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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread

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I was just in the world of **Vampyr** once again...in the early part of a 3rd save/playthru.  Odd thing I noticed---when you make clips of this for the "activity feed" on Xbox Live...there's never any sound.  I figure it might be to avoid spoilers?  Or perhaps something similar to music "Content ID" that "youtubers" always complain about?  

Anyway...a reminder of just how great the difference is in feeding and just fighting things in that game--- I noticed that each time I fought and killed a "Skal" (these are the ugly, more feral vampire types), it was only worth 5 points...I think it's the same for fighting human enemies...when you feed on a citizen...on the "low" end you're getting at least several hundred, maybe even 1000+ exp (higher value citizens are upwards of 2 or 3,000 a pop)....so you'd have to fight and kill a couple hundred enemies to equal *one* feeding session on a citizen....brilliant way to make that into an ongoing temptation for the player.  There's also exp you get just for speaking to them or eavesdropping and finding out more personal information.


...currently I am at the part where someone is blackmailing Lady Ashbury.. and I've been tasked to "take care" of this person....heh I intend to be more of a vicious vampire this time around; ohhhhh this should be quite fun...

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