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There's another group called Magnificent Danger that performed at the Gazebo that I'm unfamiliar with but I'll try to check them out to see if they're any good.  I'm hoping they got the performances at bar downstairs as well.


Magfest also put up the NPC collective and I did go to that concert but honestly I felt it was kind of a coinflip since there was so many people involved.  Some of it was ok but it wasn't Mega ran all the time and I definitely was not feeling Shubzilla personally.


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There was a track from Tenchu Shadow Assassin's that really stuck out in my head as being extremely memorable but I never knew what the name of the track was so I went looking forward today.  Apparently the name for it on the Japanese OST is "Sekisyo" but upon looking for it on youtube it's under the title "Rain"


Also looks like timaeus and another OCR mixer I'm not quite familiar with called AngelCityOutlaw took a stab at remixing the theme


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From the description


DIMENSION is a Japanese jazz funk fusion band that recorded much of the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack. The now infamous Mario Kart lick from Dolphin Shoals can be heard at 0:32 by lead saxophonist Kazuki Katsuta during a performance in 2012. Mario Kart 8's release in 2014 was 2 years after this performance so Katsuta seems to have been sitting on this lick prior to the recording of the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack.


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Metroid Prime Remastered gamerip got put up on Sittingonclouds.  You might be asking..."Is there a difference really between the Remastered and the original?"  Well apparently not by much but the music is supposedly in a higher quality if this post from twitter is to be believed.


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