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The Marvel comics and Mcu thread

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The second image of Jean, Cyclops, and Maddie above is photoshopped.


Jean/Scott are from an inside panel of X-men #1 (1991) and Maddie is photoshopped into the image from a pinup of X-men villains that Jim drew that was at the back of the book or on a poster.

The original image has Madelyne placing her hand on Sinister's chest and with a dark blue color instead of black.

)There are modifications of the below image using computer coloring which had the black Madelyne costume. However since this was in 1991- Marvel wasn't using computer coloring yet (That was in 1994 for the X-titles)





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Finally saw Wakanda Forever, movie was Ace. A very loving tribute to Chad. And I'm glad it was a mostly serious experience, the comedy was only there when needed and not overdone. All things considered, the number of rewrites and issues this movie had but still ended up being great was a testament to everyone involved. I expected a trainwreck but it was extremely competent 



Shuri is a fine black panther, series is in good hands. Angela Basset needs some kind of acknowledgement too, she was in her bag acting wise. And that Killmonger cameo was excellent, he still ain't shit even in the afterlife lol



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Watching Wakanda Forever for my birthday. Will give thoughts after.


Alright I watched it. I had a lot of concerns going in. How annoying Riri could be, was it worth getting rid of an entire character its T’Challa, and would anyone in the previous movies be a successful lead in his place. Outside of my second concern, I’m glad to say this movie proved me wrong. This movie was a good send off to phase 4. Up there with No Way Home for me. I like how the theme of loss was shown throughout the movie. Shuri as a lead was better than I thought, but The Queen and Namor were standouts. I didn’t know what to think about them keeping the wings, but they used them to awesome effect. Riri was also fine. Having her divorced from the Iron Man background and being a fish out of water to Wakanda made her tolerable. 


I also liked how they had Kilmonger come back in the Ancestral Planes. It was a complete surprise to me. Also how is he still an asshole after dying? It’s been at least six years, dude. Get over it.

Again, my biggest dislike of the film is the one I had before going in the film. The fact that an entire character in T’Challa is just gone will never not bother me. This isn’t just some c-list hero, he has become one of the premier heroes of the Marvel universe. One of my biggest wants was for him and Storm to have a scene together whenever they brought the X-men in. Plus how they killed him off was wack. I know it’s to match with Chadwick’s untimely passing, but I feel that having him fall in battle or fatally wounded from one would’ve been better.



Also saw the post credits with T’Challa Jr. I see where they are going with, but I’m not sure if I like that direction.

Overall, while No T’Challa stinks, I still really liked this movie.

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I just saw BP2 today.



Shuri 'character arc and Letitia's acting as well as Ramonda/Okoye/Nakia.


The origin of Namor andTalokans (Sp?) . I thought Namor was solid.


The cameo by ----- in white was an unexpected treat and pivotal to the final battle.


Lupita Nyongo's booty shots and long hair/costumes


2 surprising scenes - 1 inthe tower and the post-credit scene




Action was good but not a revelation.




Movie was a bit too long. 15-20 minutes could have been trimmed.


Too many visually dark scenes.


Riri didnt really  grab me, but maybe bc the movie was crowded in terms of plot/characters.



Overall:  8/10

2018      BP  (8.5/10)


A slight downgrade from part1, but the best of the 2022 Marvel theatrical films imo.



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Uhmmmm ok what the actual @!#$%.


I'll admit i've been out of Marvel Comics for a while now but wow. Sooooooo she's definately not into humans anymore that's painfully apparant and willing to go with Skrulls,insectoids and whatever that bi chick is. Fine,i can roll with that but these panels only lead to more disturbing  questions.


What's with all the breaking and tearing people apart?? Is this what she learned in Limbo?? 


Are you saying she's so inherently powerful, that mere interaction with her might cause serious physical damage or even death?? There's no restraint?? No spell she could use to make her partner safe??? Isn't she still a mutant who has baseline human physiology?? Exactly how strong do you have to be to survive an encounter with her?? Beast level strength? Namor?? Hulk???


How is it in the last panel ,the situation degenerated to the point where it was either $%#@ or fight?? Does she just make out with bad guys now instad of fighting on a whim??? Is she really just a degenerate?? She was willing to take on all three by herself??? Why is this a viable tactic??


Wowwwwwwwwwww a lot of interesting stuff i can gleam from just those few panels but the end reult is......don't be a human.


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The bi chick, Hypernova, is a Shi'ar and very powerful.


Well, yeah, Limbo was a brutal place for a little human girl to grow up. From what I understand

it's implied in the comics that she was sexually abused in Limbo.


As for the page in question, the New Mutants were in space and Illyana had to hold off a deathstrike team while the other mutants

were taking care of other businesses. Illyana has some edge to her, and has developed darker desires. It's like that song from Bathory goes



All dressed in gold and purple the beauty awaits the night
Knowing what will satisfy, aware of her delight
The thought of young fresh blood makes the hours go so slow
But the yearn for eternal life and beauty makes her hazelbrown eyes glow
Woman of dark desires
Woman of eternal beauty
Woman of dark desires
Elizabeth Bathory







Now for a Daredevil classic



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I saw Wakanda Forever lately. If I had to rate it, I'd put it at around 7. I liked it a little less than the first one. I was disinterested in the first place, so I'm biased in that way. I only really saw it because Google lied when it said Glass Onion was at the theater I went to. It was a "why not?". I feel like I'm getting a dis-attachment from Marvel Flicks in general since Love and Thunder and Dr. Strange 2. You have to be something special like No Way Home to get at me now. Without getting too much into spoilers, I didn't like the last act or the primary new character they introduced besides Namor. I will say the tributes to Chadwick were great.


But, on a tangent, Lupita's ass was like "POW!". I was in a 3D theater and when they had that backshot of her about to dive into the water with the skintight suit, I took off the glasses for a second because I thought the 3D was making it look better. It was not. It was all her.

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