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Kyoto animation studio attacked by arsonist.

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Man in his 40s arrested and has admitted setting fire to the building with gasoline.

An arson attack on Kyoto Animation in Japan on Thursday morning has led to multiple fatalities and left more than 30 injured.

A man in his 40s walked into the company's 1st Studio Building in Uji, Kyoto just after 10a.m. and poured gasoline around before setting fire to it. The suspect, who is also understood to be injured, was arrested by police and has reportedly admitted to the crime. His motive has yet to be determined. 

The police have stated there have been multiple deaths, but have not said how many.

An explosion in the building was heard nearby.

30 fire trucks attended the scene and casualties have been taken to multiple hospitals in Kyoto, where at least 10 have been reported to be unconscious.

Footage shot from public broadcaster NHK's helicopter showed smoke and fire damage on all of the buildings three floors.

Kyoto Animation was founded in 1981, has around 160 employees, offices in Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as a subsidiary Animation Do in Osaka, and is behind numerous features and TV Series, including K-ON!, Violet Evergarden : the Movie and A Silent Voice : The Movie.


This really messes with me.  I was just think about them the other day and was hoping that somehow they would be able to set a trend in this industry that helps cultivate a more nurturing environment for their artist and employees overall.   Of all the studios that someone would do this to it would be the one that is the most universally liked/loved around the world besides the big name studios of course.  All I can say is I hope everyone else involved in this will be able to pull through and recover to the best of their ability.  I know everyone that is a fan is rooting for them. 

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