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The Hip Hop and R&B Thread

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21 hours ago, Vhozite said:

It is but if we are giving out Grammy’s just as lifetime achievement awards why even nominate an album? I don’t like this for the same reason I don’t like when NBA refs give obvious make-up calls after they made a shit call in the other direction. How about the Grammys stop shitting on hip hop instead of giving out an award that is clearly little more than a participation trophy for one of the greats?

Grammys have a history of awarding artists as a "make good" for previous blunders. While To Pimp a Butterfly is an great album you know the only reason it won is to make up for giving Macklemore the grammy over Good Kid, Mad City. 


Was King Disease a better album than the other nominates? No but it was a solid project. I'm sure it a "make good" win for fuck it. I'm not gonna be upset over Nas winning something.

20 hours ago, Vhozite said:

- “The Plugs I Met II” by Benny the Butcher. Went in with no one expectations since I’ve seen Benny’s name around but never listened to his music. All in all it was pretty good, tho really not what I was expecting from someone called “the Butcher” lol. Might check him out in the future. 2 Chainz was pretty good...had no idea he was still around.

I'm a big fan of Benny and I been listening to it. I personally think the first Plugs I Met had better features but I like the production on this one more. I think Burden of Proof is better than both. 


20 hours ago, Vhozite said:

“Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album” has something for everyone since it’s basically a big collab. You got Jay-Z, ASAP Rocky, G Herbo, Nipsey Hussle, and more. First half started off pretty weak but basically everything 10 and higher is heat. 

I felt the opposite. I liked the first half of the soundtrack moreso than the second. I felt the first half had more songs with a revolutionary feel to it which so what I want from music inspired by that movie. 

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I honestly haven’t seen the movie and I don’t even know what it’s about i just downloaded cause I saw a good lineup of artists. But you liking the first half just confirms what I said there is something for all kinds of hip hop fans 

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4 minutes ago, HD-Man said:

Apparently X is now brain dead in a vegetative state. He was just about to make a comeback too, we need a miracle 😔

Yeah I came to this thread to post this. Hope he pulls through but like you said heard he’s a near brain dead. Not looking good. 

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