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This is not the type of song you listen to on your phone but man does it sound good.  Quake 4  has this creepy feel to it through all of it's campaign when you see what becomes of the humans if they ever get captured by the Strogg.

And this theme perfectly fits that mood the game has. Inhuman, creepy and dark.




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9 minutes ago, YourFavGrandpa said:

picked up all of the Destiny soundtracks from the Bungie store earlier. It was around $55 for all of the music up to and including the newest expansion, Beyond Light. The file downloads were nice and beefy too, offering MP3, FLAC, and Apple Lossless in each. I can put the mp3s up for download somewhere if anyone's interested, just let me know.

I haven't heard much of Destiny's music though I know that Martin O'Donnel was involved at first before he got booted.  What are some solid tracks from the game?


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7 hours ago, RegH81 said:

I think Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2 gets way too much attention but I cannot hate on that above remix. That was fire.


Pixel Mixers make some of the best albums. I've been listening to them for about two years now and I don't think I've heard a single album from them that I didn't like. 



Yeah it does get a ton of attention and that can be contributed to the catchiness of the original arrangement.  We already know that though lol.  If I think its a good mix/arrangement I post it up regardless of how much popularity a source track gets.

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This showed up in my feed and I looked into it and it's an actual remix of 'Devils Never Cry' from 3 that's included in a DMC V SE Vergil Sound Selection CD that got released in Japan

Interesting version of this track with the vocals really cleaned up and crisp and the arrangement brings the vocals forward more.  I'm trying to see if this cd has the variant of 'Bury the Light' that plays during the end boss battle  but the information I'm seeing is inconclusive.  Siliconera has a track list up that doesn't have the variant on the list but when I search on youtube someone put the sound selection up and it's among the tracks the guy has up.



Guess I'll just wait to see if Sittingonclouds picks it up and go from there.

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10 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

VGM friday. Ducktales 2, the other not so popular sequel but still I loved it. I would love it if they remastered this like they did with the first game but do it with the style of 2017 as a neat way to compliment the change from the old cast to new cast.







Hey uhh...every track you posted was the same.  Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

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