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Wake up Samurai: the Cyberpunk 2077 thread

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1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Patch 1.3 dropped. There are a lot notes.


Apparently there are unlisted this a fighting game?


Lots of great fixes to this, been checking it out the last 3 days. 


They broke a bunch of shit too tho, at least on base PS4 models. Conversations in a car while it's moving don't work right anymore. Audio lags badly and even overlaps with other spoken lines. Same for any conversation on the phone while driving. You have to stop the car for audio to play right which is something you can't do in a lot of the ride along.  


They activated a ton of perks that where broken, but in the process broke a bunch of working perks. The faster reload perks are all broken now and make you reload slow as molasses. I've also had some funny one where my gun floats out of my hind and sits in mod air but I can still fire it at anyone, it aimed where I point it and the bullets still come out of the gun. It's pretty funny. 


So great patch, fixed a bunch of shit (mini maps useful when driving now) but they also broke a bunch of other shit in the process lmao. 


They also moved and swapped out a ton of the guaranteed loot so now everyone's loot guides are innacurate as fuck lmao. 


Also discovered the way the mini map works and it explains why it took them forever to fix it and o gotta say their implementation for it is pretty fucking dumb. 

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6 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

@RSG3So basically there is going to be a 1.31 patch in week or two to fix what they broke. I'll repeat myself. The game should have loved this November. If it had been delayed a year they'd be farther a long than they are even now IMO.

Yea a year delay is probably what this game needed. It would be in a far more solid state if they had waited. 


But yea expect a hot fix in a week or two. They broke a ton of shit. 

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1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Just say this pop up randomly on Twitter. May look into this more when I finish some other games in my back log.

I keep plugging away slowly at my two builds, my Smart build and my Punk/Street/Violence build. Game gets better in some ways and worse in others. kinda funny to watch honestly. Last update fixed a lot of shit but broke phone calls while driving. Cant win for losing lol.

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It is a shame to hear there's still issues going on with this game... I had fun for the relatively short amount of time I was playing... I didn't even stop due to glitches or anything...there was just so many other games I'm into, and I had quickly got to a point where my character was nearly unstoppable since the hacking is so wonderfully OP, imo.


It's always fun to hear other people's adventures and what they chose to do in any given situation... like my friend's character is drastically different from mine... I think he started off as "street kid" with melee/shooting focus, and my character is a "Corpo" suit with the hacking/intelligence focus.

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