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MEGASHOCK+ Subscriber Support Thread

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24 minutes ago, Sonero said:

Signed up. Sent you a messaged I singed up, didn't try doing the account linking.




Lol, let me try the account linking.

No worries -- Patreon is sending me notifications when people sub.  I have a full list of active members that I can see through Patreon.


Linking accounts is just so that the forum plugin can detect your pledge and grant you subscription benefits...but it's not working right now so the linking is kind of useless atm.  Hoping I can get that plugin working by tonight...

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16 minutes ago, iStu X said:

This may he an incredibly stupid question to ask but are authors of threads able to edit the names of said thread?

Hover over the thread title.  If it says 'Click and hold to edit title' then you can edit it.  If you need help changing a thread title let me know.


This is the MEGASHOCK+ subscriber support thread btw.

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15 minutes ago, misterBee said:


This is the MEGASHOCK+ subscriber support thread btw.

My b Mr. B. Still Not use to having a forum that lets us do things and has actual people answer our questions and/or comment on the feedback we think could improve the site. 


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