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Sammy G seems like a massive twat as a shoot so I don't blame Dijak for telling him to sit down.


The Dawson bit is strange, but then again I wouldn't have thought Simon Gotch was the shit-stirrer he was until more and more words got out about how much trouble he was causing.


So yes, wrestling is weird.  

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Dijak seems like a baby lol

Waited 4 years to spaz out on twitter about someone using his move.


Retribution keeps taking L's, in out and out of the ring.

Pretty sure the Twitter universe is already digging to find his team 4chan with Dio and Mansoor stuff.


Either way, he deleted his tweet lol 2edgy4wwe.

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That whole thing made everyone terrible. Dijak for bringing up Sasha and Sammy for saying I'm using it because no one on TV has seen it even though he knows he stole it specifically from an indy guy. Sammy doesn't look good in this too if anyone with half a brain thinks about it. "you stole the move from this guy... But I stoke it and used it because he deserves to be known on TV"... Wait Wat? 

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OK so I fantasy booked all this bullet club tongans vs bullet club Americans tell whatcha guys think :





OK so fantasy booking time: bullet club njpw vs bullet club America part 2. I think we heat this shit up. Tongans feel disrespected and abandoned by the Americans. They also come off as jealous, once bc went to hot topic is blew up in America.

Run an invasion of aew with the Japanese division of bc. They call out the Americans. Talking about the only ogs are them. Throw some shots at Finn, AJ and Cole too. You can have them run a few invasions on impact and aew since they have a relationship and honestly I think impact would love more exposure. 

This leads to a retaliation down the line. Where Americans try to
Invade japan. But they are getting beat down. Now it's a war. Now we haven't seen Jay in a while his music hits. He's come to join his Japanese brothers.

No. He turns on them and joins the Americans. He kayfabe signs a aew contract. All of this is over the claims of who's really bullet club. Jay feels betrayed by gedo specifically. He brought him from chaos. He points out how much of a turn coat he is. He turned on Okada and when he needed the support gedo wasn't there when he lost to Kota. Double down on Jay being a heel. Turn bc japan Into a tweener group.

Jay and the Americans form a completely new faction. One that's owned by njpw and Jay leads this faction into a war. Which eventually leads into Jay forming a new faction with njpw strong guys and a few of the Japanese guys.


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Since ‘the current NXT program has been a thing I have never skipped over a match or a segment. I did it twice tonight. 

I skipped over Karrion Kross’s match cause he’s fucking garbage, doesn’t know how to open his mouth when cutting a promo, looks like a 90’s indie heel and sucks in the ring. I’m also tired of looking at his fucking edge lord girlfriend. TiCk ToCk. God. Shut the fuck up. 

I also skipped almost the entirety of the fight pit match. That finish for the fight pit match was fucking garbage. Ciampa dead ass looked to see if thatcher even had the muffler lock in so he could react. It wasn’t an “oh shit” look it was a “oh, now is the time to sell look”. It was fucking abysmal. the set up for the spot was trash too. 

like, fuck, I just hate the concept of the fight pit in general too cause it’s like a kayfabe Inoki-ism which is the most fucking stupidest thing on this planet. I don’t even give a shit about MMA or UFC but the whole concept of the fight pit is an insult to those guys and girls who train at times a year+ just for one match. 

They need to take the book away from HBK. Him being a head Booker on the show is fucking killing the brand. I get Leon Ruff is popular but fuck. His matches are dumb. I hate watching tons of people having to carry his dumb ass gimmick through every match. 

im tired of people turning heel for no fucking reason. I’m tired of the constant 50/50 booking. There’s so much dumb shit wrong with NXT now and almost all of it started when HBK became one of the main bookers. 

I also am still pissed at Vince calling up Keith Lee and doing next to nothing with him. The dude was the next Balor for the brand. Excuse the pun/phrasing but his potential as the Next “the guy”  for NXT felt genuinely limitless 

I still like Legado del Fantasma, I still like Bronson Reed, I love the Kyle and Balor program.  there’s a lot of guys I genuinely like/love but it’s just so fucking hard to want to keep watching a show that is consistently dipping in quality. I’d rather watch clips of RAW and Smackdown at this point. 

Like fuck. This has been bothering me for a while but it just boiled over tonight. This is making me want to watch trash like AEW. At least they just did an awesome match with Kingston vs. PAC. 


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Oh stop Jericho was fine. His hands are right there to save him. I may be the only one who can actually speak on flops because j assume I'm the only one here who can do them. But Jericho has done it long enough to have aerial awareness that if he truly was in danger to use his hands. Was it sketchy? Yes. Should he retire because he messed up 1% of the time after 30 fucking years no. Calm down. 


This week in Ali Twitter murders

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I think the reason are calling for Jericho to hang it up is because he's been one of the best in the ring for such a long period of his career. The dude would never botch a bump or a lionsault like that even 3 or  4 years ago. 


I'm for the dude starting to move towards a role out of the ring because it sucks watching the slow and painful decline of a person. I had to watch it happen to Taker and it sucked. I don't want to watch it happen again with Jericho. It does a lot to hurt a guy's legacy. 


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1 hour ago, Maxx said:

Oh stop Jericho was fine. His hands are right there to save him. I may be the only one who can actually speak on flops because j assume I'm the only one here who can do them. But Jericho has done it long enough to have aerial awareness that if he truly was in danger to use his hands. Was it sketchy? Yes. Should he retire because he messed up 1% of the time after 30 fucking years no. Calm down. 


The issue here is that Jericho has been on the decline for a few months now, and performances like last night's is gonna become much more frequent as time goes by.  It's simply inevitable. Guy is 50 already. He should slow down or change his wrestling style before he hurts himself.

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33 minutes ago, iStu X said:


Again jericho in new japan is how he should have been used in aew. Nasty lucha brawler jericho was where he should be heading. Instead he is trying to do what he used to do.


Nagata, r-truth, dustin, suguira, la park, ultimo guerrero, and minoru suzuki being able to do what they still do at 50 is amazing but they changed things up.


I think really the issue is jericho fell apart physically and instead of going that la park route he went the undertaker method of failing

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Just now, iStu X said:

im just tired of Jericho


30 rock hello GIF


that’s all I see him as now. 

Just don't view that way and even so it's fine. He doesn't have a title, he's not taking the shine away from anyone. He's just helping everyone more than hurt imo. 


Taker was Joe Rogan podcast. Seems like it got a lil spicy when it came to takers opinion on current wwe.

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