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Juri's SF 4 theme represents her +4 on block fireballs she used to have


Juri's SFV theme represents her minus 2 crap one she has now in a much worst game.


I better be head banging on her SF6 theme and her SF6 frame data or i'm pulling out my double barreled and visiting Capcom HQ.


Still best girl regardless. 



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Batsugun is my favorite Toaplan shmup. Once this track kicks in its on. Stage 2 is a really fun stage with a challenging 2 Stage boss. 



Almost every Gradius game has a boss rush stage near the end, Gradius Gaiden just happens to have one of the best ones with the best boss rush theme of the series imo. 


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Soldier Blade is peak Hudson. Amazing OST. Pure fire. Great game to. There is an over emphasis on Bullet He'll these days (Even tho I shill the fuck outta Crimzon Clover)  and I would like to see a return of more Caravan style Shmups. 


I like Super Star Soldiers ost  it it sure if hard to hear over the overdrive sound effecfs. 


Ice never seen that dudes channel before. Will have to check out more of his stuff. 

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1 minute ago, RSG3 said:

Ice never seen that dudes channel before. Will have to check out more of his stuff. 

Dangerous Mezashi Cat is some doujin music group in Japan somewhere.


Don't bother following that channel.  It's just some guy who uploaded one of their CDs.  Just search for Dangerous Mezashi Cat on Youtube and you'll find their stuff.

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