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The Game Music Thread 🎵

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1 hour ago, RSG3 said:

Jetforce Gemini is the fucking goat....until the end of the game when it turns into a horrible collect-a-thon and goes to shit lmao. 


I don't remember the OST at all honestly...

I don't know anything about the OST through osmosis and I haven't played the game either.  I haven't heard anyone say anything about the soundtrack so I don't know what to expect out of this.  I haven't even given the list of remixers a good look to see if there's anyone I recognize on this album to make it worth my while to check out.


Edit: aaand upon looking at the description for the trailer I see that at least bLiNd is in so may give it a listen out of curiousity.

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Looks like Joshua Morse made a Jazz album through Gamechops based on SNES games


I haven't listened to it yet...but it's Joshua Morse.  I almost feel like I should just buy the album anyway.


Edit:  Oh the Sonic 30th anniversary concert got put up on sittingonclouds....I'llllll be taking that!

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2 hours ago, Skort said:

Not video game music afaik  ( though i think it's in Vice City stories ) but every time i listen to this great song i think of  @AriesWarlock


I haven't checked out Dio's material yet, I am afraid. It's one of those things I need to do as I go backward to the beginnings of metal. The song was pretty good, thanks! He really has a powerful voice. I should check out his stuff.

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Sitting on Clouds put up a high quality version of FFIX's OST for those interested.  I had to replace the one that I had cause it was really low and the sound balance was off but it was all I had since the more popular sites didn't have it so glad have something now.   Infact they've been putting up more of the FF osts that they've been missing on the website in the past month or so so if you've been looking for something in from the mainline games they may have it up now.

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Was gonna be the first to let ya'll know NEO: The World Ends With You music is up on Clouds. Once again I am Too Slowed by Sonichuman. 


Max Reaction GIF by The Secret Life Of Pets


Orchestral SaGa is also up on Sitting on Clouds.  Even if you aren't into SaGa music (you freaking weirdo) you should check it out because it is so GOODAAAAAA!!! I love all the SaGa love Square Enix has been giving of late.


Also, I'm appreciating the music to Octopath Traveler even more since I'm playing the game. Seriously, GOAT soundtrack.



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1 hour ago, RegH81 said:

Everyone usually says Magical Sound Shower is the best OutRun song. I gotta give it up to Splash Wave. That Passing Breeze synth cover was dope.


Sitting on Clouds has Killer Instinct: The Complete Soundtrack up. It doesn't have the SNES or GB music tho.

I saw they put that up and I'll probably pick it up since it has the 3 extra character themes outside of Season 3.  Everything else I already have.  Really wish Mick had mixed his themes for S1 like he did for S2 cause not having that part of still part of "Touch Me and I'll Break Your Face" hurts pretty bad.

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