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7 hours ago, Maxx said:

I searched and didn't see a general non marvel and dc thread. So we got this going now for all your favorite indy properties. 

Hickmans East of West is really good. 
I’ve read the first four trades through comixology unlimited 

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Dynamite is doing their own take on the zombie apocalypse like Marvel Zombies and DCeased



On 10/12/2020 at 7:56 PM, misterBee said:

Sadly I haven't read many indie comics recently.


Read Indivisible from beginning to end a few months back.  It was pretty great.


What else is good?

You gotta read Empress if you haven't already.

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Because of the pandemic, Stjepan Sejic is offering his Sunstone books free to download


DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality

Two women deal with modern themes of sex, relationships, and fetishism in this erotic romantic comedy. So beware all who enter, because, to quote a few hundred thousand readers on DeviantArt: "I'm not into BDSM...but this story...I get it."




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So I just got an insane amount of comics on comixology thanks to their end of year sale. 

I got 

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson 

The Incredible Hulk Masterworks 1-14 

Hulk: Visionaries - Peter David 1-8

The Incredible She-Hulk Masterworks 1&2

X-Men Masterworks 1-8 (Stan Lee run)

Uncanny X-Men Masterworks 1-12 (Claremont run)

Dan Slott’s Superior  Spider-Man by Omnibus 1&2 

Rick Remender’s X-Force Omnibus 1&2


i spent less than $120 and saved almost $800. Not too shabby. 


if anyone is interested the sale ends on Sunday. I’m considering picking up all the Claremont New Mutants volumes that’re on sale as well since they’re so important to Krakoa Era X-Verse But I wanna sleep on that. 

the reason I picked specifically X-Men and Hulk’s masterworks is when it comes to Marvel my current obsessions are Al Ewing’s Hulk and Hickman’s X-Men. 



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I know the OP relates to indie comics, so I won't gush about all the Batman and Superman and whatnots. It's annoying that indie comics that are good these days are also often owned by DC or Marvel, and I don't know if those count. The only alternative is Image, but that's like Steely Dan if AC/DC is your Marvels and DCs. Everyone knows it, and all you gotta do is pop your head into the medium a touch further.


That aside, I've just started volume 2 of Sandman. This comic was a long time coming, and it's undeniably awesome.


Edit: to be clear, OBVIOUSLY Image is not the only alternative. I meant it's the only alternative if you want to talk indie comics to a larger audience, and I'm not sure how invested this forum is, sorry.


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1 hour ago, Dayaan said:


I know the OP relates to indie comics


Despite what it says It isn’t, imo. Talk about whatever comics you want here. Hell, I just made a post about all the marvel shit I just bought. 

if you wanna talk about Brian Michael Bendis’s run of X-Men, do it. Neal Adam’s fucking bonkers Batman run, do it. Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman, do it. Jonathan Hickman’s East of West, do it. Robert Kirkman’s Invincible do it. 

This is a catch all thread. I think maxx just wondered it that way due to despite the majority of us still being fans of the big 2 we’re also tired of them writing the same stories over the last 20+ years. 

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