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Now I'm imagining Nick Khan standing in the ring with a hooded figure while Vince stands under the Jumbotron. The hooded figure reveals their face. It's Stephanie McMahon and she says "It's me Daddy! It's me Daddy! It was me all along Daddy! You all bought it! Even Hunter bought it!"

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1 hour ago, Maxx said:

Vince is apparently gonna be in charater and make this shit into wwe canon ☠️ 


Carny as fuck 

That’s how you’re supposed to do it.  Any angle people can believe is the one that makes money, and this one falls neatly into the character he’s made for himself. 

Also he probably wants to go out on his own terms if he knows this is the end of the line. 

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I've heard of Don Frye but haven't really seen any of his matches. While going through the youtube rabbit whole with the WWE and such, this hall of fame video was recommended to me. Didn't know that Don was also in pro wrestling. I'm surprised Don and Dan didn't form a tag team like the Predatory Beasts or something.

this sounds like a WWE hall of fame speach



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Veer is money, especially in the Indian market. He has a good look, they just need to let him loose on the mic. He delivered WWE's shit lines well, his voice wasn't what I expected, but I like how cruel yet calm it is. 


Don't fuck this up WWE, your next foreign star is right there 

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