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The Game Music Thread 🎵

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Surprise lo-fi LoZ album from Gamechops


Listening to it now.


Edit:  Some of this is new and some of it comes from older albums and has been remastered and mixed into album that flows better together from what I've heard so far.  Not bad but wish this was more new.


Edit 2: also seems there are other mixes on here that are not even related to LoZ so apparently this isn't strictly LoZ.

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If you guys are planning to watch the Mr. Sakurai Presents "Sepiroth" stream, you might wanna hide the chat. It is RIFE with #FreeMelee fools.


EDIT: Posted in the wrong thread. 


But it is nice that more FF songs are in Ultimate. And  some are new arrangements! That Aerith remix... MAGNIFICENT!

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Interesting how this track makes a reference to "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" for the briefest of moments near note for note before shifting back to the original arrangement.  Don't quite remember that in the source.


Edit:  Listened to "Frosty Village" again and its there.  Guess I just never noticed it before.  Even one of the comments in the source video makes mention of it.


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There is this track from the recent OCR Badass album that I've wanted to post for the past month or so but NOBODY IS PUTTING UP THE FULL ALBUM ON YOUTUBE.  So instead I'll just direct to the soundcloud for the album.



The track in question is 2-02 Fire Cleanses All.  This track came up on my playlist while I was at work and I recognized the source and thought it was pretty good.  Give it a listen if you're interested.

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I cannot believe the number of albums from the Pixel Mixers, one of my favorite video game cover groups, I missed out in 2020. I especially can't believe I missed this one.


Sunrise and Moonfall  - A Zelda Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask Tribute Album


One of their biggest projects as it covers two games. I've heard the first few arrangements from OOT and I'm very impressed.






The album, like most Pixel Mixers projects, is free to download.


Catch This! Vol. 2: Goldenrod FM  - A Pokémon Gold & Silver Tribute Album



Also free.

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