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The Street Fighter V Thread

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10 hours ago, Mr.Cipher said:

We already talked about this yesterday on Discord.

The difficulty and entrance barrier for FGs is way to overstated too.


You have people saying Tekken is so complicated with everyone having 100 + moves and you need to learn so so much!

When in reality people use maybe a dozen moves tops outside of Combos.


Or how you need a doctor titel to get started in AC+R, when all you need is getting trough the same basics you go trough every FG and then just learn by playing the game.

Even if you watch high level people rarely use all mechanics, especially not to their fullest.


Especially new people overestimate how difficult these games are. FGs in general.

Part of the reason why is overstated is because most players don't really have external ways to tell how they improve.

Plus people rarely internalize and do introspection regardless of their failures.


So, you end having people just blaming the game or the opponent for their failures.

It is why scrub mentality is so prevalent.


You see it everywhere, fps, rts, mobas, etc.

And then is also the fact that other genres go extra lenghts to cater to those scrubs.


for example on FPS you see how people complain about campers, snippers, shotguns, etc. and then they get gutted.

All because for most people seeing a people camp for example, is a braindead strategy, but they don't take in consideration that the player is using map awareness to take advantage of areas so he can do the kills.


Then you add the stupidity of many players that just yolo trying to kill the camper because their ego was bruised instead of just either ignoring him or actually playing intelligently.


When you have multiple other genres catering to the low level denominator,they dont need to improve, so when a game/genre challenges them, is just easier to just blame it for their own failings.



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22 minutes ago, HeavensCloud said:


This made me chuckle.  Aris talking how Evo will no longer be "grassroots".


Evo has not been grassroots since when MK9 became part of the lineup before being released.

Since then it has not been about communities having a chance to be part of a major.

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35 minutes ago, Dayaan said:

Sent this post to my mother so she can get over it when I outplay her in an argument. She came in with the slippers. I could not parry those projectiles.

Yes, but you build her super meter each time you do.

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10 minutes ago, Volt said:

Cipher can confirm. If you weren't a little pansy, you could too, but you won't play +R on Steam... :coffee:

I play AC R+, with my friends, locally on consoles and/or pc.


I am not a retard that limits himself to stupid shit like hurr durr, console, hurr durr pc.

I play where the games i like and my friends are.


Is just that i don't waste time playing online with randoms, since i don't play fighting games for that.

Blame it to the arcade culture, but for me fighting games are a social experience, and  playing matchmaking is just a waste of time on my eyes.


If play online, i prefer it to be with friends i know we will have good connections.



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5 minutes ago, Mr.Cipher said:

Maybe one day he will grow a pair and become a man. But yeah I played Volt, I hit him with Roundstart Cavalier.:coffee:

I find amusing how selective your reading skills are.

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2 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

GGs my dude. Other than that one hiccup in between rounds, that felt good to play. 

I accidentally left delay at 0 on the first match and it was still perfect lmao.


This netcode is ridiculous.


Btw, who's your main?

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3 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

We could have a whole lobby of us and probably nothing will go wrong.


My main is Faust. I want to try and learn ABA and Justice but mines aren’t nearly as good as him.

ABA had my head spinning, I got no idea how that character works.

Justice was giving me a lot of problems too since she outzones Ky pretty hard...


Low key thinking about picking up Axl on the side for those kind of matchups...


Wait, did you even pick Faust?

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1 minute ago, BornWinner said:

Once. The match ended pretty fast so I stopped picking him after that.

I gotta check those replays, I don't even know how many wins I got.

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14 hours ago, Mr.Cipher said:

I literally play Russian Roullete on Roundstart, not even I know what I will do, so neither will you!



I just backdash, unless I consistently whiff punish a certain opponent. Standing still does a lot. In that case I'll stand still, then as they walk back, I'll cover the ground they just gave up.

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1 minute ago, KingTubb said:

What I think will happen when I just stand and let them make a mistake:

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bulletproof machine gun GIF by Warner Archive


What actually happens 

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beat up will ferrell GIF


Someone told me Cr.MK round start is cheap. Apparently empty cancelling is cheap to them. Is it cheap? It's unknowable and wins round start unequivocally. 

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