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Wiki Thread- For all your frame data/hitbox/tech needs

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I thought it might be a good idea to pool resources so you have a one-stop-shop for all your fighting game knowledge needs. 


Shoryuken Wiki:

Covers all things Capcom, as well as a lot of your SNK stuff


Tekken Zaibatsu Wiki:

All things Tekken


8WayRun Wiki:

SoulCalibur and soul edge 


Dustloop Wiki:

Guilty Gear as well as most other ASW titles. Also, Gundam? 


Mizuumi Wiki:

Their words:"Mizuumi Wiki is a service dedicated to hosting wiki pages for niche versus and fighting games." Lots of anime fighters, as well as Samsho and a few others



I'm sure I missed stuff. If you find something that would fit here, please add it


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