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  1. World of Darkness is on the move with finally showing these “creatures of the night” some love in video game form… WEREWOLF is coming too, folks: I just saw a glimpse on the WoD news from Friday’s stream (didn’t know this teaser was already months old though). Apparently this will be in IGN’s thing on June 5. Note---Unfortunately; I vaguely recall hearing about this game being quite linear...like you are playing as a predetermined character in this... hopefully that's wrong. Like with the vamps, in World of Darkness there's various types of werewolves out there
  2. ha, nice... and interesting. Also, she's pretty damn hot, imo... she could definitely get bent over the couch on a regular basis. Bonus points for the accent. That isn't one of my favorites but at least it's something. I always consider anything other than the various "southern U.S." to be an instant upgrade. (*Absolute top tiers for me are the Irish, Brit and Aussie accents) Funny thing... I think an experiment like this is the only way they can truly grasp the difference between men and women when it comes to this aspect of life. (I don't think most people are capable of seeing "outside" themselves, y'know? ...seeing things from a different perspective.) She noticed that she had to be the one initiating everything, and often getting little to no response. On the flip side---all the typical woman has to do is "exist" and she will get a long line of potential suitors...even if she's a middle-ground "5 out of 10" on her best day.
  3. watching a vid lately and someone brought up the fact that this is actually year 9 on the marriage of Steph and Ayesha Curry....annnnd they live in California.....woops (*after 10 years of marriage in CA, apparently that's when you can get **lifetime** alimony.) Well, it's pretty much a safe bet a divorce will "suddenly" happen next year....probably soon after the anniversary. Oh how shocking that would be. How surprising. Also notice how she lost some weight recently and posted that bikini pic on the 'gram.... Steph is probably the only person that is unaware of what's about to happen here.
  4. day 1 buy right here If there's a "Special Edition" (and most likely yeah since that's nearly everything these days) I want that too. edit---internet connection required....OF COURSE.
  5. ha, I already love this story https://www.dailywire.com/news/lead-singer-of-christian-rock-band-hawk-nelson-says-he-no-longer-believes-in-god?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro ...just too bad I don't have time to read through ALL the comments on it that were on facebook----it was obviously an insane amount (something like 1,300+ comments/replies) It surprises me that more people don't figure that at some point in life--- "The Problem of Evil" should naturally come to mind at some point. I guess it actually is true that most people never bother to truly think for themselves when it comes to certain things....and/or the indoctrination runs so deep that it becomes impossible for them to question any of it. Problem of Evil is an argument that doesn't appear to have a solid, reasonable answer from what I've seen... the more "religiously inclined" people will usually fall back on the old saying "...well, the Lord works in mysterious ways." or something to that effect.
  6. haha this one was gold The awkwardness powerlevel of this dork in the pink shirt is off the charts, man
  7. ohoooo I knew this would be gold for a variety of reasons.... hahaha “this dude’s so deep in the friend zone, he’s 6 feet under it.” nice. Will I ever tire of seeing stuff like this, or this topic in general? Probably not. y'know, I think to be classified as "boring" is actually far worse than being "too nice" or "such a sweet guy!".... to be boring is to know absolute pure hopelessness in that aspect of life for the rest of time, imo.
  8. holy shit man…some of the advanced power descriptions on Vampire the Masquerade are pretty goddamn twisted…I’ll bet most players probably shy away from actually using things like this in a game-session: Sculpting the Perfect Servant [195] A newborn baby, a pregnant woman The caster rips the baby in half so that its blood drips across the belly of the woman The newborn will have the possibility to advance its Attributes above 5, but may never raise their Humanity above 6 Clan Tremere BRUH
  9. The Goddess that is Ashley Mova posted again
  10. Well, One Piece in particular... I could never get past that visual style being so damn ugly, imo... back in the day I'd go a little overboard saying it's the "Nicktoons of popular anime" (*there was a certain time when all of a sudden, Nick was loaded up with UGLY ass cartoons like Mike, Lu & Og and Hey Arnold! those shows were atrocious.) ....hahah that's admittedly a bit much but I'd still say it's just all around unappealing to me. The character designs all look incredibly goofy or just straight up awful to me....like some designs I'd expect from a fairly talented 6-year old. Speaking of off-putting visuals----one of the worst of all time just came to mind---- 12 oz. Mouse, which was an Adult Swim late-night show for a while....not sure what happened to it, but no way I could get past the visual of that. I vaguely recall it looked like something 1 person could fully produce in about 10 minutes. another piece of trash---that newest *thing* they tried to pass off as Thundercats....ha, I think it got canceled FAST, from what I heard.
  11. ^I was actually thinking of getting that soon... though for me it would be *kinda* tough going back to street-level shenanigans when you get to be so godlike with the superpowers in part 4. (*they really should've just made part 4 a new franchise unrelated to SR, I think. On another note... holy goddamn SHIT look at UI Goku, man.... *Banderas.gif
  12. ah, Seth here goes over just how crazy OP Ywach (I prefer when we spelled it "Juha Bach", btw..."ywch" just looks like nonsense) is Even by insane Bleach standards this character is RIDICULOUS, and of course I love it.
  13. oh there was that other time... when Kate managed to stop a runaway train with the grapple on her bat-bike. One end hooked to the train and she set the other end of the line on the tracks.... and of course, keep in mind the line looks to be about as thin as a chicken-wire fence. This successfully stopped that train cold. The woman who was behind this terrorist action against the city.... I forgot but I think she got off light like probation or something. Oddly enough that's an accurate outcome though. It would not surprise me at all if a woman committed terrorist acts for real and only got probation or a couple of months in prison at the most.
  14. it would be mildly amusing to me if baby Yoda's name ends up being "Soda". completely out of left field though... every time I heard Captain Caveman yelling his name as the catchphrase back in the day...that shit cracked me up hysterically every time I remember watching some MUGEN videos way back when that was a new thing...and someone put Captain Caveman in the game....I was laughing like I was hit with Joker gas every time he'd say that in the match...they had it so he'd yell out his name before doing his special--"Captainnnn... CAVVVVVEEEEMANNNNN!" *BONKKKK!* as he smashes them with the club... it got me every time
  15. yeah, "games as a service" is the worst possible thing to happen to the industry, imo... of course I'm sure most game dev companies feel the exact opposite for obvious rea$on$ On another note--- Mortal Kombat continues to make dream match-ups possible: Delicious.
  16. Ohhh this is going to be a good one.... as I figured, John Campea WILL be talking about this shit on his youtube stream today. hahah this will be a juicy one for sure. just yesterday the topic of Bruce Wayne "kinda" showing up in the show was brought up:
  17. ohoooo and that's just the tip of the iceberg, bruh... the show is ridiculous in soooo many ways. It's been fantastic unintentional comedy. I haven't actually watched it on cw....I keep up with a couple of youtubers that were roasting it on a regular basis per episode. (main ones are Thorias Unlimited and "JLongbone", and another I think goes by the channel name Heelvsbabyface.) Of course, since it's CW and you know how they do things in recent years... basically she's invincible and is capable of easily defeating anyone in physical combat, despite being a thin-build woman that looks like she weighs maybe 110 lbs. (Kate is ex-military so I guess they lean on that as her prior combat/fight training/exp) One of my favorite moments--- Kate is shown getting hit by a speeding truck while on her motorcycle one night.....WITHOUT the protection of the batsuit, btw...(and by the speed it looks like a situation that would at the very least cause several broken bones; perhaps some internal bleeding)... and you guessed it----all this did was KO her for a while. Once she woke up she was ok and even able to still kick people's ass after that.
  18. hahaha I was coming here specifically to post about that! Holy shit that's out of left field... everything about this show has been such a beautiful disaster to watch unfold.....wow what are they going to do now... No matter what, the main star of a show deciding to leave is always a critical hit to a series; it's hard to recover from that. Of course a fairly recent exception right there on CW was my beloved Vampire Diaries....it still surprises me it managed to continue on without Nina Dobrev in the last 2 seasons (she returned for the series finale though) edit---now I can only hope the juicy behind-the-scenes details of what was going on eventually come out…like if she were to do a tell-all interview! Ohhhhh that would be delicious
  19. Well, I already had no intentions of buying, but this is even worse than I thought
  20. hahaha I knew the comments on this would be gold "For a second I thought that was Raphael Siddiq" "yeahyeah217 Damn thought that was a whole nigguh till I read hbd sis"
  21. annnnd of course Jim had a vid about this shit-ball situation the PC fans are having to deal with now....
  22. Hell YEAH! I'm so glad someone swiped this "Nemesis" idea once again...now it's in Doom Eternal!!! Empowered Demons * When a player is killed in the single-player campaign, the demon that felled them is beefed up and transported to another player’s game to fight again! Take out an Empowered Demon and you’ll not only be rewarded with tons of health and ammo, but also bonus XP to progress in-game events. I'm a big fan of that shit ever since Diablo 3... I wouldn't mind if this concept just kept making the rounds...it would be a long time before I got tired of seeing it, actually. haha I don't think the handicap---I mean PC-version of D3 ever got the nemesis monster, actually. I'm sure that side of the fanbase would downplay it like it's nothing though, of course. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/05/15/doom-eternal-major-update-empowered-demons-and-more-xbox/ Delicious.
  23. Legendary Commercial Hotness has returned...
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