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The Nintendo Switch Thread v. Splat on my face, Senpai! - Splatoon 3 9/9

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On 6/24/2022 at 7:05 AM, Darc_Requiem said:

My Three Hopes journey started just after midnight.

I'm picking that game up on Friday. I sat down earlier to play the demo, next thing I know two hours had gone by. Had Hyrule Warriors been like this (with a steady damn near 60fps on Switch hardware), I probably would have put more time into the game. 


That being said, I'm planning on surprising my wife with a Switch for Christmas this year. Here locally, they still have the Animal Crossing special edition one, the regular one like I have, and I've seen some Switch OLEDs around at Walmart. I'm tempted to just go for the OLED out of principle, but I have no clue what I would be spending the extra $50ish dollars on versus say the Animal Crossing one or a second one like I have.

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Just now, RSG3 said:

You would be spending the extra money on the OLED screen so the question to ask yourself @YourFavGrandpais if she's gonna use it portable or on the TV most. If on the TV then Animal Crossing Edition, if portabke the. The OLED, it will be way nicer for her eyes. 

when she was big into Animal Crossing, that shit was on our TV all fucking day and night. So yeah, Animal Crossing model it is.

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Just now, Wellman said:

Damn this is a terrible year to be a RPG fan with a Switch... so many games to buy. 


Nier Automata caught me by surprise didn't think they would ever do a Switch version after waiting so long.

Agreed on both counts. I have Nier on PS4. The certainly looked like something the Switch could run but the game didn't seem that optimized IMO. I still haven't completed my Blue Lions run on Three Hopes yet. I don't need any more Switch rpg's right now.


Side note: For anyone with Three Hopes, I don't think is a spoiler but I'll be on the safe side.


You can recruit Byleth but you have to be careful. Through out the game you get "strategies" that allow you recruit characters from other Houses. The Byleth mission doesn't do that. Not only that, you typically get mission objective prompts to tell what task needs to be done. On the Byleth recruitment chapter, you have to be wary of that. The mission has special conditions that if you don't meet will prompt a  "Defeat Byleth" task and if you do it will cause a snowball effect that locks you out of recruiting Byleth and out of the best ending.


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2 minutes ago, RSG3 said:



This shit has to end honestly. Ive never been more convinced that Brick & Mortar must stay, we can not transition to online shopping exclusively. It will not end well.

This would be less of an issue if Nintendo actually let other stores sell the damn thing.  Probably at least a 4th of the people trying to get this thing tomorrow probably don't even give a shit about XBC and are just trying to make a buck.

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3 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:

This would be less of an issue if Nintendo actually let other stores sell the damn thing.  Probably at least a 4th of the people trying to get this thing tomorrow probably don't even give a shit about XBC and are just trying to make a buck.

Well thats exaclty it. Nintendos like "One per account!" as if these scalpers dont have multiple bot accounts no human can compete with.


The entire problem is that Nintnedo and a number of others dont seem to fucking care, and i'll go on a limb and say Nintendos the fucking worst about it. I aint never seen a company enable scalping worse then fucking Nintendo. I just want the Samus Returns Amiibo and the games DLC for fucks sake.

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1 hour ago, Sonichuman said:

I have the special edition in my cart....but trying to get to the cart is a whole nother beast it seems.  Jesus Christ this is painful.


Edit: got mine!


Sonic 2 Lasers GIF by Sonic The Hedgehog

Nice. I was able to get to the page but it wouldn’t let me add it to my cart. It just kept refreshing the page everytime I tried 

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Yeah mine is the same. Plus I don't have the patience or internet connection apparently to get this sort of nonsense done.


Edit: Well I after 4 hours checking the same window tab, the page loaded and I got a pre order in. Cool.

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4 hours ago, Wellman said:

Yeah mine is the same. Plus I don't have the patience or internet connection apparently to get this sort of nonsense done.


Edit: Well I after 4 hours checking the same window tab, the page loaded and I got a pre order in. Cool.

Mother fuckers. 😂


it’s all good. I don’t even want the SE. I was trying to snag one for sonic since he was at work and I was free near the entire day. 

Genesis NSO app got an update 



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It took four hours for that page to load on another tab for me. I only noticed as I was leaving work that it was done and able to complete it. But this is something Nintendo and other companies really should not allow of they are going to take the responsibility to have it be a online pre order only.

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On 7/5/2022 at 1:09 AM, iStu X said:

Sunbreak has already broke 2m in sales 



Man, its Iceborne again, expansion just greatly improved upon the base game!!

Hopefully more members here pick it up again.



Also new Hunter Waifu is amazing


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Posted (edited)

So looks like they couldn't come up with another naming convention following this type of track for the game after "You Will Recall Our Names" from XBC2 so they just went back to the name from XBC1.  Disappointed but eh track will still be fire.




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17 minutes ago, Sonichuman said:


Yo that Mario + Rabbid’s deal is an absolute steal. I think the gold edition (comes with the pre-order bonus and amazing DK expansion) is only $5 more. Anytime it’s on sale I always recommend getting it. Hell, I absolutely 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone regardless. 

It’s such a great title. It’s babies first RTS but in a non-insulting and insanely fun way. Ubisoft did an absolute bang up job using just enough of Rabbids humor and goofiness to compliment Nintendo’s charm. 

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1 hour ago, Sonichuman said:

More than likely it's just the system, no game.

Drat. I miss the 3DS days when Nintendo would bundle the special systems with the digital copies of games they were promoting. Seems like the only Nintendo bundle they are willing to do for the Switch directly is Mario Kart, but that nor nicer colors are not enough for me to splurge on getting a new system. 

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Japan released an 8 minute overview trailer for XBC3. It’ll likely be uploaded for western regions within the next day or so but here is the trailer and translations 




Live to fight. Fight to live.


Join Noah and Mio, members of the two opposing nations of Keves and Agnus, on a heartfelt journey through a warring world with a dark secret.

Traverse massive, fantastical landscapes and master seamless real-time RPG combat as you expose the true enemy pulling the strings.


Enter Seamless Real-Time RPG Combat

  • Make Your Approach – Draw your weapon when encountering an enemy to seamlessly enter battle. Make your approach to attack automatically, then harness powerful abilities called Arts to strive for victory. Freely swap the character you are controlling to fit your combat style and strategy.
  • Be Smart, Use Arts! – Special attacks known as Arts are unique to your character’s Class and their Ouroboros form. Keep proper positioning in mind to maximize their power, letting some strikes deal higher damage or apply debuffs.
  • Unleash a Powerful Chain Attack – You can link multiple attacks with stunning Chain Attacks to devastate enemies. Continue landing successive blows to unleash a massive strike of your choosing.
  • Tailor Your Party – Customize your characters with Classes, Arts, gems, and accessories at any time to create a party that suits your style and needs. Max out a Class Rank to earn its powerful Master Art.

Pair Up and Fight as One

By joining together in battle via Interlinking, specific pairs of characters in your party can fuse to become a fiercely powerful creature known as an Ouroboros.

Change who’s in charge to modify the form and Arts of the Ouroboros to fit your approach.


Strike an Unlikely Alliance

These fate-defying soldiers on opposite sides of an unending conflict must shelve their mutual distrust and work together to learn the truths of their world.

  • Noah – As a Keves soldier, he wields a bright red blade in combat. He is also an “off-seer”—someone who ferries the souls of fallen soldiers back to their Queen.
  • Mio – Her speed on the battlefield allows her to easily evade attacks while dealing damage with her ring-shaped weapons. Like Noah, Mio is an “off-seer.”
  • Eunie – A soldier of Keves who fights alongside her childhood friends Noah and Lanz. Equipped with a cane-shaped weapon called a Gunrod, Eunie is quick to heal up any allies in need.
  • Taion – A soldier of Agnus who commands paper-like weapons. He acts as a tactician on the battlefield, using his smarts and intellect to support his allies.
  • Lanz – A childhood friend of Noah and a fellow Keves soldier. His strength allows him to wield a large sword that doubles as a shield.
  • Sena – This pint-sized soldier of Agnus possesses outsized strength to wallop foes with her giant hammer.
  • Heroes – Brave residents of Aionios can lend their arms and aptitude to your team as a seventh party member. Only one of these heroes can take to the battlefield at a time, but you can swap them out as you see fit. Complete their Hero Quest to unlock their unique Class to your party members.

Explore a Rich and Massive World

Forge your own path across stunning sci-fi landscapes brimming with discoveries. Scour the world to find new locations, items, treasures, and unique monsters. Along your journey, you may even notice a few familiar sights…

  • Aionios – Host to vast and varied landscapes like grassy plains, lakes, forests, snowscapes, oceans, and waterfalls—all filled with surreal landmarks and diverse wildlife. Its natural splendor stands in contrast to the grisly conflict waged here.
  • Colonies – Settlements spread throughout the land serve as the base of operations for the nations of Keves and Agnus. There, you can cook, craft gems to strengthen your abilities, and take up quests to help the residents with everyday tasks.
  • Ferronis – These mobile bases rest at the heart of each colony. If the need arises, they are also capable of becoming devastating weapons of war.
  • Masked Queens – Shadowy rulers lead Keves and Agnus—but to what end? For the people of Aionios, receiving a Homecoming ceremony in front of their Queen is the highest honor.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is due out for Switch on July 29.


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So I finally finished all three routes of Fire Emblem Three Hopes. So I'll give brief, non spoiler thoughts.... @DangerousJstyle 😉



  • Graphical style is identical to Three Houses
  • Frame rate never seems to dip below 30fps in combat. (Glares at Hyrules Warriors: Slideslow of Calamity)
  • Despite the warriors style combat, a lot of Fire Emblem is woven in.  Weapon Triangle, Class System etc.
  • Protagonist is voiced. Byleth was a silent protagonist and it really hurt his/her character. Shez is a real character and it helps pull you into the game.
  • Your first playthrough (prior to new game plus) gives you an idea of just how strong Byleth is. 
  • Better story telling. No matter which route you choose, you still get shown a bit of what the other rulers are up to. It makes for a more cohesive story.
  • Solid story. The first Fire Emblem Warriors had a weak story. Three Hopes, despite being an alternate universe, actually answers questions from Three Houses story
  • Several characters mentioned but not seen in Three Houses show up. Several of which in up being prominent characters.
  • Quality voice work (RIP Billy Kametz) and interesting supports. 



  • Battlefields are bit plain and get recycled more often than I'd like.
  • Can't lock to the frame rate to 30fps. I don't like uncapped frame rates. Give me the option to lock it to 30fps.
  • Heroes Relics acquisition. In Three Houses, you'd get them from Paralogues (story side missions.) While Three Hopes has Paralogues. Heroes Relics are just drops from battles. 
  • Lack of supports, while the ones they have our well done. They aren't as many as their should be. Characters that several supports in Three Houses don't in Three Hopes.
  • No S supports. This ties into one of my other cons. The lack of S supports hurts replay value IMO. They helped to diversify the endings in Three Houses.
  • Lack luster endings. In Three Houses, you got your ending cinematic after which you'd have title cards for each of your characters that tell you what they do after the games conclusion. These changed in Three Houses based on the characters  S supports. Three Hopes lacks those cards completely. So you get your cinematic. A letter from rule you sided with....and that's it.

I've never been able to finish a Warriors game. I either got bored with them (Fire Emblem Warriors) or were turned off by performance issues (Age of Calamity). I've finished Three Hopes three times. I'd probably run though the game several more times but the lack of ending variety hurts the replay value for me. There is still some things for me to unlock and a few missions to S rank but I don't feel the drive to do so. Still game was well worth the money, got a 180 hours or so out of it. Oh I did have another pet peeve.


Judith, The Hero of Daphnel is not a playable. She wasn't in Three Houses which seemed strange because each route usually had, from a lore standpoint, powerful unit that was unique to the path. Edelgard got The Death Knight (Jeritza/Emil), Dimitri got Gilbert/Gustave. Claude got nada and his top lieutenant Hilda could be recruited outside his story branch. Hubert (Black Eagles) and Dedue (Blue Lions), the top lieutenants from the other routes, were route exclusive.


In Three Houses you hear about two powerful warriors form Leicester. Judith who you see but cant use and Holst, the brother of Hilda, who you only hear mentioned but never see. You do get Holst in Three Hopes and he's an awesome character but Judith remains unplayable. Judith not being playable, like Three Houses, is odd because characters with a similar role for the other routes. Rodrigue (Blue Lions) and Gilbert/Gustave are playable.



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