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Melty Blood: Please play it

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12 hours ago, Mr.Cipher said:

Fucking Seiba, why on gods green earth fucking Seiba.

Man, I have been let down so much by these reveals this far, that this game can't do anything to further lower my expectations.

Es is just shitty Saber anyway so this is really the best solution for everyone.  I thought you'd be thrilled!  🙂

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38 minutes ago, misterBee said:

Es is just shitty Saber anyway so this is really the best solution for everyone.  I thought you'd be thrilled!  🙂


No, I don't like Seiba, at all actually.

She's really bland and onedimensional and her only outstanding feature is..... being a Glutton.

They could have taken anyone

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The Melty Blood netcode is very nice, even across seas with my bestie in Finland. A 20 year hiatus from this series. LOL. I think during matches, I shouldn't be lost in deep thought, because I tend to analysis things in the sessions in this genre especially. However, I've managed in my first session in 20 years. LOL. It was nice practice, evaluating in the groove.

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Played a little bit this morning and it feels like HYPER Undernight to me. 


But one thing that's been messing with me is the implementation of autocombos. It does the thing I like where you utilize it inside of a more complex combo, but the thing that I keep getting hung up on is that it will automatically take you to the air if you autocombo after a launcher. 


Which turns into a problem because muscle memory has me jump canceling. If I jump cancel after the auto combo jump, my double jump jc gets eaten more or less and the combo falls apart. 


It's not a huge deal, but I don't get why they did that really... It sorta makes it easier to continue a combo in the air, but I haven't played any other fighting games that will do that for you. 

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Nice sessions overall today in Melty Blood. The offensive variation approaches are slowly returning to me. I was told today that my rushdown game is sick from the launch of this. LOL. I'll take that as a compliment, but I wish to get much more stronger. I will.

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Still can't find a main, but I haven't gone through the whole cast yet. 


I done goofed and should of played just regular old Melty before dipping into type lumina. I'm not a fan of rekkas or follow up specials and it seems like everyone in this game has them. Gotta get through the rest of the cast first 

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