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Mods will mostly leave you alone, but content that blatantly goes against the rules will be promptly edited out by site staff.  You can read the site rules here.





Site staff can only do so much.  It's up to you to make this site into the kind of place you want it to be.


If you don't like something that someone has said, you can of course react with a thumbs down/-1:


This is great, but all it really does is tell someone that you didn't like their post.  If you REALLY don't like what someone said and want it gone, you need to use the report function:




Reporting on MEGASHOCK is not like it is on other forums.  On this site the report tool is used as a MEGA DOWNVOTE.  By using this tool the community can remove content that does not directly go against site rules, but that people don't want to see.  Site staff can help, but it is up to the community to come together and get rid of posts they think are spam/annoying/trolling/etc.


Posts that receive enough reports from users will be automatically hidden, without needing mod intervention.


To MEGA DOWNVOTE a post using the report function, make sure you select this option:




The number of MEGA DOWNVOTES needed to hide a post is continually being tweaked.  I will not tell you what it is.





If you've been bad you will be subject to punishment by site staff.  MEGASHOCK uses a warning system -- every time you are warned by staff your account will gain points.  These points are similar to points you get on your license from a speeding ticket.  As you gain more and more points your account will receive more and more restrictions,  and you may find yourself unable to post for several hours or even banned for weeks.  Points slowly go away over time, so if you are on your best behavior your account will slowly go back to normal after a while.


If you've accrued a ridiculous amount of points, done something truly heinous, or I really don't like you, you will simply be banned from the site.  It's my site and I'll do what I please.  ♥️

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