guard" version, of course...anything less would be uncivilized. He has some interesting skill cards to unlock, and is definitely one of the best supporting characters in the game---his ultimate gets anyone downed back up, even if they're on the other side of the map apparently....and there's a card that can add healing (players and fortifications) on top of that. Fahz still seems like one of the weaker characters in the context of Horde. The damage just isn't there until "late game" for him when you have invested quite a bit of points in precision weapons and critical damage....and even then, it's sniping----so this is naturally just not going to keep up with characters like Kait and JD who are dishing out *absurd* amounts of damage all day. It's another one of those times when you're left wondering "*why play Fahz if there's a spot open to play Kait or JD?"* Ohhh yeah and this is all on top of his ultimate being rather disappointing... it's conceptually some cheap shit and I like that (it's the thing where you get X-ray vision and can shoot through walls)...but out of any 1 ultimate, he's probably NOT getting kills unless we're talking "Beginner" difficulty setting *and* you have damage bonuses.
  11. this popped up in my recommend section, bringing back so many memories.. The Maxx was the other big deal from Image Comics... I bought it and Spawn comics on a regular basis. I couldn't get enough of that art from Sam Keith and Todd McFarlane....sheeeitttt, back then, the comics industry was a "dream job"...too bad it's not all that anymore; doesn't seem to be a "dream job" anymore. Julie = big time PAWG, btw.
  12. GEARS 5 -- I was spending more quality time with this the past few days; recently unlocked Baird so I've been leveling him up. Right away this is my preferred choice of "engineer" character--- his ultimate summons a DR-1 bot which is just cooler than Del's roller-bots, imo. I didn't think I would get this far so fast in the Tour of Duty thing---I'm already at "Officer" 2 or 3 rank since the weekend. The great thing is that you keep unlocking things as you go, and the rewards have improved since the game came out. Some of the ranks grant gold coins you can use to get more character/skins.
  13. oh I forgot this is set for today...starts in about 2 hours
  14. sheeeitttt, so I've been watching Friends lately, since I moved to another room where I actually have a tv that's hooked up to cable... this is reminding me just how ridiculously fine those girls were at the time. Jenn Aniston and Courtney Cox were such a strong 1-2 combo of raw hotness...it was insane. I liked Kudrow as well though she's ranked slightly behind Courtney and Jenn. This morning they showed that episode that is probably the most memorable one, where the crew was looking at an old tape of the high school prom.... and Rachel was disappointed because her date didn't show up... Ross was going to take her out but then the other dude finally showed up and Rachel went with him. It does seem kinda unlikely that one of her caliber would've hooked up with super-dork/nerd boy Ross though....at least back then. Anyway, I don't normally like romantic scenes that much but it was still a pretty enjoyable scene... perhaps just the positive reaction of seeing "Mr. Nice Guy" actually win for a moment....**unlike** what's usually the case in real life. In reality Rachel probably would just see him as "like a brother" until MAYBE when they're both in that 36 - 45 year old range....and even that's just a "maybe". but goddamn those girls were hot on the show back then… it was basically the only real reason I was watching it on occasion. I’d still take them today, actually. Jennifer is welcome to sit on my face anytime. .there was also an episode loaded with big-name stars at some point for some reason...and Julia Roberts was on for a few scenes as a girl... Matt Perry's character knew from elementary school. Julia has never actually looked this smoking hot before; normally I always thought she was overrated big-time, but DAMN you should check her out on that episode as she seduces him.
  15. hell yeah... tomorrow is finally the day for this, I think...
  16. Ashley The Perfection Mova just posted a new one
  17. ha, one of the early episodes was on yesterday....the one where they had the "Weather Dominator" machine; hahah it was funny when Zartan got adversely affected by the sunlight and he winced in pain-- "oh no....not sunlight!!! arrgghhh" then Destro just laughed at him for a while. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zartan I had forgotten that was a thing--- I was unsure of what his "condition" was, actually....back then....he had a problem with sunlight but wasn't a vampire, but was also a "master of disguise". I remember that voice was really cool though, and it was an interesting idea they implemented for that action figure....sunlight or warm water caused his skin to change to a dark blue if I recall.
  18. still tuning in for that GI Joe livestream on occasion...it always brings me right back to those good ol' days, despite the heavy censorship of that era... I never gave much thought to this before, but I'd say my favorite characters overall were Dr. Mindbender, Destro and Stormshadow....heh, when I was first playing Quake 3 online "Stormshadow" was one of the names I liked to go on with. On the "Joes" side the best were Snake Eyes and Sgt. Slaughter.... best girl was my honey Baroness; 2nd place was always close between Lady Jaye (always reminded me of a brown-haired Demi Moore) and Scarlett for me....then again, that was basically all the female characters right there... the only other one was that kinda punk-rock looking girl that was part of Zartan's crew but she was ugly, imo. Oddly enough, though I watched this show all the time as a kid, I never had many of the toys... I had 2 action figures and that was it....one of which I found on a playground (a Cobra B.A.T.S.) I still have the first and I think 2nd season of GI Joe on dvd, actually...probably one of my oldest dvd purchases; I remember first seeing it in ....probably it was a Tower Records (yeah, THAT long ago) and thinking---ohhhhhh yeah this is coming home with me asap.
  19. haha ol' "Darksfadil" is suspended on twitch?!? so he's streaming on youtube right now... LSB has the re-stream going now....ohhhh this gonna be good.....
  20. ok, there was some seriously silly nonsense in the old GI Joe cartoon, I'll admit it... and one scene just reminded me of this a few seconds ago. Quick Kick. <-- this muthafucka right here, man... a constant strain on one's suspension of disbelief. There was a scene where he's confronted by some Cobra soldiers. QK DOESN'T have guns....the Cobra soldiers are shown with rifles. Do they try to shoot him? NOPE. They don't even try. He jumps down to attack, and they instead decide to rush him, waving the guns around at him like baseball bats.....instead of using guns the normal way. Just like that....this is one of the funniest dumb shit I've *ever* seen on the show. I always had a problem with Quick Kick just conceptually speaking, man.... why even make a character like that on this kind of show? Both sides are using guns most of the time (*even though 80s censorship rules means they aren't allowed to actually hit any shots on a person) but yeah that's what I've been watching for the past hour or so...they're still live now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnzPHtVqro8
  21. World of Darkness twitch channel does their news show weekly; it moved to Thursdays as of last week AND changed timeslots so I missed it live today...but I'm watching the repeat now... Outstar interviewed a guy from Cyanide Studios which developed the Werewolf Earthblood game... more bonus points to consider---he stated some influences for combat were Devil May Cry, Darksiders and Prototype! Hell YEAH, man...
  22. hahahaha, so yes....actual pictures of Amber Heard's SHIT have emerged. I've already seen 1 youtube video about it. Warning; like Prego it's in there, folks... ...hmm...that looks very dark...like *black* shit... maybe she should check with a doctor about that if it normally looks like that. hahaha but this broad dropped a DEUCE on Depp's bed, man... Amber Heard droppin' big ass turds https://pagesix.com/2020/07/14/the-poop-that-ruined-johnny-depp-and-amber-heards-marriage/
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