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  1. i've been frustrated since it launched. May 29th can't come soon enough. i need those PC versions of 3S and ST. FBA sucks dicks so playing those games on Fightcade feels off to me.
  2. Yes! I add more every once in a while. Lately I've been experimenting with ways to upgrade the forum with new features, but once that's sorted out I'll be back to bringing in new themes. that's great! i'd like to see Haomaru's BG from SS1 or any SamSho game really.
  3. Stage Select is awesome! just discovered it and now i'm rocking 3rd Strike Alex background. are you planning to add more?
  4. well i've migrated over to srk2. an exile from an exile :( internet Ezekiel says the exile will last 70 months and OG srk will be a forum flowing with milk and honey once more. on a serious note, this place ain't so bad. thanks to those who created this place as a refuge (or maybe a permanent home?).
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