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The MEGASHOCK Saloon Thread

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on another note... I had a short but enjoyable conversation with some co-workers (a girl and a guy; both much younger than anyone else in the office) about gaming recently... it's such a shame that any kind of romance or "hook-ups" etc. in the workplace is such a dangerous thing in the modern era, because this girl is SUCH a damn catch....I doubt she is but I absolutely would not hesitate at the chance if she were actually into me.  She's unbelievably hot and very much a "gamer-girl" (the 3 of us also talked about some movies and shows for a bit).... anyone would be a fool to pass this up.  


This is the 1 aspect of the "working/adult" phase of life that sucks.... at least for men, since women can get away with whatever they want, generally speaking....but that situation of meeting some extremely attractive people....but knowing they are WAY off limits since they happen to work at the same place.  She is at least a 9 out of 10, imo.

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I recently watched the Crisis on Infinite Earth's crossover on CW and I have no interest in watching Batwoman.


The main actress seems pretty flat. Congratulations CW on not getting me to watch a Batman related show lol.


Though I geeked about seeing Kevin Conroy as Batman in live action after 28 years!


They should make a Batman Beyond show or movie with Conroy. 


Also it's kinda funny that the Anti Monitor shows that Apocalypse could be done in a CW TV budget.

That makes the Apocalypse from the 2016 Fox movie look even worse now. 

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hahaha, that show, man... I'm still laughing about this ridiculous episode.  It's a good thing those 2 youtubers are there to give the update/reviews so people don't actually have to watch the show for real. 


Seriously---the bitch was about to commit mass murder....gets off with community service....and 1 grappling hook/line fastened to a part of the track stops a speeding train perfectly... 🤣


heh, now back to the latest GTG update on ol' "darksfadil".... he finally posted a vid on this latest Bankruptcy Saga in the dsp anime... oh yeah I'm SO on board for wherever this crazy train goes...dis gone be good 😄 🍿 

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sheeeittttt, L.A. By Night (Vampire the Masquerade game/story... streamed live on twitch) is back... I've only recently started checking these out on occasion... each "episode" is long though so it's difficult to make time for this shit...
sidenote-- Erika Ishiii would get that cute little ass ATE



dammit... I was looking forward to a trip to the gym/fitness place I go to tomorrow, as this is a new routine for me...and it happens to be closed...I'm assuming because Superbowl Sunday and all that jazz....ha, I might be 1 of the 7 people in the country that honestly doesn't give a shit about the Superbowl, as blasphemous as that sounds.  I don't even care that much about the commercials anymore.....if there's a cool new movie trailer debuting that might catch my interest.


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Ah.  Now I see.  Johnny accidentally married an angry black chick.  Well, mistakes happen.  Just hit eject man.




That is the happiest thumbnail I've ever seen in my life.  Just sayin.  👍


EDIT:  I'm finally gonna beat Dangerous J to the punch on one of these funny memes.




"Prostitution"?  I thought that was called "Dating".

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