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Happy Birthday iStu X!

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Thank you gentleman. For better or for worse This online community wherever it’s ended up has always been like an extended family to me. 

ive told people on here the on going’s of my life before I’ve ever let friends or family know. Some people take that as using this place as a live journal or whatever, but I see it as I’m comfortable enough to share the story that is my life you guys. As it’s sort of a “safe space” but I also know so many people here have so many different outlooks on the same issues. So hearing those points of views are always a breath of fresh air. 

As for the actually birthday. It was a pretty up and down day but it ended on a high note. So that’s all that matters. 

Local friends here got me all kinda goodies. Got the Mothra Returns Trilogy on Blu-Ray, got the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Blu-Ray, final fantasy theatrhythm as well as ff theatrhythm curtain call. A few Nintendo eShop cards. Oh, and a homie from Canada bought me a baking apron on amazon. 

here’s a pic of it 




My parents each gave me $200 each. They were like “we really don’t know what to get you since you don’t like us buying you clothes and we’re not going to directly buy any of your weird statues or video games. So here’s money so you can buy what you want”. I’m likely going to use it as a credit card payment. 

I know I have at least two more gifts coming. One I know is from @Maxx because he said he ordered me something. He hasn’t told me what it is. And my sister said she ordered me something as well. 

I really wanna check my Amazon wishlist as it deletes anything from the list that’s purchased but I don’t want to spoil myself of any surprises. 

again, thanks for all the well wishes and all the laughs we’ve had at each others expense. 

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