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  1. hell YEAH you know that Switch version of Amalur is absolutely getting bought. Ha, this is another one of those games I've bought multiple times at this point. I have it on 360, ps3... later I eventually got it on xb1 and here we go with a Switch version. Yeah, folks... this will be the fifth time I get this game. I'm hoping there's a physical version, of course.
  2. yeah, see the "tanky build" is one thing I was suspecting about Godzilla that's probably in his favor...he's slow but appears to be able to withstand a LOT of damage without being in serious trouble....but there's also the issue of intelligence, since Kong would naturally be closer to human levels of intelligence and ingenuity. He would be clever enough to use various objects in the immediate area as weapons, in addition to relying on his brute strength and speed. If I were Kong, I'd start going all out just throwing things... any nearby military vehicles, large pieces of buildi
  3. so last night on Jody's Corner they debated who should actually win between Godzilla and King Kong... at first I was fully on board with Team Godzilla...mainly that fire-breath is too good; if he hits with that it's a done deal... but good points were raised that gave me pause... like the issue of speed and reaction time. Godzilla seems too slow to react to anything Kong has for him. Then he has the T-rex problem of those laughable baby-arms that aren't worth a damn. So...outside of "atomic breath" attack, he could smack him with the tail like a whip attack, then there's the bite....though
  4. I've been watching more and more of these arcade cabinet videos on youtube... I'm really tempted to get one of those "megacade" setups...though I'm still tempted to get an Arcade 1up machine out of pure convenience, since you can get those immediately from any Walmart....just yesterday, I checked again, halfway inclined to buy one, but I didn't see either one I would've bought---TMNT and the Mortal Kombat machine (the MK one includes the original, part 2 and Ultimate 3.) My main thing would be those CPS 1 and 2 games... since certain ones will NEVER be officially released again.
  5. and so it begins... I'm thinking they leave Kate as a "missing/presumed dead" person so it's possible at some point in the future to bring the character back with a different actress, of course....but that's assuming the show will even be around that long. It will probably get a season 3, and maybe even a 4th (despite pitiful ratings) and that will be the end of it.
  6. The Borderlands addiction is starting to take hold... my time at this point is split between that, Diablo 3 and Dead Cells. In B2 I started off with Krieg; he was about tied with Salvador as my favorite of that group. Krieg's "Release the Beast" skill was too much fun, I remember...actually that's still the only character I recall where the ultimate in a skill tree lets him transform. For the uninitiated, check out how awesome this shit is...copy/paste from the wiki: Release the Beast is a tier 6 skill in Krieg's Mania skill tree. Activating his action skill while at critical co
  7. Another thing is that level of depth...there's SO many layers there that people aren't even aware of... one could write a damn research paper about this game, man... the various types of magic and how some spells interact with others, then there's how death works in the game and how that can affect a battle (*surviving allies choosing to save or sacrifice you, and how that choice will affect things going forward, then you being in spirit form if you died, and what you're capable of then, etc.) It's fascinating in so many ways. There's even a spell that creates trees with fruit that grants va
  8. I'd love it if Soul Sacrifice Delta got a remake on today's's such a shame it was shackled to the Vita...a lot of people missed out on one of the greatest games ever made, imo....this was fresh on my mind since I charged up one of my Vitas and played recently. One thing in particular I loved was that recurring idea of sacrifice.... the big example of this was the top-rank "ultimate" spells which were called "Black Rites".... I like that idea that ultimate, potential game-changer spells like that come with a heavy cost to the user. Each of those had some kind of harsh
  9. I didn't watch it directly, but I enjoyed the weekly roast sessions by various youtube channels last season. The show is pretty ridiculous and low in the ratings even by CW standards....and somehow, someone in power over there I guess force-pushed it to a 2nd season... so the unintended hilarity shall continue. Apparently some critics are already ragging on how bad the new one is too. Memorable shit from last season---there was a moment when Batwoman got hit by a truck...but all that did was KO her for a while so she could get captured. She woked up later and of course was still
  10. yeah at this point it's foolish to get them anywhere else, imo... as with most other products, Walmart continues to beat everyone on price. I miss those days of it being open 24 hours though...that was a huge advantage over everything else that they just dropped recently in the past 2 years or so... it still irks me. I'm one of those people that wakes up at strange early morning hours like that, so it was always convenient to know I could go buy whatever at 4:25 am on a random Thursday if I wanted. I'm starting to see joycons in the store again, but at this point I'm going with t
  11. Ohooo I should've been keeping tabs; I've only halfway been paying attention to it... now this just popped up in my recommendations Already sounds like some juicy drama to dig into later.... ohoooo but on another "get ya popcorn ready" note--- I just remembered BATWOMAN season 2 premieres tonight!
  12. Every time I see footage of that Lost Soul Aside game, I want it that much more. It and the new Final Fantasy look like the absolute top-rank picks when it comes to fast "Stylish Action" coming up in the near future. ...since y'know... there's no hope for Bayonetta 3 if we're being real. If it even comes out it probably won't be until 3 or 4 console generations from now.... "maybe". It's like they want this to be the next Duke Nukem Forever situation. Whole new movie trilogy franchises will start, end, and be airing on regular television by the time that shit is out. Kamala Ha
  13. Cyael is still on the case with the ongoing disaster that is Marvel's Avengers... *edit---haha that little side-by-side comparison shot of Captain America from Fortnite, the MCU, Ultimate Alliance 3 and then this game....hahaha that's not a good look. Cap looks "dusty" in comparison there On another note; I'm having fun once again with Borderlands Pre-Sequel on Switch; Doppelganger Jack at level 7 so far.... got some good time in at the car dealership place today while getting the oil change...then again in a parking lot waiting for a store to open. Portable gaming con
  14. sheeeitt, I went to a Publix for the first time in well over a year today... I was only in there for a few minutes and of course I saw some insanely hot ass white least 2 or 3 that would rank high on the hotness scale. Publix continues to be one of those big-time spots for high-quality PAWG scenery. I was in the area so I stopped by Target as well...and they delivered on that eye candy too. ...unfortunately, I noticed the movie/tv section was reduced even more. That location only had 1 half aisle + one 4-sided block display as the "New Releases" section. It's a shame
  15. the thing that frustrates me with facebook has been the unfortunate reality that the average person can't afford to be honest about certain things on there. There's the temptation to post whatever and be "real" but you can't really get away with that if you happen to still be a working person, of course....especially regarding those big 2 topics that always reveal the depths of how toxic human nature can get---politics/ideology and religion. In the era of "wrong-think" police, you must agree with certain things "or else.."...and there's no way around that. You can't state certain opinions a
  16. Well, it's not one of the things on sale but this game was on my mind again lately, since I'm in the mood to get something new... yeah this is probably my next acquisition... I didn't know they made a few of these, until the Switch era, actually... way back in the day, I only remember the one "Ninja Warriors" original arcade game, which was 3 screens wide. heh, imagine the sales pitch of the original creators back in the day... "So...the player character is a robot...but ALSO a ninja...and you beat up everybody, like other beatemups." Suit: "YES."
  17. Dead Cells---man this setup is so delicious... 3-cell difficulty at the moment, but I have 26 points on Tactics, a Multiple-nocks Bow IX-S doing 28k damage per second... Great Owl X-S (4.3k dps), and Heavy Turret X-S, which a colorless Bloodthirsty Shield. Both the owl and turret poisons enemies...the only unfortunate thing is that I couldn't get a "+100% damage to poisoned enemies" synergy going on even after several re-rolls, though I did get +70% on stunned enemies, and the heavy turret always stuns things (one reason why it's always been considered one of the god-tier items) Sheeeitttt,
  18. I found out from some random video about the Vampire/Originals/Legacies cast members... apparently the guy that plays Alaric was a Trump supporter, and just noticed a poster reminding me of the upcoming Legacies season. (for a time, there was a political verbal spat between him and Paul Wesley, the guy who plays Stefan Salvatore).. y'know, it wouldn't surprise me at all if suddenly his character just happens to die VERY soon...considering what kind of people run the shows over at that network. I'm surprised he lasted this long as it is, actually. The trailer for Clarice was out
  19. Oh yeah and for my nacho chips... it's always Santitas for me...the yellow bag version (white bag is white corn, I think?); those are always cheap...usually the same price anywhere, something like 2 bucks and change for a big bag. Usually I just get this when I plan to cook up some ground beef or turkey and pour some salsa on it with a bit of seasoning...either "southwest chipotle" or "fiesta lime" which are of the Mrs. Dash brand. My salsa of choice is always that Paul Newman brand...nothing else I've tried even comes close to that greatness.... and the specific one is usually the "black be
  20. There's only 3 chip options I like... plain (always Lays), Lays "mesquite bbq" Stax, but a favorite that recently went back to my top spot... Garden Salsa Sun Chips... free plug time: ^RIDICULOUS how good this is. There was a time I liked the plain Sun Chips too, but once I tried the Garden Salsa one day, I never went back to plain. It takes a great deal of self-control to *not* just devour an entire bag-full of that in 1 sitting.
  21. goddamn this one right here.... that face and cute smile... lawd have mercy. Tabs WILL be kept... while I'm here... more ATQ's legendary fine ass: she has inspired soooo many loads
  22. Outriders (a demo is soon, apparently) I'm still looking forward to Trickster being my main jam, most second choice will be a Devastator
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