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The Marvel comics and Mcu thread

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8 hours ago, Wellman said:

I get not liking the change. As a comic book fan one of the most annoying things many of us old heads have had to see is that especially the Marvel comics will bend over backwards to match popular MCU traits to the point of discarding decades of canon to make it fit. That being said as a Namor fan, Atlantis name change isn't that big of a deal. 


Now if they didn't let him at least once say Imperious Rex before wreaking shit, we got problems. 


He very likely wouldn't say it, since it doesn't make sense now that he is Aztec..

Not that it made sense before since Imperious Rex is Latin and being atlantean he should be speaking greek 🤣

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1 hour ago, Hecatom said:


They will never make the Mayan and Aztec gods justice.

They will be heavily sanitized and disneyfied that may as well be considered original characters and not the gods of the myths.


At least with the greek mythology you can still have some semblance of it, even if cleaned.

But the whole mythology of aztecs and mayans is centered around violence, blood and human sacrifice.




Uhhh zeus raped bitches lmfao 

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1 hour ago, Maxx said:

Uhhh zeus raped bitches lmfao 

Yes he did, but you don't have idea of the weird fucking shit that the mayan and aztec myths have on them, rape is only the tip of the iceberg.

Believe me, it makes the beheading cartel videos seem as coco melon.


Which makes hilarious that as part of the curriculum in schools we had to read the popol vuh, aka the mayan bible (my country is home of one of the most important mayan cities)

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1 hour ago, RSG3 said:

Rape is the tip of the Greek iceberg to dude, Mexico is not unique on fucked up God shit. 


I know both mythologies, I know that the greek mythology is full of heavy shit, but I am telling you, the Mayan and Aztec myths are way more fucked up.


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41 minutes ago, Hecatom said:


I know both mythologies, I know that the greek mythology is full of heavy shit, but I am telling you, the Mayan and Aztec myths are way more fucked up.


Yea but the point isn't who is most fucked up. The point is they sanitize every mythology. 

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On 8/12/2022 at 4:31 PM, AriesWarlock said:


X-Men always been horny. Chuck was wanting to sleep with Jean shortly after they first met when she was 15 or 16. 😂


There’s also a part of Krakoa ran by Stacy X that’s literally for people to meet up and have anonymous sex. There’s also mutants that work with Stacy X that help mutants who can’t have traditional sex give them the mental and sexual stimulus they desire with their partners.   😂


Also like…just read an x men comic. 😂


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1 hour ago, Wellman said:

I do appreciate folk that cosplay. It is cool to see them bring to life what was previously just images or video on pages or screens.

It depends for me. I’ve met a lot of cosplayers who cosplay purely for the attention and/or purposely cosplay sexy characters. Or they’ll cosplay a fairly normal character and make them unnecessarily sexy. Or whatever else. You get what I’m saying. People who cosplay for the wrong reasons. 

My friend Carmen and her Husband use to cosplay as Harley and Joker fairly frequently for charities and other events. They’d visit children hospitals, free comic book day, 24 hour comic book day, and like school book fairs, things like that. 

I’ve mentioned her and posted pictures of her cosplays in the DC thread before. She’s a die hard Harley fan and not one of “those” fans. We all know the ones. 😂 


she’s cosplayed tons of other stuff too but Harley has always been her B&B. 


She even makes her own props and though she prefers to hand make all herself her husband who is a professional 3D sculptor will help her with the more intricate props and costume detail. 

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