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The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

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Avengers : Endgame review  - NO SPOILERS!


I saw the film today in the super nice theatre 40 min away with the leather reclining seats and for $6. Balling!




The final 45 minutes. This is what you are coming for essentially.




Certain fates/surprises


Very good use of various supporting characters throughout the entirety of the 11 yr MCU




The pacing of the entire film. The first hour is a bit slow and then the final act is balls to the walls action and emotion overload.


One character’s subplot was handled with too much levity.


Overall: 9/10

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19 hours ago, DangerousJ said:



The pacing of the entire film. The first hour is a bit slow and then the final act is balls to the walls action and emotion overload.


One character’s subplot was handled with too much levity.

I think the 'slow' half is what makes the movie really great.


Lots of people just say they want the end part but without the first half you don't really appreciate or understand the stakes.  Some of the most important character building moments and resolution of characters' arcs happen in the first half.  Never underestimate the importance of a good build-up!

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Congratulations Simon Kinberg. You made the second worst X-men film of all time!

This film is like trying to eat ice cream while on novocaine. You cant feel anything!




Acting from McAvoy/Fass even Turner was solid.


Score was decent.

The space shuttle rescue had good visuals end Train sequence had good fights esp Nightcrawler




J Law phoning it in even worse than Apoc


Chastains character is so underwritten and is so flat. IF youre a comics fan, the revelation of who she is a kind of wtf. Clearly, Kinberg was trying to superficially make a character that resembles Emma Frost and has Masterminds powers among others.


A big event occurs at 45 minutes in and has NO EMOTION! I was like, “that happened” Lets buy groceries after" Even X3 did it better lol


Quicksilver is barely used. He doesn’t have a sequence and a big opportunity to clearly define his relationship with you know who (which has been teased in the 2 previous films) is not done! What a waste!


Storm makes ice cubes and generates lightning. If she did anything else noteworthy , I missed it.


While Cyclops is not carelessly thrown away like in X3, he only makes 5% of an improvement over his X3 role.


2 characters are against Jean after the pivotal moment yet easily change their minds with little reason.


How some shots are framed /composed , edited are so bland. You can tell a novice director helmed this.


This film had the worst mute henchmen of all the XCU. After one dies, Magnus screams one’s name, you know for the audience. Their action is lame. Riptide ,Deathstrike, and Azazel were mute but had cool action.


Overall: 5/10
Let the MCU heal you , my children

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Just saw Spidey FFH




The increased demands of power and responsibilitiy weighed more on Peter this film. 




Gyllenhaal performance was great in all “aspects” of Mysterio.


The first credit sequence -Holy Shit!


The romantic elements. Michelle was a lot less dopey/weird compared to Homecoming. This film struck a good balance.




Once again a macguffin is related to Tony Stark and is prominent in the film. I hope the sequel moves away from this.


I would have liked to see more variety in action. Action was good but after playing the PS4 game and seeing John Wick my standards have increased.


Overall: 8/10

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Sorry to go off topic, but since this is Marvel related, I thought Id put it here.


X-men Marvel Legends figures boxsets..


Release: December 2019


90's Jim Lee Cyclops,Jean, and Wolverine   -  $60

(Jean is a new figure. The others are slight modifications of toys released 2-3 years ago.The previous Cyclops ddnt have the jacket. That figure is rare and goes for 80-100 s its cool that they are doing a new release)




90's X-Factor Havok and Polaris -   $40



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