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The Marvel comics and Mcu thread

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While I'm usually excited to see a trailer for a new X-film, I was feeling blah after this one.

Whether it was intentional or not, it seems to give off a X3 vibe.
I'm ambivalent about the costumes.

While most first trailers for xfilms don't have much wondrous money shots, this one had been delayed 3 months and they had a lot of post production time, so the lack of any powers or full Phoenix shot is disappointing.

I have a feeling Mystique or Quicksilver may die.If it's JLAW, YAY!

lol at Magnus "There's always a speech and you're always sorry line.

The only defintvely good thing is Fassbender and McAvoy. Also, it seems Cyclops isnt going to be fully pushed out of the way this time.

To be fair, the Captain Marvel was just ok for me, but it was better than this.
Funny how the Bumblebee trailer was better than both.

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1 hour ago, misterBee said:

X-Men movies are neat and all but they're kind of a mess since they're mixing up timelines and whatnot now.  Not sure what else they can do though since doing another reboot would be just as annoying.

This is pretty much a "lame duck" movie in that with the Disney/Fox merger pretty much done, they have to just release it to make their money back and can't make any long term plans. 


To be honest whether you like Apocalypse or not it felt like they should have stopped. Actually Logan would have been the perfect place since it has 2 of the main actors/characters from X1 in 2000.  But planning and continuity aren't Fox's strong suit.


I kinda want to fast forward to MCU Xmen and I'm one of the few who liked 2/3 of Fox Xmen films.

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Dark Phoenix DELAYED TO JUNE 7,  2019.

Let me get this straight. They release a trailer 2 days ago with the Feb 14 date and now this.

The movie had a low chance of being good, now it is basically on Hospice care.


In the words of our old comrade Po Pimpus...



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2 hours ago, DangerousJ said:


Dark Phoenix DELAYED TO JUNE 7,  2019.

Let me get this straight. They release a trailer 2 days ago with the Feb 14 date and now this.

The movie had a low chance of being good, now it is basically on Hospice care.

I don't see how more time spent can be a bad thing.  If anything this is a sign they actually want to make it good.

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Normally, I would agree,but Fox already delayed this movie from November 2018 to Feb 2019 and now another delay of 4 months.


They originally stated that the first delay was to have a good release date free from other big movies and that Deadpool and Black Panther did extremely well over the Valentine's Day.


This is the first x film to be written,directed and produced by Simon Kinberg who has a mediocre resume as a writer. He cowrote X3 and this film seems like it is more of a temake of that film more than an adaptation of the comic story.

A part of me is even thinking that either Fox or Disney feel that the film is crap and may choose to make it streaming only or something so as not to damage the Xmen brand.


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17 hours ago, DangerousJ said:


Iron Fist canceled by Netflix after 2 seasons.


I havent seen S2 yet,but it seems it was a significant improvement from S1.

If they would have canceled it after Season 1 I wouldn' t have cared. Season 2 made things interesting and now they cancel it. 😑

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Ah, Thanos. 🙂 He represents God who became evil. You don't want to end up like Thanos since you will eventually lose by self destruction. A hero or a group of heroes will also stop you. That is how karma works. The law of cause and effect which is simple physics is karma. The villain will eventually lose unless he turns to the Light like Darth Vader. 


Darth Vader also represents God who allowed his inner demons or dark side to consume him. And to just put it out there Sephiroth is the same type of character as Darth Vader. The name Sephiroth refers to God. The Tree of Life.  Look it up, it's true. 

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I just finished Iron Fist Season 2.




Much better fight choreography/scenes compared to S1

Danny is  20% less annoying

the relationship between Colleen and Misty

Ward's character growth

10 episodes was a good length.





Typhoid Mary seemed a bit superfluous in the grand scheme. Her acting as Mary and Walker was good, but I wish she was more tied to the main plot.


Joy being a reluctant "villain" struck me as weird at the end of S1, and was right. Her motives seemed weak. Yes, she lost her father and regained him in a perverse way.and Ward was a dick, but  I dont buy it .Also, I'm surprised Davos didn't go full Mortal Kombat on her lol. Now that the show is cancelled, I wonder what they would have her do in S3 if Ward/Danny would be bumming around Asia. Also, I think its funny that Danny doesn't really mention or visit Joy in the final episode lol.



Overall:    IF S2      7.5/10

                     IF S1       6.5/10








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Just finished DD S3.

SO good…

The only DD comic story Ive read was Born Again. The other Netflix MCU characters were basically blank slates for me. While it was a loose adaptation, there were a lot of things I loved about it.



-Sister Maggie and her sardonic tongue and the “reveal”
Karen’s backstory with her brother
the general feeling of dread when Kingpin was able to manipulate people. That was carried off well from the original story imo
Ray Nadeem. Sniff.
Fight choreography esp the last ep. Props to the choreographers/stuntmen and actors
Donofrio is awesome. He like Killgrave heightens the material.
I liked the backstory/performance of Bullseye.



The end was a bit odd. I cant believe Matt would trust Kingpin to keep his promise but oh well.
The comic story had Matt be more paranoid and psychotic throughout . While he was disturbed about stuff this season, I didnt feel as if matched the comic intensity.


Overall 9/10

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