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I wasn't expecting Samus & Chill to drop until the morning but I looked in my feed and it looks like the timetable moved up cause it just happened to be premiering at the time I looked.  I've listened to about 4-5 track so far and it's ok so far imo.  Not quite on the level as both Zelda & Chills, Mario & Chill, and Nook & Chill but I'm hoping there's something that will really push me to buy it since I was kind of looking forward to it.



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On 10/16/2021 at 4:36 PM, HD-Man said:

Recent was introduced to Strange Dreamer, this dude makes the best video game music covers I've ever heard. One of my favorites here so far 


Yeah this dude is solid AF.  Really liking the way the bass and the synth sounds with the electric guitar.  I was hoping he'd add his own flair to it and he didn't disappoint and it fit right in.  I'm listening to his rendition of Volcano Valley Zone and his bass playing/arrangement seems to be really fuckin good.  I have a complaint regarding the track but the overall it's not bad.  I'm probably gonna listen to more of his stuff to see what's up.

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New album from Mariachi Entertainment System dropped today

I didn't even know that these guys did a couple tracks for Guacamelee 2.  That's kinda awesome!


Edit: apparently also missed the fact that they also dropped an album during the pandemic.  I'll probably end up buying both of them.

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9 hours ago, HD-Man said:

Tekken has always had pretty dope music, but I distinctly recall Tekken 3 where they started experimenting with different genres and really turned up. Here's two of my favorites




And the memories come flooding back in 😭


The music in Tekken all the way up to 4 was so crazy and experimental. The old stages just hit different too


I like all the music in Tekken but after 4 they really started leaning more into the straight dubstep/electronica, which is fine but it definitely lost some of that unique sound  imo

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2 Lofi releases (pretty sure the 2nd is lofi considering who's doing it)  dropping from Gamechops soon

Tomorrow is going to be Cafe Days by Coffee Date, has a track list in the info.  This is dropping tomorrow.  This isn't just Zelda and deltarune based as there's a variety.  I have a feeling that a lot of these tracks I may already have when they released as singles.

Mikel who did Zelda & Chill 1 &2 is releasing Zelda's Medley Friday

This is just going to be 1 track with several different sources from the Zelda franchise throughout it according to the info.



I need Super Guitar Bros to put out another album cause I need that Super Castlevania and Studiopolis Zone track in my playlists.  I know I can just give the money on patreon but I'd rather buy it from them in an album.

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Sitting on Clouds has the music to Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania as well as the soundtrack to the tracks included from the classic games. Banana Mania music has some serious bangers. Yeah, I love the originals, but the the I can't knock the new stuff. These soundtracks are also up on Spotify and YouTube for those that like to stream their music.

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