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3 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

What would you call having sex with someone without their consent?

I would argue it wasn't him in that body so it wasn't his lack of consent. Yea sorry but his conscious was gone and replaced with someone elses. Wasn't his body at the time. I have issue with the Steve in another dudes body wish, but that wasn't rape. Wasn't his body anymore at the time. Specifically why i wanted them to adress they they stole the guys life, accident or not. He is no longer there, who knows where he was, but it easnt in that body. He was gone. Calling it rape is overly dramatic. There is a convo to be had there but rape ain't it. 

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I disagree. It's his body and it was used in ways he didn't consent to.  To top it off, to everyone else he was still there only Diana "saw" Steve. He didn't morph into Steve. If she got knocked up, Steve's DNA wouldn't show up in the paternity test. It's the equivalent of sleeping with a clinically braindead person. That person "isn't there" but it's still rape. Just because someone can't consent doesn't mean you can do what you want. Don't think we'll see eye to eye with this one.

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Yea we won't see eye to eye on this at all because there's magic involved so it's nothing like a coma patient imo. Dudes soul was replaced. Him looking nothing like Steve doesn't matter to me because it's Steve's soul in there, not the other dudes. In fact him not looking like Steve is pretty irrelevant, other people don't see Steve but they see a hands-on man spending time with a beautiful woman. What they see doesn't matter. Yes there are implications that come with them sleeping together but rape ain't it, not for me. That's a drama queen push imo.  That's reaching really really far when there are easier less incendiary ways to talk about how fucking stupid that wish was interpreted by the stone. Doesnt help at sll that Diana didnt even vocalize her wish which everyone else had to do so we don't even know exactly what she wished for. Whole thing is so God damn wishy washy and vague so it can turn on a dime when it needs to. 

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None of this matters seeing as now Wonder Woman became more or less a cosmic entity thanks to the end of the Death Metal arc that just happened in the comics.

(I also didn’t read any of the posts) 

So that’s cool. 

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I finally got to see Wonder Woman 1984 in the theatre. Only 3 peeps in there thankfully.




Gals' performance is great

The opening Themyscira sequence

Chemistry between Steve and Diana






The film is 2hr 25 min without credits. Too long for a non team movie. There are stretches where the plot doesn't keep your interest.


The dreamstone was alluded to being one of the Gods, but I think they should have a flashback or an extra exposition scene. The scene where they go to the Indian guy w/dreads didnt work for me. Also, the rules governing it are too wacky and il defined. Steve inhabiting that guy's body was weird as is the ever changing rules of Lord's powers. 


This film didnt do a wonderful job with Cheetah imo. Wig is decent but the nerdy/clumsy character not wanting to be nerdy/clumsy feels like Jim carrey Riddler/Jamie foxx Electro. When she finally is in "beast mode" , it was a letdown. The scene is at night (to hide cgi)  and feels more like an excuse to have a physical fight.  the enmity between her and Diana is weak.   Cheetah should have been the primary villain in this film, not the "balrog"


There are few action scenes throughout. They are ok, but not as breathtaking as the No man land or training/beach invasion from WW 1.

Also, she doesnt use a sword or shield at all in this movie.


This movie wants to be emotionally resonant like the first one, but it doesnt earn it. When Steve dies again due to Diana revoking the wish, I didnt feel anything. When Max finds his son at the end, I didnt feel much. When seeing the trailer, I thought I would feel a lot more sympathetic for Cheetah during her transformation or they would somehow have Diana play a more direct role in her metamorphosis, but nah. Also,  they show cheetah as human at the end, but I seriously doubt Barbara would actively revoke her wish.  Also, the movie ends abruptly. So both villains get away scot free and Lord has no ill effects despite shown to have deteriorating health?


Overall: Just ok, due to Gal and some other bits, but a significant decline compared to the first one.



WW (2017) - 8.5/10










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2 hours ago, DangerousJ said:

So both villains get away scot free and Lord has no ill effects despite shown to have deteriorating health?

I think the explanation was that Maxwell requested people's health during his wishing spree at the end of the movie.


What bothers me is that he could have requested the health of someone with terminal cancer without even knowing it, and he would have ended it a lot more quickly.

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