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The "Old Good, New Bad" Argument

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So I wanted to discuss this in regards to fighting games especially. As people may know, modern fighting games are becoming more "streamlined" and "standardized". It has become an argument that "old good, new bad". And to be quite honest, that is one of the worst arguments I've ever heard. It's one of the worst assumptions I've ever heard.


With a lot of the same concepts happening in each modern fighter and a good majority of them playing the same, why would anyone enjoy these new games if they didn't enjoy these concepts in the first place? They're oversaturating modern fighters, yet there's no room for argument or to make a case. When you do prove a point, that point is immediately dismissed.


I think my point is, why does this slide? I don't think something is bad because it's new. And I don't think something is good because it's old. The opinion for what I personally enjoy about fighting games comes from what the game has to offer. There has to be that feeling for a lot of people out there. So why do we as a community get dismissed? It's unreasonable and it's selfish. Instead of making a reasonable argument, a bunch of people are projecting how we think instead of taking what we say at face value.


Without being able to express our thoughtful opinions, it feels like fighting games will go the direction they are right now. Because to be quite honest, I myself am not fond of most of these modern fighting games. They've become limiting, are far more mechanically heavy to the point where players aren't even learning their characters and each game tends to be following the same exact trend while only being barely different from each other.

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