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The Castlevania/Bloodstained Thread: Whip It Good

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‘Lovecraft meets Metroidvania’ game The Last Case of Benedict Fox announced for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC

Due out in spring 2023. Also available via Xbox Game Pass.



The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a dark, twisted, hauntingly beautiful, action-packed Metroidvania and a spectacular addition to Rogue’s ambitious portfolio,” said Rogue Games CEO Matt Casamassina in a press release. “Plot Twist has created a stirring narrative, a stunning world, and deep, satisfying exploration and combat systems to back up the gorgeous presentation. We can’t wait to reveal more about the game leading up to its release in Q1 of next year.”


Here is an overview of the game, via Rogue Games:


The Last Case of Benedict Fox immerses players in an atmospheric gothic world filled with exploration, puzzles, platforming, and intense combat, all with genre-best visuals running in full 4K at 60 frames per second.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a 2D side-scrolling mystery, combining classic feel of Metroidvanias with challenging combat from Souls-likes. Fans of tough action-adventure games as well as engaging, emotional storytelling will be right at home in the twisted world of Limbo as they uncover the grim fate of the family that once occupied the house and their missing child. Players will need to make use of their weapons, traversal abilities, and even the environment around them in combat against demonic forces, and an occult order that preys upon them as they venture into Limbo and the depths of the mansion.

In 1925 Boston, self-proclaimed detective Benedict Fox must uncover the fate of a family while traversing a dark, eerie world of emotions made manifest while battling the demon trapped inside his own body. Face an occult order and filthy demons in tactical and rewarding combat, explore the realm of the arcane, and unravel the disturbing secrets of a tragic family. The Last Case of Benedict Fox will immerse players in a rich story with engaging Metroidvania style combat and exploration, all in a breathtaking high fidelity art style.

Key Features

  • Descend into Limbo – Benedict’s bond with his demon companion allows him to descend into the consciousness of a deceased person, the world of Limbo. However the mind can be a dangerous place, with emotions and painful memories. As Benedict discovers more clues, Limbo will shift and more danger awaits.
  • Freeform Combat System – You will encounter ruthless and extremely dangerous enemies in your journey, luckily you can use a combination of various objects, environmental surroundings, weapons, and traversal abilities to overcome all foes in your path.
  • Uncover a Grim Mystery – A rich and tragic story will unfold during Benedict’s time in this colonial manor. Benedict will explore the intimate and disturbing story of the former residents and experience shifting and changing environments as the story unravels.


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Development Update: June 2022 Development Roadmap



Greetings, Army of the Night!


Since Bloodstained’s launch we’ve added multiple modes, three playable characters, special crossover areas and other improvements to the what’s next?

With the Aurora now in the game, it’s time to update the Development Roadmap for 2022.


Our overall goal since launch has been to complete the free content for the game before adding premium DLC. Now that we are getting closer to the completion of development, we can reveal what we have planned.


The next update will be a new crossover area based on a non-bloodstained franchise. The new area won’t appear on the map (nor affect your completion rate) so you will have to explore the map to find it.


Following the crossover area will be the long-awaited Chaos and Vs Modes. These modes will bring online co-op and pvp action to Bloodstained! We are very excited to finally bring these modes to you!


New outfits for Miriam will be added to the game with a mix of free and premium options.

And finally, Classic Mode 2, a new premium mode! We received so much positive feedback from Classic Mode that we wanted to bring you more retro action.

We have not finalized the release timeframes for the new outfits and Classic Mode 2. They may be released separately, together or grouped with Chaos and Vs Modes. We will make that decision later.


More information on all the upcoming content will be released closer to their launch dates.


We truly appreciate everyone who has followed along on this amazing journey.


Thank you for your support!


The Bloodstained Team


[A quick reminder from the Kickstarter team about backer rewards: 505 will be producing the PC physical games as soon as Bloodstained's additional content is complete, at which point we'll be able to ship them out to backers. All your physical rewards except for the PC game should have already shipped to you back during reward fulfillment, and your PC download code was made available on your backer survey—if you're a PC physical backer and believe you're missing any of those other rewards, please contact us from your backer survey. - Fangamer]

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That's something I've wondered about big Kickstarter games with lots of stretch goals- how do they stay profitable with the years of extra post release work, most of which has very little return on investment? Teams making this stuff could otherwise be working on sequels. Don't get me wrong, I like getting all the extras, I just worry about the business viability of that model.

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