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The Mega Technology Thread - The Benevolent Mr. Cook Gives Away His Fortunes


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20 minutes ago, Dayaan said:

I could never enjoy these. My pea brain as a kid always wanted a Razer mouse, and I love my Deathadder for years. I'm now on a G502 Hero or whatever the fuck they're calling these shiny mice these days. In terms of a modernised old-school products, I always wanted that IBM mechanical keyboard. You know the one. Wonder how much they go for...

If you build yourself a nice mechanical keyboard with good switches you can basically make the same thing.  All you gotta do is find a shell that looks like the old IBM ones.

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On 10/24/2021 at 1:18 PM, Dayaan said:

Scary and expensive...


The old Model M's can easily sell for $500 in good shape, there's that big of a market for them. Model F's go for I think $1k?

That being said, I pulled away from getting the Pixel 6 Pro due to a combination of supply issues, along with a not-so-clear path to pay the phone off.

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16 minutes ago, YourFavGrandpa said:

You should be able to score one at Best Buy, because if I remember right they are selling unlocked versions of the Pixel 6 Pro.

There definitely some available at the site but it keeps telling me to choose my carrier before proceeding. An unlocked phone shouldn't be asking me such a question so I find it suspect.

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Seemingly the google store got more Pixel 6 Pros are in stock. When I looked at the ETA it appears that it's actually a backorder. Apparently, I will get the phone 3 days before Christmas. At least the fuckers won't charge me until they ship the thing. I hope they don't charge me when I already have my credit card balance paid off. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Google Store had the Pixel 6 Pro available in 512gb finally after being sold out of them for a bit, but I can't pull the trigger on one until after my wife's eye surgery is taken care of.

A couple of additional things as well: 

My Google TV is hooked back up to our Samsung TV, as I got tired of Tizen's inability to keep a Twitch channel native to the OS (and I didn't want to turn on the PS5 or XBox). I also have retired my Apple Watch SE in favor of a Fitbit and Garmin smartwatch combo that my wife agreed to. The last thing deserves it's own line, it's that important.

I PULLED THE TRIGGER ON A NAS ENCLOSURE! It should be here either Tuesday or Wednesday, as it's in New Jersey somewhere right now.

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On 12/5/2021 at 10:15 AM, YourFavGrandpa said:

I also have retired my Apple Watch SE in favor of a Fitbit and Garmin smartwatch combo that my wife agreed to.


This lasted all of about two weeks before I redid the fitness calibration. Everything works fine now after the fact, and I'm closing my rings pretty much every day now since that happened. I also have a Milanese loop incoming from Apple, along with their Magsafe and fast charge cable for the watch. I also have a new power plug coming from Anker that can handle 40w altogether, so that will tie in with the Magsafe and new watch cable; and I'll be able to put both on the charger at my bedside table.

Wife is keeping both the Fitbit and Garmin for herself.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I can understand this going to the junkyard, but I'm curious as to why developers are stopping support for their Apple Watch apps all of a sudden. There are some very nicely done apps for the Watch (Fantastical comes to mind here), but I'm saying market share is why Uber is killing their app off for WatchOS.

Plus, they're stupid as fuck for counting Apple Watch as a demographic separate from iOS.

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