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[Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike] Resources

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Here are the two most popular websites for frame data:


The former is referred to as Baston, or ESN for short.

The latter is referred to as Game Restaurant, or GR for short.

I will be using these abbreviations from here on.


"Why are there 2 frame data websites?"

ESN is easily digestible, contains a feature where you can individually see every frame of every move that's available, show hitboxes more conveniently and show the cancellable properties (can you cancel into specials and supers, and, if so, when?). All in all, ESN is the quick and casual way to get a good deal of information. It should be noted, however, that some information on ESN is factually incorrect. This includes normals, specials, supers, etc. Some are fairly obvious, but others may show an incorrect frame dis/advantage, and in a game as dependent on player knowledge as 3rd Strike, that can spell the end.

GR is less commonly used since it's in Japanese, but as far as qualitative, reliable and thorough research goes, it's unparalleled. GR not only includes frame data, but, more importantly contains extra information about the mechanics of the game, the mechanics behind characters, the strengths they play into and more. If ESN is the Oxford Dictionary, GR is an encyclopedia. 


"When do I use either?"

If you're confused enough to ask that question, then that means you don't have much experience, which is good. You'll have a more concrete way to start if you identify this lack of experience early on. I suggest starting with ESN to find the numerical information you need. When you inevitably form a game plan in response to the information you collect, test it out in training mode. If you reach a reliable conclusion, that's great! If not, there might be something else at play, like pushback. Or maybe it's something more subversive. Then I would recommend checking GR, and if you find the information you're looking for, you'll be able to inform your game better. If you're still confused, reach out! I will link communities with active strong players below, and there is also a Q/A thread up on Megashock for this game. Happy hunting!




There is a healthy Twitter community for this game. A good start is to follow these accounts, and then look for those 3rd Strike players that they, in turn, follow:


If you want a more quality-oriented community experience, there are many 3rd Strike character Discords. I will not be linking these, both because the list would be too expansive, and some are private. Don't be discouraged, though! Simply ask, and you will probably be added. Ask around. Instead, here is the main 3rd Strike hub on Discord:


These places have the most active people, and are good places to start integrating yourself into the community, which will open up paths to joining sub-communities that may be more pertinent to your interests and learning curve for the game.




There are awesome YouTube and Twitch channels for 3rd Strike content.


I'll start off with YouTube. These channels will be both informative and will contain gameplay to watch on your own time. I know that I personally spend nearly a full working week watching and rewatching their videos since I find them so thorough and informative. I highly recommend subscribing to most, if not all, of the channels.


Here are some Twitch resources:



EXTRA INFORMATION - A write-up by Ryukendan on the mechanics of 3rd Strike. - A video on anti-airs in 3rd Strike. If you are confused about the jump-in game in 3S, here's your guide. - Basic option selects in 3rd Strike. Very, very strong as a resource. - Shie's blog on 3rd Strike. A Japanese resource that discusses the basest and deepest aspects of the game. Shie is a top 3rd Strike player, most notable for his insane Ken. - This is Artour's spreadsheet that contains all the Extra Information above and more. This is the spreadsheet located in the #resources channel of the main 3rd Strike community I linked above, so it's passable through high standards and is being updated as necessary too.


Feel free to suggest more information to be added when it comes up. I will edit this post (if I can) in the future, adding more stuff if I feel it's necessary. I hope this is a good starting point.


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