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1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Cast decided to do something goofy on the set of the season finale. Legions is just a weird ass show. The season finale gave no fucks and I could not help but laugh at the climax of the episode.

Sometimes, giving no fucks is THE perfect way to go with a super heroes show.

Legends seem to hit that mark quite often.

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ha, I haven't paid attention to that show since...probably season 2 or so... I'll admit I only watched it to check on my honey Felicity with those legendary legs....and that other girl that was previously on the newer CW Melrose Place back in '09 or so....ah, I remember--- Katie Cassidy.  


Out of the blue I just remembered earlier, I think the beginning of this season of Legends.... absolutely hilarious when Damien Dark was back on the scene and they actually played "RETURN OF THE MACK" when he showed up starting some shit again; oh man I loved that :lol: 


On another note...I'm still forever intrigued by Vixen's powers.  It's one of the best deals I'd definitely go for if I had my choice of superpowers.  I'd rather my powers be an inherent part of my physiology though, instead of being bound to a magical artifact.  Anyway, there's soooo many abilities that would come with the power of animal mimicry....from venomous bites to superhuman strength, speed, bat sonar, superhuman senses, chameleon's camouflage, limb regeneration, flight (depending on which version of Vixen we're talking about; the current animated one can fly if mimicking birds, even though she obviously doesn't have physical wings), generating electric shocks like an eel, or bioluminescence....


*and actually---if you take the concept of bioluminescence to the extremes, that could be an attack now that I think of it... a real life "DBZ solar flare" at least.   There's just so much awesome shit one can do with that power it's insane, man.

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I was thinking it was season finale time for Flash but apparently not...good stuff as usual in this late part of the season... my honeys Caitlin and Iris looking incredible as usual... Dr. DeVoe's wife is a hot one too; I can't get enough of accents like that.  Anyway, she got to show off her Swordmaster Style in this episode!  

As a main villain, Thinker has been one consistently good/quality point of this season.  It makes sense that someone like that isn't easily defeated.  The dude is literally several times more intelligent than anyone else on the planet...plans ahead for just about every possible scenario.....AND has other powers on top of that at this point.

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oh yeah this season has been disappointing for me too... I'm just enjoying the villain who also has the appeal of not being another speedster for a change.  I didn't like that they swung wayyyy in the other direction in terms of general tone for this season... perhaps to get away from how dark previous events were, they went light and goofy for most of this season, which is unfortunate.  There's only been 2 or 3 episodes out of this entire season that were mostly serious.


*edit--actually it IS amusing though that Barry's frustration with Ralph's constant joking around has mirrored my own sentiments of this season...and other superhero shows/movies that eventually become a big comedy show. (yeah, I have that concern for the upcoming Avengers Infinity War too... there is a cosmic-level villain that is a threat to the existence of everything...I don't want constant 1-liners and smirks and silliness while they're having to deal with shit that is on that level..a sarcastic 1-liner every now and then is fine... I just hate the trend of *everything* being geared towards "comedy routine!" shit non-stop.)

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Honestly most of the shows have been disappointing. Black Lightning was great and Legends was good. Arrow started off okay but it seems to be either great or terrible. I don't know what the hell is going with the Flash. Supergirl has been okay. Not my favorite season but at least it isn't Flash level right now. Seeing Reign body Supergirl was nice. About as brutal you can get for CW.


Edit: It's early but Krypton has promise.

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I watched the last episode of Black Lightning S1.


I liked the flashback scenes.

The ASA guy Procter came off too campy and reminiscent of "you know who" at the end.


Im surprised Vice Principal didnt have a role. It would have been cool to see Jeff conflicted at having to fight her or see her true allegiance.


After all the black on black crime, there was some "white on white" crime.

Raiden wins Fatality! lol


What do you guys think was in the briefcase at the end?

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Ohhh if they're going to dig into THAT, then perhaps I will give Krypton a chance...that could be something.


*the latest episode of Flash--- Devo, bruh... such a shame...that FINE ass wife is clearly thrilled that he was able to morph into his former appearance again and now very clearly wants to get RAVAGED.  You could practically smell the freshly moistened panties... but he's so wrapped up in his plans for the world that he no longer cares about tappin' that.... this is a tragic neglect of seriously gorgeous ass that is ready and willing.  She even got out the "favorite dress", dolled herself up and everything.


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cheh, it just hit me... the baby from....that fine ass woman and Joe... y'know that baby probably WON'T make it.  I just have a hunch about that...I don't think they will go through with making Joe a "new Dad" there.


Opening scene from the show tonight--- TOO awesome.  Holy shit, man.  This was Devoe's "Darth Vader in the Hallway scene" moment.

Ok, quick recap of just how gamebreaking this dude is...

  • Super-genius intellect; far beyond anyone else on the planet.
  • He can apparently control gravity.
  • He can "Breach"/teleport wherever he wants apparently
  • He can change the size of objects and living things.
  • He can mentally control apparently any technological psychic "hacking".
  • The amorphous, elastic physiology he got from Ralph Dibney, which grants the side effect of being able to morph so he looks like anyone.
  • General psychic manipulation powers. (*not quite sure if he's Xavier-level or not with it though)
  • Almost forgot about this--- he can also control luck and probability; a power he stole from that girl with the "Jinx" effect/power.




Oh and I forgot yet another little thing--- the morphing body also means he can unlock any door, since he can turn his fingers into the keys...and of course if it's some computerized locking mechanism, that's handled by his ability to exert psychic control over all technology....and THAT'S if he doesn't decide to just teleport past the damn door anyway...and if it's a retinal or fingerprint scan...he could choose to morph into that person to unlock things that way.  
THEN there's the fact that bullets do nothing...because he can just bounce them off because of having the "elastic" body...he never has to worry about being shot by whoever shows up to stop him.  haha this guy is ridiculous.  I love it.
Sheeeeeit, I'd kill to have all of Devoe's stolen powers.... this guy is soooo OP.

*oh and if there is no limitation on gravity control.. you could use that to destroy the planet and anything else close to it by creating a point of infinite gravity... effectively creating the effects of a black hole right here on Earth.  You could then just teleport to another world after doing that.

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y'know, it just hit me that nothing really came of that odd thing where Barry was speaking and writing gibberish after coming back from the Speed Force dimension.  It was oddly referenced when Harrison was speaking apparently the same nonsense later on the finale but no real connection or explanation there....  the shit was just strange; when you have an unusual thing that could've been an interesting plot point but go on to do absolutely nothing with it...


This reminds me that it's funny when things or even whole characters just get dropped in a show... let's see:

  • That other daughter from Family Matters...went up to her room one day and was never seen or heard from again.
  • The Strain - Regina King was an agent or personal assistant or something to the rock star character in season 1...when shit hit the fan she got scared and ran off.  Early on I figured she might be a regular but we never saw her again. 🤣
  • The Strain again - Vaughn; he was supposed to be the show's "Quinlan", but apparently they didn't like the way he was shaping up so....he and his team of "SWAT" vamps were unceremoniously killed and never referenced again; later we got introduced to the actual "Quinlan" as a redone version of the intended character.
  • Vampire Diaries, season 1 - a crow appears before Damon shows up, and he mentioned to Stefan this was on purpose and that he even figured out a cool thing he could do with creating a fog, presumably because he's so powerful from regularly feeding on human blood, unlike Stefan at the time.......annnd these powers are never covered or mentioned again for the rest of the series.
  • Heroes - didn't "Hiro" have some irish girlfriend from the future or something...and she just disappeared too? 🤣  That girl was never mentioned again.
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@MillionX It's something that is carrying on to next season. I hope the writing is better. I really wish these CW shows would either have shorter seasons or follow the format of Season 4 of Agents of Shield. Season 4 of Agents of Shield had three major arcs in one season. It was basically 3 mini seasons in one. There were no filler episodes the entire season. The strongest CW show this year was Black Lightning. I think part of the reason for that was the 13 episode season.

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Batman TAS Bluray Complete Deluxe edition to be released on October 16th.


The Blu-Ray is set to drop Oct. 16 and will contain remastered versions of the original 85 episodes that aired between 1992 and 1995. In addition, the collection will also include the 24 episodes of The New Batman Adventures, which was a follow-up to the first show, running from 1997 to 1999. In addition to the discs, fans who purchase the box set will get three Funko figures (Batman, Harley, Joker), cards depicting certain scenes from the show, a behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the series, and some other awesome goodies.



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oooh yes now that's prime time...she would've been a good choice for the role for sure.  That ass would get ate.


The people behind the new Titans show apparently forgot that most characters on tv...especially major female ones....they're supposed to be HOT.  It's kind of an unspoken rule with television, or entertainment in general, really.  Who wants to tune in to see some characters that don't look good?  Let's see--- random typical CW show that's loaded with smokin' hot girls....or a show that's giving you Oprah Winfrey, Camryn Manheim, Lena Dunham, Michael Moore, Gabby Siddebe, etc.....that's not exactly a tough choice there.


I've been looking up reaction vids now on this's cracking me up every time I see the shocked expressions and awkward silences, always followed by profound disappointment and sadness... it's gold, man


ohooooo and now Angry Joe has posted his reaction... this is the one I was waiting actually, as I expect him to rip that shit even harder than most people:


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22 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I'm a loner by nature and modern society is doing nothing to change that. I'm actually thinking of trying to be more social the more I see shit like this. I'm glad I stick to myself.

No no no don't become a hermitttttt.


It's perfectly fine to have a twitter account.  If you're shy just set it so that only ppl you know can see your posts.

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man, what a damn time to lose Schnepp... I can't help but imagine the anticipation of rushing over to Collider to check what kind of harsh commentary he would likely have for the upcoming Titans show.  Yeah I'm still looking up reactions on occasion here... it's funny to see people that previously might've defended the shit admit that---"oooh...yeah this is looking terrible... I can't defend this."

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On 7/27/2018 at 9:39 PM, TheInfernoman said:

Oh nooooo she disabled hee Instagram. Clearly that means it's due to misogyny and racism. 

Who cares about misogyny or racism.  The hate she was probably getting from upset comic nerds was probably more than enough for anyone to close their account.

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