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Tee Lopes made mention about this band on Twitter because they did a version of Studiopolis and I gotta say...sounds pretty damn good.  I've seen their names among the list at Magfest but I never went to their concert for one reason or another.  I'll have to see what else they've done later.





I don't if that's what they're actually saying int he battle theme for Ring Fit but much like "Hold Devil's Pot of Tea" that's what I'm going to hear from now on lol.

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This came from an Octopath Traveler Pixel Mixer album.


This was interesting.  I never heard the source before so after listening to the remix once I went and listened to the source and listened to the remix again reaffirming that I did infact like what they did with it.  This does have lyrics and its in the style of of a lo fi electronic hip hop.  Unfortunately there isn't a non lyrical version of this for those who are lyric averse.

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I've been listening to other musicians analyzing and reacting to music since Alex Moukala has been pretty busy (if you go to the VGG thread I put that he's actually working on some games now)  and this guy Jesse's Auditorium has been pretty good listen.  He doesn't go as in depth as Alex or remix the tracks or like really break the music down like Alex does but it's still interesting hearing stuff from his perspective especially since a lot of the music that people are suggesting to him and he's listening to it's the first time he's ever listened to it since he fell off on games mostly around the SNES/Genesis era (based on what he's said in some of the videos I've listened to...consequently though some of the music has been powerful enough to move him to actually play some of the games...I.E. FF7R).  It's just really cathartic for me when he listens to something and he can feel how good the track is on his first listen without having played the game.



Usually he's writing notes and stuff on songs while giving some thoughts on tracks but there's a few tracks  that people will recommend to him where he has to just stop and take the song in entirety and just feel it and "Airbuster" is one of them.


Listening to him have this idea of what Sonic music is in the beginning and then steadily finding out that Sonic music is all over the place in genres has been great too lol.


Casey Edwards even popped by in the comments for his Bury the Light video


So yeah if you ever just want to hear some casual commentary/analysis on some VGM tracks then I'd check him out.

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bLiNd put out 2 albums last year that I was unaware of until after he put a track up on OCR and looked into the description for it

Super Nesteryears


and Seven


Super Nesteryears you can probably hazard a guess what that centers around.  Seven is based on FF7.  Probably will give these a listen tomorrow to see if they're any good.




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