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welp...guess I have yet another channel to binge.


From their about: Have you ever wondered what the biology and science behind your favorite video game character are? Well, wonder no further! I graduated with my Biology degree a while back and now use it to cover in game characters such as morphology, evolution, hypotheses on how they got certain ways, along with many more offshoots! Thanks for watching Roanoke Gaming guys!


this made me look at the movie in a different way





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^yeah that channel showed up in my recommended section; I've also been watching some of the vids.  He's also done vids on all the demons from DOOM, and more movie monsters like the thing from Jeepers Creepers, Pumpkinhead, etc.


One of the first ones I saw was a vid on my favorite monster of the Doom franchise---the Arch-Vile:


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