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Wake up Samurai: the Cyberpunk 2077 thread

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Lmao haven't had anything like that happen yet. 


I've been using the Free Motorcycle a lot tho once I got it  


Silly detail I really like. Was on the phone with Wakako as I walk into her Pachinko Parlor. She's back there on the phone speaking and I can hear her through the room and the phone. She sees me and mid sentence hangs up, pockets the phone but keeps talkin. 


I dig that. 

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Man I messed up some stupid 50/50 dialoge option with some dude who suicided himself, went back to redo and now I can't even get through because the turrets I quick hacked before wont let me do anything to them through the camera.   You gotta use that one thing on them that makes them more vulnerable so you can shut them off but now nothing works.....fucking game I swear


edit:  fuck, just ran past that bitch lol, gonna save this dude and clear the mission and then come back and smoke his ass just on gp

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ok, sometimes the damn "breach protocol" thing seems to be impossible... like the first part of the sequence will be let's say---"1C"...but you can only select from the top row and there is NO goddamn 1C up there...only on the lower rows...or there is a 1C and the next is "55"...but it forces you to select from a row where there is no 55.  So far that looks like straight up bullshyte to me.


Unfortunately it's looking like I screwed my chances of going back into the Corporate actions resulted in Stout being eliminated apparently; I took a note about that so I can avoid going down that road next time...or I may just load up one of the old saves before that point.


In fact, I'm looking at one access point right now--- it's:

1C, E9

1C, E9

E9, 55, 8D.


The top row is all 55s except you'd have to select E9 first from that 3rd sequence.  After that, you HAVE to select a 55 and then 8D.  There is only two 55s...and from either one there is literally no way to get to an 8D, because neither of the two 55s have the goddamn 8D in their row.  Basically, you pick the next alphanumeric characters based on which row has the next character in the sequence...but sometimes the option ISN'T THERE.


edit---ok, the only possible thing to do is just exit the access point or whatever and then try again....this will randomize the alphanumeric characters so you have a different board to work with....


edit 2--- I finished the Heist mission....the shit was SO awesome, man... like being the main character in an action movie.  

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10 hours ago, Hawkingbird said:

I teamed with Stout, stole her cred, put a hole in Royce head, and freed Brick. I'm curious what freeing him would do for me.

I tried to free Brick but couldn't find the door code and was unable to force or hack the door. I found a detonator switch and went "Wonder what this does" and was too late for Brick....whoops. 

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4 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Well after like two dozen hours, I've finally have crashing issues. I guess it really Cyberpunk 2076 👀

Im on PS4 slim and it hard crashed on me 3 times the other night. Randomly to, could be bringing up a menu, or changing the radio to just driving fast. 


Only thing they have in common is I was cousin the open world. 


On that note ran into my first quest that I can't progress. Shoot to Thrill. Timer pops up but never counts down and the targets never show so I'm stuck in the shooting range. Have to load a quick save. 

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PC version runs ok, could had ran better but game is totally playable. I think they should just had delayed the console version or maybe only make it for PS5 / Xbox Series X.


One could say that the last gen PS 4 / Xbox one is not capable of running Cyberpunk but then you see that those consoles play Red Dead 2 with no issues at all. It was clearly a time issue on CDPR's behalf.


Sucks,because i read that like half the pre-orders they had were from console players alone.

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So I says to myself "This game occasionally crashes my system, I should do the right thing and actually go through some general computer maintenance..."


Anyway, updated my BIOS just fine.  Had to re-manually overclock my ram because my board hates XMP for my chips.  Ended up fucking up my Windows install during the many reboot-stall-reboot loops getting the ram timing to work, reinstalled Windows, now GOG refuses to install Cyberpunk, FML.

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I did a file integrity check. Haven't crashed since my last post. @M A R T I A NYeah, I switched my settings to Alex's recommendations. Although I can't tell if they helped. My average frame in this game is random as fuck. First time I played it was 105.9, then 54.5, then 74.9, then 90.2, then 34.9 (WTF), and after the DF settings I just got 89fps. I don't know if the settings or just random ass nature of this game. I mean this as a compliment. Cyberpunk 2077 reminds me of Mass Effect 1. There is great game here, but damn they need to tighten it up. 

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3 hours ago, Reticently said:

What are you guys using for neural cyberware?


I'm rocking a Kerenzikov because that was my jam in pen and paper. I'm still trying to figure out how to leverage the effect in this game though, particularly awkward in melee.

Follow up are y’all making enough money to afford implants 🤣

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So I guess this spoiler so I'll tag it.


Did anyone else get a random booty call from Meredith Stout? The bitch Corpo lady from the mission to get the "Flathead". I was just fucking around around and replied to her text "Shame I won't get to see your ink."  And she texted me with the location to the No-Tell Motel. I walk in the room and she basically fucks your brains out. 🤣


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Go here, and purchase all the 10 eddie cans of pop.  Take them apart and sell the components.   Invest in the crafting tree so you get more stuff when you take them apart and another that takes junk apart automatically to save time.  It's like selling dope XD .     There is a ripperdoc right next to the spot, it's by the pershing street fast travel box.





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Lol this sniper I got on this Evelyn mission got my playing the game like perfect dark.     Basically I have been going ham with all the snipers anyways and this one just casually letting me shoot through walls and floors super fast even if it has a slow reload speed.   


I was already finding ways to get on roofs and stuff before I got my double jump so I could do those random police missions to take out foos.   Now with this shit Imma be doing them like this. 



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58 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

So I guess this spoiler so I'll tag it.

  Reveal hidden contents

Did anyone else get a random booty call from Meredith Stout? The bitch Corpo lady from the mission to get the "Flathead". I was just fucking around around and replied to her text "Shame I won't get to see your ink."  And she texted me with the location to the No-Tell Motel. I walk in the and she basically fucks your brains out. 🤣


sheeeeitttt, I'm definitely intending to get something going on with the lovely Ms. Stout, with this new character I just made.... I made sure to *not* remove the virus from the chip this time around, going into that early missiong involving the Maelstrom crew.  She could use me as her secret plaything anytime, anyplace.


I realized another thing with the hacking... had no idea until today---that the first alphanumeric character apparently doesn't have to be correct?!  All that time, I was assuming it would be an instant failure if you have no choice but to pick "1C" for example, when the correct first part of all 3 sequences is NOT 1C.  You can get a wrong one that leads into the right one and still be ok.


Also--- the hacking gets wild when you start taking advantage of any and all security cameras.  It's so cheap it's hilarious, man...enemies don't even get to do anything... I could be in a different room, take control of a security cam, then hack them from the vantage point of the camera, since I have control and can see whatever the camera is pointed at.  Rooms with several cameras...the enemies stand no chance, since the cameras are your eyes covering the entire area.  They're getting fucked up before they even realize what's up.  Ohhh and when you mix in some gunplay with all this?  Ridiculous. 


Early on, it's weak though...but the best perks are fairly obvious--- like that one that lets you recharge RAM naturally as battle is going gets up to something like 12 RAM per 60 seconds at level 3 of the perk, if I recall; I'd say it's critical to get that perk first.... and of course the perk that boosts Quick-Hack damage...then there's another one that boosts it further on enemies that are can get something crazy like +100% damage on unaware enemies caught by Quick-Hack.  Also it's crucial to get that OS upgrade as soon as you have the money for it... even if it empties the bank account that shit is worth it big time.

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4 hours ago, Reticently said:

IDK, just doing jobs and selling loot.  Hacking access points doesn't hurt either.


Some of the implants aren't that expensive, some good stuff like dermal armor, titanium bones, etc is pretty cheap.

Yeah just all the cool ones are expensive. I’ve got enough for an arm upgrade (got my eye on the missile launcher) but I really want the double or charge jump. I’ve done a bunch of missions where having that would be real useful, but at this exact moment my character is in an area that doesn’t allow weapons, so something concealable would be nice. 

Out of curiosity, anyone know what the blank bottom middle skill between cool and intelligence is supposed to be?

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13 minutes ago, Vhozite said:

Out of curiosity, anyone know what the blank bottom middle skill between cool and intelligence is supposed to be?

Empathy.  It is an unimplemented attribute from the pen and paper game that was a cross between your people skills and a measure of how far you are from slipping into cyberpsychosis.


The more cyberware you install, the more your empathy drops, so it's kind of a hard cap on how much cyberware you can have.

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19 minutes ago, Angel said:

Yup, they didn't need to add stuff like that to the game.   What I wooooould like is some psionics but that it would have to be very light, that and some magic/ghost related stuff.   I like when they do cross genre with actual ghost in cyberpunk settings.   Give it a pinch of Shadowrun, of course that would make this game implode.

Johnny is basically a techno ghost.  And they left a LOT of netrunning out of the game.  Like, you hear T-Bug talk about serious netrunning, but the stuff you actually get to do barely scratches the surface.  Deeper netrunning might have scratched that itch.

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