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The Nintendo Switch Thread v. Rise Hunters!: Monster Hunter Rise 3/26

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Spoke with support at Nippon Yasan this morning regarding my eShop card order I placed last week. The girl was very understanding, but eventually had to forward my inquiry onto the home office. I understand that this normally takes some time, but this is kinda dumb.

Next time, I may just go through my Amazon Japan account to get the eShop credit I want.

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2 hours ago, Wellman said:

Remakes are a given but I will await legit confirmation about when and where.

They’ll strip away the national Dex for the sake of keeping Sw/Sh the main line game to trade to/support. Which will immediately piss off fans. 

which means it’ll surpass Sw/Sh in sales lol

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Nintendo eshop is doing another beginning of the year sale. One of the major highlights is up to 30% off a lot of 1st party titles. I’ve had a busy few days so I’m tired and I really don’t even wanna type out the highlights of the sale. I will however post a link to the sale organized from A-Z[generalFilters][0]=Deals&dFR[platform][0]=Nintendo Switch&indexName=ncom_game_en_us_title_asc


there’s a lot of good shit on sale. Happy saving and gaming

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I bought Space Invaders Forever last week. Finally got around to playing it and it turns out the three games on the cart are viewed as two separate games. Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is it's own game while Space Invaders Extreme and Space Invaders Gigamax 4SE are Space Invaders Forever. Weird. Unknowingly, I fired up Arkanoid vs Space Invaders first and plays in TATE and uses touch controls. I was a miffed at first but after playing the first level, I see why. This game was originally on mobile devices and the touch controls are perfect for a paddle-based game.


@SonichumanThought you'd like this Smash Ultimate win edit.



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Well, it's not one of the things on sale but this game was on my mind again lately, since I'm in the mood to get something new... yeah this is probably my next acquisition...

I didn't know they made a few of these, until the Switch era, actually... way back in the day, I only remember the one "Ninja Warriors" original arcade game, which was 3 screens wide.


heh, imagine the sales pitch of the original creators back in the day...

"So...the player character is a robot...but ALSO a ninja...and you beat up everybody, like other beatemups."

Suit: "YES." 👍 

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I’m seriously stoked with how good Q1 and the beginning of Q2 is looking for Nintendo 


Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury

Persona 5 Strikers

Bravely Default II

Ghouls n’ Goblins Resurrection 

Capcom Arcade Stadium

Balan Wonderworld

Monster Hunter Rise 

New Pokémon Snap

Honorable mentions:

We Will likely get the next Smash DLC character in late March or early April. 

We may hear more (something?!) about Bayo 3 and MP4. 

Likely a release date for No More Heroes III


something related to Zelda’s 35th anniversary 




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So I started messing around with emulation on my new phone and it has a feature called Dex mode where you can throw a hub into the USB-C port and route the video out to a monitor and use it basically like the brain to a PC, and it's basically lagless. The hub I bought only has an HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and a usb c port, but you can get some that even have ethernet ports as well, and I've gotten really good results with ppsspp, Dolphin (Wii/GC emu), and even PS4 Remote Play. Its kind of like having another Switch except that if you're going to play it portably you either have to use touch controls or a bluetooth controller, but either way, it's a great setup and works a ton better than I even expected. 

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9 minutes ago, TheInfernoman said:

super late but Imma plan on playing at 7PM PST...I wanted to start earlier today but personal things take priority. 




Understandable.  I won't be able to join cause at the moment cause 10 PST is roughly around the time that I'll be playing Among Us with a group of peeps.


Edit:  I'll give you a follow


Edit 2:  If no one shows up to play I'll try to link up but we'll see.


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2 hours ago, Sonichuman said:

Understandable.  I won't be able to join cause at the moment cause 10 PST is roughly around the time that I'll be playing Among Us with a group of peeps.


Edit:  I'll give you a follow


Edit 2:  If no one shows up to play I'll try to link up but we'll see.


I wanted to keep playing but I was starving haha. Thanks my man! I had a blast tonight playing! Maybe we do another one where we do Mario Kart! Great Games!

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Yeah, I don’t remember when they started doing that at Walmart. I know it was sometime in my 4 years of working there, I just don’t know when. But it’s always been a great discount. Saving $10 is a huge deal on a $60 title. I can count on my hands how many times I saw an undiscounted game regardless of system. 

shortly before I quit though Nintendo started to not ship 1st party titles on release day. They’d wait til usually the next Monday to send Walmart copies. Likely cause they were losing too much money by people going to Walmart on day 1 instead of other retailers who 9/10 were full MSRP. 

im back to preordering on Amazon as they’ll usually price match Walmart’s $49.99 or whatever the MSRP discount is and refund me the difference 

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yeah at this point it's foolish to get them anywhere else, imo... as with most other products, Walmart continues to beat everyone on price.  I miss those days of it being open 24 hours though...that was a huge advantage over everything else that they just dropped recently in the past 2 years or so... it still irks me.  I'm one of those people that wakes up at strange early morning hours like that, so it was always convenient to know I could go buy whatever at 4:25 am on a random Thursday if I wanted.


I'm starting to see joycons in the store again, but at this point I'm going with the cheaper solution of either trying to fix the drift problem myself, or ordering replacement analog sticks.  So far, the use of isopropyl alcohol seems to have worked for now... I keep worrying it will just go right back to drifting at any moment though...

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2 hours ago, iStu X said:

Yeah, I don’t remember when they started doing that at Walmart. 

iirc, it was before I got my Switch in 2019. I don't personally recall except maybe one instance in the last four to six months I've bought a full game digitally from the eShop (iirc, the last game I bought was the Switch port of Among Us). Everything else I've bought from either Walmart or Gamefly on the cheap. Not worth buying digitally anymore in most instances. 

Also, a small update on the Nippon Yasan situation: 
From what I noticed, I placed the order for the 5k yen eShop card at the end of the observance of Japanese New Year, on January 4th. I'm going to wait until January 20th (Wednesday) for the code to be delivered, and after that; if I still don't have it I'll take it up with Paypal and Chase on Thursday and have my money refunded.

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The Borderlands addiction is starting to take hold... my time at this point is split between that, Diablo 3 and Dead Cells.  In B2 I started off with Krieg; he was about tied with Salvador as my favorite of that group.  Krieg's "Release the Beast" skill was too much fun, I remember...actually that's still the only character I recall where the ultimate in a skill tree lets him transform.  For the uninitiated, check out how awesome this shit is...copy/paste from the wiki:


Release the Beast is a tier 6 skill in Krieg's Mania skill tree. Activating his action skill while at critical condition (e.g. when the "!" indicator appears denoting critical health loss) causes Krieg to mutate into a Badass Psycho Mutant.

Krieg's Badass Psycho Mutant form


  • All of Krieg's health is instantly refilled upon activation of Release the Beast.
  • +100% melee damage, +50% damage reduction.
  • Krieg is invulnerable to damage while transforming into the Badass Psycho Mutant.
  • At the end of Release the Beast, the action skill will be fully cooled down, ready to be used again.
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I'm convinced there are people stupider than some of my co-workers that work for Nippon Yasan's support department. The individual who I spoke to confirmed to me that they apparently do not send the codes via email, but they're mailed out via Japan Post. Next time, I'm ordering eShop bucks from Amazon Japan directly.


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A few nights ago I started Chapter 5 of Age of Calamity.



Ganon struck early!

surprise threaten GIF

I was so not prepared for that! Guardians, Guardians and more Guardians. Like those suckers were coming down like rain drops. It can be tricky to deal with more than one Guardian at a time. Still, Hyrule Castle siege mission was really cool. I think it's one of my favorites in the game. And King Roahm  slicing a Guardian at the end of the mission was dope AF.


And at the start of the mission, the game is like "Rescue the King."  I'm like, game WHAT? Dude is THE KING. He didn't get that position by being a wuss. I know he keeps a MF thing on him. Sure enough, he did and it is a big MF thing. No way he is dead and he's gotta be playable.


Speaking of more playable characters, I was not expecting Teba, Yunobo, Riju and Sidon (Winning Smile, LOL, it's true) to come from the future!




Shit Just Got Real Taika Waititi GIF by Madman Films

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got the February Switch titles lined up for pre-order. Pre-Ordered Bowser's Fury, Persona 5 Strikers, and Bravely Default II from Amazon. 

Gonna wait to pick up MH Rise for now, but I'll definitely cop New Pokemon Snap with next month's stuff.

Edit: kind of a noob when preordering games from Amazon, but how do you get Walmart to price match?

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22 minutes ago, YourFavGrandpa said:

Edit: kind of a noob when preordering games from Amazon, but how do you get Walmart to price match?

If it happens and in my experience it’ll be about a week before or a week after. Once the game enters Walmart’s system and people can look up what it’s in-store price will be usually thats when Amazon will recognize it and auto-price match for you. 

unrelated: New Pokemon Snizzle’s box art has been revealed. 


A friend and I are already planning on playing it while drunk on release weekend

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Ive been really wanting to play a core generational Pokémon game for about 2 weeks now. I now longer own any of the older ones outside of the 3DS Virtual Console releases (Gen 1 and Gen 2). So I begrudgingly restarted my Pokémon Shield file on Saturday. 

I’m one battle away from beating the main story and man...that last few tracks of the game absolutely fucking slap. Which is expected because even if a Pokémon game disappoints you can always count on it having a phenomenal sound track. 


I have the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC but I doubt I’m going to do them. I lost the itch to complete the dex in Pokémon titles a long time ago.   That and I just don’t really care about their stories. 

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They did it...those crazy sons of bitches did it. I figured they’d never bring these to the west. 

The best thing about these Sanrio amiibo cards being in one pack is that when they were released inJapan they came in packs of two and were blind packs. It also obliterates their after market value. Right now a full set of the Sanrio amiibo cards goes for about $250usd. 

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