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Melty Blood: Please play it

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This is the Melty Blood thread. 


Melty Blood is currently my favorite fighting game.  I will play it with you.  I will teach it to you.  I will give you the game.  My desperation knows no bounds.


Why this game is cool:

  • Alpha  3/CVS2-style groove system
  • Rollback netcode*
  • Super fast paced, free-form combo system
  • Characters to fit almost any playstyle
  • Large player base
  • Low system requirements (will run on basically any PC)
  • Beautiful 2D animation (even if it's a little low-res)

*only available with the community-created edition.  This is the version everyone else uses.  Nobody uses or likes the Steam version.  Ask me for details on how to get it.



Basic Overview


Melty is a fast-paced game that offers players a lot of flexibility.  The 3 different grooves change how you play pretty drastically -- it's like Alpha 3/CVS2 on steroids.  Some grooves are technical and allow you to have precise control over your meter, while others basically handle it for you.  Some grooves allow reverse beat (chaining light normals after heavy ones), and others are Guilty Gear/Blazblue-style (you can only chain light moves into heavier ones).  Automatic shield counters, spot dodges, just defends -- pick the right groove and Melty will let you play the way you want to.


Different versions of a character will play completely different from one another.  Each groove grants characters completely different move sets, abilities, and mechanics. This means that there are essentially 93 characters in the game (31 characters x 3 versions).  There's something for almost everybody.


If you're an execution monster looking to do some sick loops, there are some characters that will really challenge you -- but most characters are not hard to pick up and learn.  A lot of  characters have pretty simple combos that work well even at a high level.


Thanks to the game's low system requirements and community edition's excellent netcode, this game has a healthy scene.  Unlike a lot of other old games, this one still has lots of new and inexperienced players.


If you're looking for games/want to learn just hit me up or post in here.  I'll teach you the basics and help get you started with the game!





Mizuumi Wiki

This is the first stop for learning game systems/characters/combos


Drunkard Shade

Some in-depth guides written for certain characters


Melty Games

Find high level match vids for any character.  People in Japan still play this game a lot and new matches are being added to the database constantly.  Haven't seen any comparable tool for any other scene/game.  This thing is amazing.

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:13 AM, misterBee said:

When I have time later today I'll hook you up.

Do you have to go through hoops to get the community version going or is it relatively straight forward? I'm aware of the site with the link for the community version but I haven't delved any further than that.

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1 minute ago, ajyou003 said:

Do you have to go through hoops to get the community version going or is it relatively straight forward? I'm aware of the site with the link for the community version but I haven't delved any further than that.

You just run it.  There isn't anything you have to do.


The community version has a custom launcher called CCCaster.  You can enter training mode, play online/offline, configure controls, check your game records and stats, etc. all within the launcher.  If people have trouble with this I can create a guide but it's pretty straight-forward.

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I was in from the start but now I'm very in. Time to dump notes lol


- range on buttons looks better overall
- command grab still has invincibility
- command grab now moves forward and can hit airborne opponents
- dont know wtf is happening at 0:15, should be the first hit of autocombo but it says armor?
- 214a still seems very fast
- still has really low airdash height
-moon drive divekick grants followups
- ex edges can be moon drive cancelled on hit
- 22x still has armor
- rekka has at least kick followup
- has j.623c
- arc drive moves forward a shitload


He looks like F-Moon Kouma with reverse beats which quite frankly has me licking my chops. Only concern is what is the startup on 214c, because with that movement and catching airborne opponents I doubt its one of those freeze frame grabs anymore

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On 7/31/2021 at 9:14 PM, YourFavGrandpa said:

The new Melty Blood seems like it's not fuckin around at all. Hopefully the price is right on Steam, and if so; I'll cop it.

P sure this game is dropping at 40 usd, with no season pass or launch dlc in sight beyond an announcer pack


If that ain't right idk what is

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23 hours ago, BornWinner said:


Nerd post incoming:

So at first glance this is just f.sei akiha from mbaa, but looking closer you can see that she like Kouma is an amalgamation of all seifuku moons


She has:
F-Sei's rings, 214x (which gets jump canceled in the trailer, thats new), 5c, 3c (which has an increase now), j.b

C-Sei's 5c, j.c/j.[c], 2c, 22x (which seems wider than before), 6c

H-Sei's 2a, and some moves that overlap with C-sei


They showed her classic command grab but they only showed a metered version which didnt exist before and not the meterless version, it also gives better combos than before since she got 5c(?) instead of just 5a like she would in mbaa. Not sure if she'll have a meterless one. They also showed a teleport followup to shield that she never had, dunno if this is unique to her or a universal option everyone has after successful shield. There may also be a GG/BB style clash system in place that didn't exist in old melty, as evidenced at 29 seconds in when akiha's kick clashes with kohakus jump in.

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Wasn't gonna buy Type Luna,


But now they got customization? 




edit: it's type lumina. I'm not gonna fix it, cause I don't really care. I'm just hyped for the sprite edit mode, and it will be the only thing I ever talk about when it comes to this game 

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This is a day one purchase for me.  If the mechanics and gameplay are anything like Under Night, then it should be worth the asking price.  Even just to do the single player stuff.


Really hope that they've had a nice word with Arc Sys about the netcode though.  I'm not too fussed about the colour customisation, but it's a nice thing to have.  I hope the player base is big enough to get some games in every week.

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I have zero idea how Melty this blood is but it sure looks neat and does tickle similar centers in my brain that enjoyed Under Night so much.


Plus the game is damn pretty. Its one of those games that looks like a fake game with how crisp everything is. 


Also between this, Strive, and KOF15 we are in the New Age of Dry UIs. There are worse problems of course and at least none of them (IMO) are straight ugly like MvC:I.

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More match footage.


The more I see of this game, the more I'm hyped for it.  Everyone seems crazy, but you seem to get at least 2 "bursts" a round which means it kind of cancel it out a bit.  Ciel reminds me of Linne, Arcuied of Wagnar and Kohaku just looks nuts.  So these will be first for me try out.  The movement speed looks similar to Under Night.

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Whoa Roa:



Also more gameplay footage:



Having watched more of the footage, one of things I've noticed was that the charaters flash red on counter hit and throw.  I like this, it's a bit more subtle than the Strive system.


Marjin Obama has a nice breakdown of the gameplay.  From this it seems moondrive is like a PRC and blood heat is more like sparking blast but with burst elements.




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