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The DBFZ General: v3 SSGSS Edition (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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Yeah... I'm pretty much over this character until Arcsys throws us a bone here. 


His A assist needs to go back to pre-nerf status and track again, give him his double overhead back, give him double sided rocks back, make his ground heavies normals and not projectiles, make his SELF DAMAGING corner combos easier to connect... List goes on and on. 


Most importantly, give him his Xenomorph skin back. Biggest nerf they've hit him with as far as I'm concerned. 



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Gogeta SS4 got shown off today.  I'm catching up on it now.

Skip to 2:37:05 to get to the Gogeta SS4 stuff


Edit:....they gave this man a delete button.  That's the best way I can describe what I'm looking at right now.  That shit is CRAZY.  I mean you gotta get to level 7 using his taunt mechanic but that looks fairly easy to get up to within combos.  Lord hammercy.  So that pretty much means that if you're dealing like this guy on the other team and he's on the other side it would be in your best interest to get rid of him before he reaches level 7 and gets access to the delete button.




Edit 3:  He doesn't have a full screen attack...and the reason for that is because he can double air dash without requiring going into an install like Freiza.


Edit 4:  Apologyman apparently has a 7 dragon ball combo and apparently one of the combos that they're going to show has him getting Level 7 in it.  One he uses his super he loses the buff and goes back down to 0 so that's fair.


Edit 5:  Patch notes are at 4:44:01



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Definitely gonna be worth using early spark for this character. Use the kill combo on the first character to level up to 7 and have an easy tod for the next character coming in lol


Also saw that he can whiff spark and still combo with his one EX move. Going to lead to easy massive damage.

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Once you have the Monkey Man in your hands he doesn't really feel that strong like the other DLC chars (He feels kind of situational), but that is not counting his gimmicks and how he synergize with other chars.

Of course, this is only after 10 mins toying with him. (And i am not exactly a good player 😅)

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There have been clips posted by players that usually do the shows l. They are hinting at the next patch.



Frieza not being completely helpless when Z Broly puts up his shield.


Zamasu’s fireballs being able to hit short characters?



Gohan gaining multiple levels through his super while only spending 1 meter


Videl’s dodge getting a buff.


SSB Gogeta getting 236H smash after a 5H? I’m not sure.


And I don’t know enough about Goku Black, but it looks like people are excited.

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I can't remember if Black can cross up with the teleport or not right now.  That might be what they are implying?  Not sure.  Black is in dire need of a mixup somewhere cause right now if he's by himself with no back up and no sparking then he's having a bad time.  Either he needs quicker left right, quicker command throw, or actually somehow give him a legit high low.  What they might be doing with teleport is try to give him the 1st option.    Personally if they give him option 1 and a little of option 2 then he'll be way better already.

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