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The Killer Instinct Thread

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Technically the KI2013/KI3 thread but if someone wants to come in here and wax nostalgic about KI Gold, I'm not gonna stop 'em. Odds are I'll probably join in.


Figured I could make a thread even if it seems like it is myself and @FlyingVeplaying for now. Theoretically we can stop shitting up the SFV thread with posts about KI, though we all know that isn't going to happen. 


Anyone with a passing interest or who wants to try something new: join in!


KI2013 has:


  • A huge roster with lots of playstyle variance
  • A siiiiiiick soundtrack - all the stage music is bangin
  • A F2P client on Windows/Xbox, and a less-than-full-price Steam version that comes with everything, so its a cheap (to no) buy in
  • Low system requirements - if your rig can run SFV it can definitely handle this game
  • Cross play between all versions in lobbies so we can all punch each other
  • Excellent rollback netcode so we can all punch each other with confidence that the punches will come out
  • A phenomenal resource in - gaze upon it and realize how good a FG resource site can be
  • Lightning fast rematches - no waiting for the next


I've been away from the game long enough that I'm effectively fresh meat, and while Ve seems like a shark in this game he's still winding up. So we can enjoy all kind of learning a game together and mashing buttons. Or one of you who is a secret grandmaster at this game can tear through us like a chainsaw through a kindergarten. The matches are fast enough that it doesn't matter!


The important thing is that we all play together. And that at least one of us plays Rash so they can loop his taunts once a session.


episode 16 dancing GIF

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That Blasted Salami has started a serise looking at each character.  They're writtern by Infil and Lemon, short and very useful.  



I played KI for a bit when it was announced for EVO online and there were more people playing at a lower level.  Once you get your head around the combo system and the possibilities that come from that, both for offence and defence it's a really fun game.  I'd be happy have some games but I'm guessing you guys are in America?  I'm in the UK, so times and connections will probably be a bit iffy.


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2 minutes ago, GetTheTables said:

@FlyingVeand @HawkingbirdEither of you guys around for games tonight, say 6:30-7pm EST? I'll have a good hour or so, maybe more if my FF14 group doesn't want to meet up.


Trying to get momentum in this game after SFV broke me. Got to hit up practice mode just a bit. My singular goal is to do one complete combo that I actually meant to. 🙂

I can be free around that time. 

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2 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

@GetTheTablesHawkingbird on steam.

So it looks like I can't invite from the Win10 client to the steam one? Based on what I'm reading you have to search for my lobby and join it. 


Have one open now. 2 person lobby, "Learning New Character", mr moondog is the player name. Maybe make searching for it easier?


This is goofier than I expected.

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Well you have a lot of choices there honestly.


Jago is the obvious one, unbelievably solid in most areas with exceptional normals and midrange presence. Limited Yolo factor though.


Kim has great movement and normals to play a very SFVish neutral. However, she has a resource to manage to really maximize.


Orchid is basically the same story as jago with more of a rush down bent. Her instinct is a lot more swingy than jago also.


Rash is very similar to Orchid actually. He definitely stronger but a less flexible character overall in my opinion.


Arbiter has the same girnormous normals as tusk, but severely lacks in mixups and mobility. In exchange he gets some solid set play (it’s the only time his mixup is actually scary). Also a gun.


Maya also has exceptional midrange and neutral buts it’s very unconventional. 


other obvious answers are Mira and Aria because they kind of do everything, you just have to live with their built in drawbacks.


Thunder is also a good choice but his neutral isn’t that devastating. He does have good buttons, and he get paid big time for getting in.


im sure I’m forgetting something. A side effect of the depth of the characters is that there are some I really don’t know very well.

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Yeah I'm not gonna lie I cheated and used the fancy moving graphs on Ki.infil to start making choices. 🙂


I think my list is Kim, Orchid, and Maya. Orchid seems boring but the most accessible. Kim is kind of in the middle. Maya's daggers I'm sure would confuzzle the fuck out of me but the stuff she can do when she gets rolling looks so sick. Also her stage music is probably my favorite. I've always heard good things about Rash but even despite my history with Battletoads I never really messed around with him.


Also in the completely opposite direction I still want to fuck around with RAAM. He's not my style but he is kinda dumb in a fun way, up to and including him being a guest char choice at all.

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I've messed around with RAAM a tiny bit. The analogy I've seen is USF4 Gief which means I'd probably hate him 98% of the time but that 2% would be sweet. 


And yeah with Maya if I just played her normally she would probably be pretty easy to get a handle on to start. I just got sucked into manuals with her daggers and that is cool, but also not really what I need to muck with right now when I still fail to finish my plate on CB combos.


I think it'll be Orchid next though. The grenade is a neat thing to mess around with and yeah that air throw can be fun. Also cats. 😼

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Cats suck. But the dog is a “charge” character and my brain is to simple to handle that.


I wasn’t gelling with arbiter, so I think I’m gonna dump him and try Aganos... because big.


Regarding manuals. Don’t get to focused on that. I was deliberately avoiding them last time as I knew I didn’t have the muscle memory yet.

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1 minute ago, Hawkingbird said:

GetTheTables has the windows store version. That's already apart of Xbox live. I'm on Steam and it doesn't run on the same matchmaking service. 


I'm Hawkingbird on Steam.

Oh, I will just make a lobby named HawkingBird then.


Edit: Nevermind, no custom names. Its up and named "Lets experiment".

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