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The DBFZ General: v3 SSGSS Edition (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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Yeah... I'm pretty much over this character until Arcsys throws us a bone here. 


His A assist needs to go back to pre-nerf status and track again, give him his double overhead back, give him double sided rocks back, make his ground heavies normals and not projectiles, make his SELF DAMAGING corner combos easier to connect... List goes on and on. 


Most importantly, give him his Xenomorph skin back. Biggest nerf they've hit him with as far as I'm concerned. 



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5 hours ago, BornWinner said:

You don’t put Baby in a corner, he puts YOU in that corner.



Seen a couple people using this already. That shit is gonna be amazing for nappa. I'll probably make a nappa team myself 


Also awesome for my boy piccolo

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