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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread 2.0

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1 hour ago, RSG3 said:

In what way are they jelous? 

His martial arts. He mastered mushin. He got too good at it. Mushin can be developed further and further. A lot of people envied Bruce Lee. As we all know a lot of people also admired him. Some admirers also envied him. There are people better than him though.  


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17 minutes ago, Lord Vega said:

His martial arts

Need more then this bro. 


17 minutes ago, Lord Vega said:

. He mastered mushin.

Eh not really. He still had a lot to learn and he has 0 competetive wins so we don't actually know how effective in a fight he was with his Martial Arts. 


17 minutes ago, Lord Vega said:

Mushin can be developed further and further.

Yea this kinda contradicts your claim he mastered it. If there was still lots of grow then he didn't master it. 


There are quite a few people who admired him, hell I admire him, but I don't put him on a pedistal like you are doing. I know what he did and didn't accomplish. He died too soon, but much too young to be a master, and he doesn't have any competetive record to prove that mastery either. He had incredibly sound ideas and he was one of the first to push for mixing your martial arts, no denying he was innovative, but not a master no, and claims of immortal enlightenment are pretty baseless. 

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2 hours ago, AriesWarlock said:

Sad news


Tanya Roberts, Former Bond Girl, ‘That ’70s Show,’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Actress, Dead at 65

TMZ reported the former model collapsed at home on Dec. 24 after walking her dogs.

She was hospitalized and place on a ventilator, but her condition never improved and she died Sunday.

Her death was not coronavirus-related.






Sooo apparently she's alive and her publicists fucked up 😂

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Okay. We never reach full mastery since there is always room to grow into. Mastery increases as you grow. It's a paradox, but it's true. You are a master but you are not. There is always higher mastery. We grow forever if you decide to keep on growing. I didn't say he was an immortal master. I said he was on his way there, but he died. I'm not going to debate anymore because we are both convinced we are right and no one will concede. 


You won't really know what mushin is until you have achieved it. 

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43 minutes ago, Chadouken said:

One of my favorite parts of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was when Brad Pitt whooped Bruce Lee's ass 😂


That shit had me cracking up in the movie theater 😂😂


Man people were so angry about that, his daughter complained up a storm. I thought it was hilarious though too.

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1 hour ago, DangerousJ said:

[quote]Hilaria Baldwin, the epically thirsty, self-identified Spanish wife of actor Alec, has been outed as a basic white woman from Massachusetts, real name Hillary Hayward-Thomas.[/quote]


Her name is Hilaria?

White women, transform and steal someone's culture!




Eh I mean, Spain is still western Europe, there's a lot of white people there. According to the article, her real name is Hillary but Hilaria is the spanished version of it. 


But hey, it's 2021, if you identify as Spanish, are you not spanish after all?😂

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25 minutes ago, DoctaMario said:

They couldn't have chosen a better pedal than the m80-in-a-trash-can sounding Metal Zone??

Man I recently bought a JHS 73 Ram's Head that does a phenomenal job of emulating a mid 1970s Big Muff Pi, like the one Gilmour used. Its fucking awesome! 

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30 minutes ago, Chadouken said:

Man I recently bought a JHS 73 Ram's Head that does a phenomenal job of emulating a mid 1970s Big Muff Pi, like the one Gilmour used. Its fucking awesome! 

After listening to those early Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins albums, I really have new appreciation for fuzz pedals. I might have to try to find a way to work one into one of the songs I'm working on 🤔 


Gilmour's tone is godlike, it's like God came down and was like "This is how an electric guitar solo should probably sound, either way people will like it" and gave him a bunch of great gear. His note choices are incredible too so that helps out a ton.

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Man, if I know one thing. 

it’s FF Spirits Within was the most boring movie I had watched at the time of its release. 

It has since been replaced by X-Men Dark Phoenix. 

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3 minutes ago, scorp said:

A third friend of mine tried watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and quit an hour in. 

Am I friends with toddlers?

It’s a great movie where close to absolutely nothing happens. 

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21 minutes ago, iStu X said:

It’s a great movie where close to absolutely nothing happens. 

All three that didn’t like also has no idea who Sharon was and that it’s ideally about the Manson murders as a climax lol

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