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The Street Fighter V Thread

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8 minutes ago, delete_me said:

That was really insightful actually. There's a lot of parallels between Sagat and Rose as far as the neutral game is concerned so hopefully I can implement some of the ideas here in my gameplay.


Is Highland on this forum btw.?

Unfortunately not. He stopped coming by SRK for several months before we all came over. I mentioned this place to him and he said something like “I stopped going to SRK so I don’t see me starting somewhere new” or something like that.


I do love his content. I really think the only reason I ever want to play Sagat is for his insight and these videos. It seems like following them and and really working at it, would really help me (anyone) grow

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Anyone else thinks that Gief is surprisingly tough for Rose? His st.HK works from about the same range as her best footsie tools but it's faster than her HP and starts off his 50:50s when it lands as a CC. Her only moves with longer reach are slide (not a good idea in that matchup) and b.HK (also not a good idea). His flex is extremely strong against her due to her overall slowness and as a way to just soak up her projectiles and build his V-Trigger. And if you knocked down you better start praying without any reversals to make him hesitate. 

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Against Grief I think she needs to hope for whiff punishes with spiral to cash in on the grey damage he built up on the way in.  Might be a match up where she wants teleport to have an extra tool to side switch with.  Definitely one of those matches where you need to keep 100% of the momentum or Gief will blow you up.

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Covers up rank, did it to some ultra plastic guy.


Could've done regular super too and killed without doing all the extra unnecessary stuff.


SF5 twitter is the Ivy League of Clown Colleges.

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Yeah, with the outcome being exactly the same no reason not to showboat a little.


The way taunts are, I often forget they're even in the game.  I'm not sure that if I saw half of them in matches I'd even recognize them as taunts.

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18 minutes ago, delete_me said:

RIP every character having ten different taunts like in SFIV. I went through the trouble of finding a favourite for all my characters even though I never even used it.

That Sagat "Show more respect to the fight!" Taunt is definitely one of the best out there in all FGs.

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2 hours ago, Volt said:



The taunt input is really stupid in this game.

I've definitely messed up the input before.  Knocked them out of stun with st.heavy kick by accident and then proceeded to lose.  

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35 minutes ago, Yiceman said:

Shoot me another invite, it says the lobby is closed.

Sorry you didn’t come and I got on apex. I’ll get on after I die lol 

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