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GGs @Yiceman! You really got a good handle of when to jump later on. Jumping over a lot of my Kikokens and s.HPs near the end. I tried baiting it a bunch but you only feel for it he first time. Your Poison’s really good too. You planted those whips well and was very scary when you were pressuring me

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5 minutes ago, Yiceman said:

@MattatsuGGs. Enough lag to feel it for sure, but still fun.

Yeah, definitely had some choppy moments, which is funny because I dont think we had any in MK11, but SFV will be SFV. It does seem like stages effect the netcode less than they did. The Lair of the Four Kings felt the worst, to me, but that stage is almost always unplayable for me, yet this was playable, and only seemed a little bit laggier than the grid or estate at noon.


anyways, if you’re up for some Mk11 in a few. Head over to the NRS thread on here. We were going to start some matches im the next few minutes (last time i checked)


Edit: sorry about missing your earlier lounge invite too. I was in training, but was watching a chun-li guide (awesome guide btw @EvilCanadian, really helped me a lot) and had my tv off most of the time 

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@MattatsuThanks, I feel like the main thing I was struggling with was constantly losing the situation after my +2 EX heart raid. I don't know how much of it was lag or how much was me needing to work on the timing some more, but I got thrown out of my cr lk a dozen times. I think your spacing with Chun is really good. There were a lot of times when I thought it was safe to hold the whip and suddenly got a big old stand fierce to the face. Plus the time you supered the whip, that was pretty sick.


@SoneroI'm taking a break to exercise and eat, but if you're still around later tonight I can play.

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Played a set with some dude with an Ethiopian flag.


Some sleuthing says that he claims to be in the US but the connection definitely felt like it was coming from Ethiopia.


SF6 better not play around with this cutie "rep your flag" nonsense. Better tell me which country they are playing out of or they getting blocked.


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You know Yice, we clean up a few bad habits and a couple of things you just aren't doing the right way, and you would get hella good really fast.




Don't think I said this properly. You're actually really good. There are just a few things you don't have the hang on. There's  lot of small decisions there that you did that don't really happen from people "in silver". It may have felt a bit lopsided but you were playing really well.

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So my girl is in town for the next few weeks. She's a gamer girl who's into COD (pretty dern good too). So I told her to give SF5 a shot on PS4. I don't have a Fight Stick anymore so she tried stuff with my Hori controller which didn't work out so well. So I took my girl to Round One out here in Eugene and we have Street Fighter V Type Arcade there. So I learned that 1) she's definitely better with a joystick and 2) she's feelin Ibuki. She already understands the basic concept behind frame data. I'mma probably have the Qanba Obsidian modded for her.spacer.png



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